Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gino and The Wrens

I saw the wren in the garage about a week ago when I was leaving for work. I checked the top shelf, and sure enough, back behind the small chain-saw, there was a nest. Thinking it was a "new-nest-construction" I decided that when I got home I would knock it down.

I decided this only because our mostly outdoor kitty Gino living in the garage doesn't make for the best of neighborhood to raise a family of birds. I know the picture below makes him look innocent and like a real marshmallow. But trust me, Gino has a wildlife-crime record. Unfortunately. But he is a cat and an outdoor one at that. Last year we had another family of wrens build a nest in the same spot and Gino (somehow) managed to get onto the shelf one night and know.... I really enjoy the wrens and was really sad when the lives of the nesting birds came to an end. And, I know it goes without saying that I don't want that to happen again.

So, when I got home from work, I decided I was simply going to just knock the nest off the shelf with a broom. Carl said he'd take care of it with a gentler approach and just put it into the trash. When he took the nest off the shelf, inside were 3 little wrens with barely any feathers.  I was glad he'd not done it my way for once. He put the nest back and we hoped that our disturbing it wouldn't be an issue. It wasn't.

And so now I'm watching the parents fly in and out of the garage. We're opening the door first thing in the morning, and close it after dark which gives the wren time to get settled in for the night.
And the air is now filled with the wren's loud shrill-rattling-warble-warning of danger. The danger is of course Gino.

I just hope they heed their own warnings and stay safe and leave the neighborhood soon!


  1. Silly wrens. They see the cat; but best anyway.
    Maybe Gino will have mellowed with age?
    As long as the babies don't fall out.
    God bless.

  2. We hope Gino doesn't make it to the nest this time. Now that our bluebirds are done raising their brood we now have a wren nest in the same box.

  3. Hello I hope the wrens survive. Those wrens can be fussy when they sense danger. Have a great day!

  4. Wonder what possessed those birds to make their home there. Just like the dumb rabbits who make nests in the middle of a yard full of big dogs!

    We hope the babies grow and thrive without any invasion from Gino.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Hope the little family survives. We have a dumb sparrow who makes a next every year in the clothesline retractor. It has never successfully raised a family, so now the nest is destroyed as it is being built.

  6. Birds used to make nests beneath my deck but they don’t anymore since the cats came to stay. They do, though, use our birdhouses. I guess they feel safe there.

  7. We avians thank you. Gino, eat your cat food and be happy with that.

  8. I do so hope the wrens will all be safe. Gino is entirely innocent looking; cats are so very good at appearing angelic while hiding their hearts of mischief. All the same, it's nice to have an update on Gino. I've often wondered how he is doing.

  9. What you have are Carolina wrens and they always nest in the craziest spots! I love them, they are year round here in Ohio! I put out meal worms every morning for them! I so hope Gino decides he doesn't like their gripping at him!

    I so admire what you do, you are awesome, good job.

    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  10. First of all, I love Gino's butterscotch coloring. As for the Wrens, don't you find that for such a tiny bird, they are so noisy? And I see them being so pushy (once they drove out a pair of bluebirds from the box they'd selected in the Spring!!). I hope for your sake they don't return next nesting season...:)jp

  11. Gino, you look gorgeous in the photo. We hope the wrens will all be safe as they grow get bigger. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  12. I have to confess. When I was a lot younger, a robin built a nest in the lower branches of the pear tree. None of us doggies paid any attention to it. (Back then, Joey dog and Miss Ginger were still with us.) Anyway, the day the Robin laid four eggs in the nest, my sharp nose detected them. Quick as a wink, I jumped up and ate them all in one bite! The poor Robin couldn't believe her eyes when she returned to her nest! So my ghostwriter removed the nest in the hope that the robin would pick a better spot for her next nest. Of course, I had no idea I did anything wrong!

  13. I think you made the right choice leaving the wrens and letting nature happen. 🤞 for the wrens.

  14. Hope the wrens do ok! We removed some nests out of our tree from last year, mostly because all the bird poop everywhere is very annoying. But the robins just built a new one
    Mabel & Hilda

  15. We have had those kind of issues too Kim, and were always thankful when the birds move on,, no matter what kind of bird they are.

  16. Birds don't always nest in the smartest places! I was so sad the time our cat Sam (who was an indoor cat, but escaped out) raided a nest of robins. I never understood why they insisted on building their nests in what were high traffic areas! But that was the only time we lost any, thankfully.


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