Sunday, March 18, 2018

It Was Max's Decision

I am playing the role of single-dog-parent while Carl is out of town for work.
~Todd, playing role of Single-Scottie-Watchdog~
In the quiet moments, I have managed to get a few of the "to-do's" off my list. One of two things at the top of that list had to do with Max. I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago about taking Max to meet someone who was interested in adopting him.
~Max and Rhett~
I'll start by saying that we weren't exactly hitting it off, but she looked good on paper. She is a single lady, about my age also with a Goldendoodle named Dex who is about the same age as Max.  I felt that we should at least meet and see where it went.  Did I mention that she and I weren't exactly clicking?  

But this was about Max.  All went well initially.  Usually Max growls when meeting new dogs, but this time he didn't.  Was it a sign?  I let them all take a walk, but Max kept pulling on the lead to get back to me, and he pulled so hard he began coughing. I tried to get out of sight, but Max wasn't being fooled. They returned from a very brief walk with Dex's Mom telling me that Max needed a lot of work on the leash and she continued on and on about how he could use a gentle leader, how she loved a gentle leader, what a difference the gentle leader makes, and how she's always used a gentle leader, and Max should have one, at the very least a harness and a lot of training.  This went on and on and on (!!!). And, while I didn't agree with her about Max, I stood there quietly and listened.  I'll add here that Max walks nicely on a leash.

I listened to Dex's Mom for as long as I could, trying to change the subject. But she didn't let up, and when she said that "she knew to me that Max was just a foster dog" for whatever reason, I couldn't take the criticism of Max any longer, and said to her exactly what I was thinking. And I have never done that to a hopeful adopter before. But I did this time. I put Max back into my van, shut the door, and told her among other things that I thought she was wrong about Max and how I felt about him. It left her a little speechless. I did feel (kind of) guilty because even now looking back at it, I guess she was just trying to be helpful. We stood there making polite small talk as I opened the door to my van hoping to change the direction of how the visit was going. But then someone came over to see the dogs, and she walked over to show Dex off.

I looked at Max relaxing on the seat, and I guess it may sound silly, but I said to him that I didn't like Dex and His Mom but if he did, that was okay. However he needed to give me a sign if he didn't want to live with them, because I needed a good reason to tell her no, and I didn't have one.
When Dex and His Mom came back, Max got out of my van, and Dex got too close, and Max snapped at him, not once, but twice. Dex was a little afraid of Max after that -- There was no recovering from that.  I guess Max was telling ME what HE thought. 
~Our opinion of meeting Dex and his Mom~
We ended our meeting rather quickly.  And, the next day, Dex's Mom sent me the e-mail telling me she didn't think Max was a fit for she and Dex. A conclusion I'd already come to. Which takes me to where we are now with Max.

I really thought that he would find another forever home. I really thought someone would come, and they would be wonderful and they'd make that connection with Max and see what a funny silly character he is. But my thoughts about that happening began to change with that disastrous meeting. I thought a lot about everything during our power outage a couple of weekends ago when I allowed Max on the bed to keep me warm during the night.
~Max during the power outage~
It all came down to that sometimes I really think that you get to pick a dog, other times, I think you are chosen.  I've decided that Max picked us.  So, I've told the rescue, sent in his adoption contract and fee, which makes it official.  Max FINALLY has a forever home. It has been quite a journey this past 19 months to get to this point. But I think it's how it should be.  But I think YOU already knew that! 


  1. Yep, Max picked his forever home.

    Joanne in Massachusetts

  2. I don't believe one ever needs a reason to say no if they are feeling things are not quite right. :)

    Very happy for Max because it is evident to me and anyone else reading this how much you adore him.

    It is a shame that lady did not have as good instincts because I am sure she could have picked up on how you feel about Max if she were less focused on herself and her dog and her perfect ways of doing things. :)

  3. YAY . . .
    Forever Home it is . . .
    Thank goodness . . .
    I love his sweet face . . .
    Now I will get to see him again and again!
    Hugs to Max and you!

  4. The important thing is Max won. Win some, win some more.

  5. We're so happy for all of you. Max seems to have told you quite emphatically where he wanted to be.

  6. Max knew exactly where he wanted and needed to be - right there at Golden Pines. Congrats on a great decision (no matter who made it:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I have a big lump in my throat. Max was very smart to choose you. I am so happy for both of you. Congrats on you and Max making great choices!

  8. Max is one smart dog - he knew who to choose for the best life!

  9. Good for you Max. We're going to have a party to celebrate your official adoption. You are right where you belong and we're all very happy about that.

  10. Such a grand GRAND story, dear Kim!! Max knew. He just hadn't informed you yet. :) Love, Andrea xoxo

  11. The vibes were there! Yayyyyyy!

  12. I feel so sorry for Dex, with a Mum like that, good ness knows what she says to him. I am SO glad you spoke up, and am SO happy that your dear Max will live with you.He knew best, and chose you, and your heart and home grew with a little more space for him. I almost wish I had been there listening in, what a person who could come back and say all that. I guess she will never be on the adoption list again. Max, you are such a very fortunate boy.XXX to you all.

  13. Oh this warms our hearts! Glad you told that lady how things were and Max told you he wanted to stay
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. Wonderful decision, Kim. God bless.

  15. Wonderful news, Kim, but of course Max knew all along where his forever home was, and so did we !

  16. When it is meant to is meant to be! I am thrilled for you both!! Sounds like you both chose each other. We all know how much you love him...and he knows how much you love him! Congrats to you both! :)

  17. I'm finking that Max and you have made the right choice!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  18. Congratulations to you both!

  19. Hello, I think it Max always meant to be yours! I am so happy and I think Max is happy to too. Congrats to you all!

  20. Tears in my eyes as I got to the end of this post. So happy for Max that he is now your forever pal.

  21. I am terribly happy for both you and Max!!! Girlfriend, what on earth took you so long to figure out Max's long ago made decision that you were his forever MOM! (giggle) As to Dex's Mother, well, that's just how some people are, sigh! You made the right decision though, even if Max had to show you the way, giggle!
    Hugs for now from still way too snowy New Hampshire...

  22. Oh yes, he made his feelings quite clear, didn't he? I cannot imagine how hard it must be to turn over a foster to another home unless you are 100% sure. This was a no brainer after a meeting with that woman. Welcome to your forever home, Max.

  23. I always did like a happy ending. Congrats on your decision.

  24. Max is very wise and his mistress equally so.

  25. Max, you made the perfect decision and have a wonderful Mom & Dad and a beautiful forever home.
    Happy first day of the rest of your life !!!!!!!
    Kim, could not be happier for you and Max.......

  26. How wonderful he's going to stay. While I was reading and looking at the pictures, I was thinking if we lived closer I would be trying to see if we clicked with him. Now I don't have to worry about him. Welcome home Max!

  27. YES!
    and why on earth did you feel "guilty?" there are people out there who aren't worth that guilt.
    actually you should have felt guilty if you'd allowed that know all windbag to take Max!
    sorry. not very nice. but I tell it like it is.
    now he can relax. he's where he should be. HOME. XO

  28. The perfect conclusion for you and for Max.

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  30. That little voice in our gut is a wise one, and we only have to be still and listen. I have been drawn to Max since the beginning, wishing that he was a good fit for us, and realizing that it was not meant to be. This is the best possible ending, at least for me, since now I get to follow along with Max forever!

  31. It's like a blessed relief to know you are his Forever Home now, so obvious and so brilliant :)

  32. Congratulations to you and Max! Tears came to my eyes and a smile began to form on my face as I read those few last lines and knew that you and Max were meant to be.
    "Only a foster dog" is way too close to "only a dog" for my liking.
    And obviously we all know how you feel. As in Jehovah's eyes all of his creation is precious in his sight. That means we take care of them with love and not dominance. Golden Pines is a soft place to fall for not only all of those fortunate to be living with you and Carl, but for your readers that get to witness it all. And for that, I thank you.
    Gus' Mom


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