Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ten Days!!

A new sign that I ordered arrived today, as a week that has been pretty low key is coming to an end.  
I did have one morning off work so the Department of Health from my county could come and see Todd.  Even though Animal Control considers the "biting incident" closed, the Department of Health has their procedures and protocol, which is to see for themselves that Todd is healthy, and confirm for their records that his rabies vaccination is up to date.
They also needed to let me know that Todd is to be confined at home for 10 days.
The agent from the Health Department will return next week.  He'll verify that Todd is still healthy and at that time, this whole unfortunate bite-incident should hopefully be behind us.

But I've never been so worried about keeping a dog healthy before!


  1. How unfortunate! The strange thing is, when my daughter was attacked at work, and had to go to the ER for multiple Deep punctures...I don't think anyone followed up with the dog's owner. At least, we were never informed, and she has scars all over her hands and arms from the atrack.

    1. I'm just surprised they are making such a big deal about a small nip!

  2. Hello, I assume this is just procedure and nothing to worry about. Todd looks very healthy and happy to me. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead!

  3. Ooh Kim, just now catching up on Todd's incident, and hoping everything works out for the best, it can be a nerve-wracking time I know.
    I wish people would listen when you tell them NO, but sometimes they really do not think.

  4. Wonder what Todd is thinking . . .
    I am sure,
    "What's going on" comes to mind . . .
    Try not to worry, he is healthy . . .

  5. Todd is a strong healthy dog. I understand though as a dog Mom myself how easy it is to worry. This will soon be all behind you and sunshine ahead.

  6. The Health Department was just doing their job and I'm sure they could see that Todd is not a wild and crazy boy. Before you know it, this will be a thing of the past. He is not a bad dog. Just adorable.

  7. We hope the time flies and life can get back to normal for all. We think Todd is just adorable too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Oh Todd...I'm glad you didn't do any serious damage. I've had those moments of re-setting the rules around the RottRover house. It never hurts to be vigilant.

  9. Beware of the Scottish Terrier. He's just being a Scottish Terrier. We know he'll pass with flying colours and be off the Bad list soon.

  10. Those attack Scottish Terriers are illegal in warfare under the Geneva Convention.

  11. the 10 days should fly by and all this will be behind Todd
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. So sorry to hear about this, Kim. I am sure all will go well.
    At least you can keep him at home. Another blog friend who had a similar incident, they insisted his dog had to be held at the pound!

    It won't be long and all will be back to as normal as you can be. ^_^
    God bless you all!

  13. Oh Kim! What a worry for you! I hope it'll be over soon.

    We had a corgi as kids who'd been hurt by a (a) man in a suit (b) with a briefcase.... and if any such person came to our gat he went BALLISTIC! Men in ordinary clothes, fine, suits without briefcases, fine, but the combination was never forgotten or forgiven! We had to be very vigilant.... and when a cattle dog gets hold of an ankle, he doesn't let go easily!

    Fortunately it was before the days when dogs were considered to be in the wrong whatever happened

  14. Poor Todd, you really are in the Dog House ! Never mind, ten days will soon go, but you'll have to be very, very good !

  15. Until now I'd thought France was the land of rampant bureaucracy. Glad you bought a sign. Together with verbal warnings, a stout fence and now signage anyone who wants to cuddle a Scottie has been forewarned.

  16. I'm sure the time will fly by Todd and you'll be back out there defending your property real soon....oh and having a good nibble on that sign sounds like funs as well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS luffs and hug to you Mom Kim for all the stress you've had to go through!

  17. Todd will be off "house arrest" before you know it!! And of course he's healthy - you can tell that just by looking at him!! Looking forward to seeing both of you soon.


  18. We'll be counting the days with you. May they pass quickly! The picture of Todd and Eva is so nice.

  19. The sign looks too cute. Maybe add a note that you are deadly serious. I can just hear someone say as they lean in on Todd, "We don't need to be afraid of such a little cutie, now, do we?"

  20. oh for pete's sake.
    makes you wonder how the west was ever won.
    it didn't even require stitches.
    give the furry little devil a special hug from me! xo♥

  21. Oh no. I just read about the incident. I wants had a friends dog bite me, and I needed medical attention but I absolutely refuse to give the name of the dogs owner. It worked!

    I'm sorry that you're going through all this but I'm glad that everyone including Todd is OK .


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