Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Warm and Sunny Tuesday

Thank-you all for the get-well-wishes, they really helped because I'm feeling much, much better!  What has also helped is that I had an unplanned day off work today when the doctor I work for was out of the office. We sat on the front porch for a little while and just soaked up the warmth of the sun. After all the rain we've had the last week, it was so nice to see the sky for a change. 
Eva gets easily chilled these days, and gravitates towards warm places. So, she also enjoyed dozing and warming up on the porch.
After we'd been sitting on the porch for a while, I realized that it was also a good day to give newcomer Alf, a much needed bath. He really needed one to remove the "flea dirt" and just to freshen him up a bit. He didn't mind the bath at all, and afterwards there were lots of tail wags as I dried him off.  I think he feels better.  He looks and smells better, that's for sure!
~Did you just say bath??~
Also just for this week, while his foster home is on vacation, we're keeping a 13-ish year old senior boy named Buster. He's getting along well with our dogs, and we're enjoying the chance to get to know him before he goes back to his foster family on Sunday. 
Buster has quite a story of rescue. He was found alone in a home that had been condemned. His story goes right along with reports on the news about stranded pets being found tied up and/or trapped who were left behind by their owners during Hurricane Florence - And it asks the mind-boggling question, "how could someone just leave a dog like Buster or any dog or cat behind to fend for themselves knowing danger lay ahead for them?"


  1. Oh my gosh! Buster looks like a real sweetie and I'm wondering if he might fit right in with all your wonderful tribe? He looks like he'd be a good fit.

    My daughter fostered a good amount of dogs this past year and said she would not keep any, but now a little foster chihuahua wormed it's way into the whole family's hearts and that little one has brought new life to an overweight doxie name Lucy that daughter adopted a few years ago when her vet told her Lucy's sad story. I'm looking forward to adopting once we sell our house and move this year. Meanwhile, I'll be mooning over all your sweet ones!

  2. What a sweetie Buster is, and so are Eva and Alf!

  3. Don't know why some people even have animals. Glad your crew is enjoying the sun puddles! And you're feeling better.

  4. Hello, yay for the day off and for the sunshine. I was tired of all the rain. Cute photos of Alf, Eva and Buster. Buster does have a sad story, I am glad he was found. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Glad you’re feeling better.

    My heart goes out to those poor animals abandoned during Florence, as you say, how could people do that!

  6. what beautiful photos here!
    there seem to be two kinds of people. those who look upon these wonderful animals as pieces of furniture with no heart and no feelings. no love.
    and those who look upon them as beloved and important members of their family.
    like you... I will NEVER EVER understand the first kind.
    I'm so glad you're feeling better darling bean! bless you!

  7. I can't even . . . Leaving an animal in a storm . . . I know our friend angel Madi's human sister flew bs k from a vacation early to make sure she could get her pets as the storm was coming. That is love. Buster's peeps likely didn't deserve him.

  8. Rather than the negative, I’d rather focus on all the rescues of man and beast that I saw on TV and other media during that most terrible Florence. I cried when they got those six dogs out of the cage. The story of the rescue group that went south to bring back a van full of shelter dogs but then broke down warmed my heart. They put the story out on social media and people came in droves. It renews my belief in the goodness of man. You do the same for all who read your posts.

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing day.

  10. Glad you are feeling better! How awful for Buster. I don't understand how people live with themselves when they abandon animals! Glad he is safe and sound and in a foster home.

  11. Buster is adorable. How can people leave a dog or cat, or any helpless animal alone like that. Last night on the the news was another Hurricane Florence pet rescue story that just broke my heart. Three dogs stranded on a porch surrounded by water. One of the dogs was a pregnant female that had gone into labor, probably from fear, according to the reporter...I cry over these animals. Thank you for all that you do for those sweet dogs.

  12. We are happy to hear you are feeling better. Eva is such a sweetheart - we love her. And shame on Buster's "owners" - we are glad Buster is in good hands now, just like Alf.

    Woos - Cap'n Lightning, First Mate Lass Misty, and Powder Monkey Timber

  13. I can’t bear hearing about animal abandonment or cruelty . . .
    First of all . . . how could some one do that and live with themselves!
    Secondly . . . WHY . . .
    Buster looks sweet, what must a dog think
    when their owner does things like that.
    I can’t bear the thought!

    Happy you are ferling better!

  14. Those are the most heart-warming photos of your three wonderful pups (although I know that Buster is just "on loan" for a little while). Eva looks utterly content in that warm sun, and Alf looks happy! I can tell that Buster is loving hanging out with you. As for his story, it is too sad to bear. I'm so glad that he landed with good folks like you.

    BTW, we learned today that R does have glaucoma. He's already blind in one eye... but can still see out of the other. We'll do all that we need to keep him happy.

  15. I wish our "hound" enjoyed bath time but no, it's a fight and being a hound he just generally "smells" so, yeah. Our weimaraner likes them though so :)
    I could NEVER leave a family member behind - what could they be thinking? There has to be other options. And some are tied up to boot - grrrrr :(

  16. There are just some humans who don't deserve love.

  17. So glad to hear you are feeling better Kim, and that you had some much needed sunshine.
    I just do not know how someone can leave behind a poor old pet. That is just too sad.

  18. It hurts my heart to think of any dog (or family pet) being left behind. I will never be able to understand how someone could think that's okay.

  19. Awww Alf!! What a sweet face! I don't know how anyone could leave a pet behind. I really do not get it...

  20. So glad you are feeling better. Yes, the warm sun is so welcome after days of rain.

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