Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Quiet Day

We woke up this morning to the coldest December morning in almost a decade, and we are bracing for what promises to be the chilliest stretch of winter in two years. The word "polar vortex" is being heard in the newscasts and snow is forecast for the weekend. 

It's hard to tell if Todd is cold or not. With temperatures below freezing, I think he has to be. So I put his winter coat on him because he really likes being outdoors. 
 I think he just doesn't want to miss barking at the deer wandering through our yard. 
Others like Rhett
And Max, are happy inside with me. 
Or maybe it was just the chicken-soup simmering on the stove that kept them nearby. 
Whatever it was, it was a good, quiet and maybe even a little boring day at home with the dogs.

**And "Tammy" you asked about Charlie in my last post, so these photos taken today are for you.  At about 13 years old now, Charlie is doing well.  His non-shedding "double coat" that is grown out a bit right now means he doesn't worry about getting cold. In fact, I think like Todd, he loves being out in it.  


  1. A Quiet day home with the dogs...bliss! We're sure Todd would have been out without a warm coat...BOL!

  2. Polar vortex doesn't sound good ..... unless you have a double coat .

  3. What a doll Todd is! I could watch his antics all day. I've just posted an update on our daughter's two little fosters. The whole family wants to keep them fur-ever! It will be sad when we have to watch them go. And that my friend, makes me admire you for all you do for these wonderful animals entrusted to you for a little while. Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely to see some photos of Charlie.
    The pups have the right idea - snuggling up in the warm, and the smell of the chicken soup must be an added incentive.
    What would you do without Todd, to keep an eye out for intruders !

  5. thank you darling bean! there's my Charlie with that beautiful blue eye. i'm glad he's doing so well!
    and Todd looks downright spiffy and elegant in his coat. even rather royal! :) xo♥

  6. Happy you had some quiet . . . and time for chicken soup!
    Love the pics . . .
    Todd looks festive and his curious self.
    Happy New Year Kim . .

  7. Hello, all the dogs look so cute. Charlie is adorable. The chicken soup looks yummy! I hope you all stay warm and safe. It is cold out there! I wish you all the best in 2018, a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family! Have a great weekend.

  8. How can it be boring with so many dogs?

  9. Quiet days are nice sometimes. We've been pretty quiet around here too. Our temps have been in the single digits so nobody spends much time outside.

  10. Quiet days with dogs are the best though it's not always that quiet here with us monkey dogs! Lovely photos. Have a peaceful New Year too - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  11. Quiet is perfect for the days between celebrations and the New Year. I am sure they all know how cold " COLD " is, and maybe Todd is immune to the very cold. Soup, a warm comfy bed, and a heap of love, they would all say as in " Pippa Passes " ...All's right with the world. ,,,, Happy New Year to you all up North.

  12. A lovely quiet end to the year and I wish you peace, love and happiness in 2018 xxx

  13. I'm glad to see Charlie too. He's always been special to me. Stay warm everyone.

  14. I think that might be the royal robe that Todd is wearing. Very fitting. Lovely pictures all, and especially Max

  15. We have actually warmed up to the 40's for a day or too.
    Keep warm
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. All of our company/family has left now. We had a great time while the house was jampacked with peeps, big and little, but the quiet is actually sort of nice now. We also have bitter cold here. Timber isn't crazy about the cold - Mom wonders if he is really a Siberian Husky. She may need to get him a warm coat too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. It's cold here too, but we already have snow. I'm so grateful when the sun comes out! Love Todd's winter coat.

  18. Beautiful photos Kim. Todds coat looks like it will do a good job in keeping him warm for sure.. Yes Todd likes to see what is happening outside!
    Charlie is lucky to have his nice thick natural coat..
    The chicken soup,, oh gosh,, I am sure I can smell it,, It looks so good.. and no wonder the others are sticking close!
    Stay warm and safe

  19. I too appreciate the Charlie photos. He's flourishing with you! I saw your last post, and I think that it was Sunny who I didn't recognize recently. I'm sorry that he's had a rough time but it sounds like he's on the mend. I'll be thinking of him.

    Stay warm, and please don't wish any more global warming on us ;)

  20. We'll be getting that cold down here, too. Nothing wrong with "almost boring" days.
    Be safe, stay warm and a blessed New Year to you all, Kim.

  21. It looks like the entire country is in the blue, even in the south, but not the snow like some of the states, thank goodness.
    Todd looks like a dapper gentleman in his Christmas themed coat !
    The dogs look happy and well, you take such great care of them.
    Here's wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year dear friend.

  22. Cold here too with just a couple inches of old snow...
    Happy New Year to you all!

  23. I hope you all are doing well, in spite of the weather!


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