Sunday, September 22, 2019

Off to the Vets!

I was up this morning at the usual time of about 5 o'clock. and for whatever reason the dogs didn't stir. Not even Todd. Maybe it's the darkness at that time that's keeping them from starting their day. Or maybe they just know that their breakfast won't come for a few more hours.
~Eager for breakfast!~ 
Our week ended with vet visits. On Thursday I took new girl Sophie to see Holistic Vet. Our hope is to slow down what we think is a re-growth of a tumor on Sophie's thyroid.
~Sophie at Holistic Vet~
So we have started Sophie on a special mix of chinese herbs similar to the ones that Charlie takes. Also prescribed was a medication called Doxepin for her laryngeal paralysis.
~Sophie's Chinese Herbs~
Also along with us for the ride was Tanner. Lab Rescue asked about trying him out in a "city setting" to see how he reacts to traffic and new people. I also took him to the shop where we buy our dog food, and we walked around the city center. Tanner did really well, and wasn't bothered at all by the city sounds and people. Knowing this should help broaden the pool of hopeful adopters for him. At least that's the hope and plan.
~Tanner watching the other patients at Holistic Vets Office~ 
We rounded the corner to Friday and drove the opposite direction from Holistic Vet to the office of Mobile Vet with Todd and Alf.
Both were due for yearly check ups, blood work and to update vaccines. Pending the return of the blood work, they got good reports from Mobile Vet.
~Alf and Mobile Vet~
Todd got his last distemper vaccine. He was happy to be on his way back home.
And with that, at the moment, everyone is all caught up on their needed vet care for the month of September.  Good thing, given that there are 8 days left. Where did September go?
It'll be Halloween before we know it!
~Rhett being a good sport in a Halloween Headband~


  1. Your life is very busy with your furry friends and they are so fortunate to have you. I love Rhett’s photo.

  2. Hello, Happy Fall! Vet visit were not a fun time for my old dogs. It seems like everyone is doing well now. Good checkups.
    Cute furbabies and adorable photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. You had a busy time at the vets. All paws are crossed for Miss Sophie in hopes that the herbs help.

  4. I'd hate to have your vet bills. But then again, we can never do enough for our good doggies!

  5. Where did the year go?
    Hope we see cooler weather with Halloween.

  6. Todd won't have to worry about the vet for another entire year!

  7. Seems all your wheels are going in the same direction at the moment. Hope it stays that way. We're up between 4 and 5--breakfast is always first!

  8. You really go all out having two different vets! How do you decide which dogs see which vet? I wish we had a holistic vet in our area that was not such a long drive away.

  9. I love seeing Mobile Vet on the floor with Alf! Yay for Tanner being a good boy in the city!
    Mabel & Hilda

  10. Sounds as if you had another busy week. Yes, fall is definitely in the air.


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