Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A New Co-star at Golden Pines

Even though I'm back to finally working only 3 days a week, the last couple of weeks have been fully charged with a lot going on.
~Todd, always a star, and always  fully charged!!~
My last post mentioned about my going out of town overnight. It came about when a friend in Kentucky was trying to find a home for a stray cat. I am really missing having an outdoor kitty and with a few days off work, along with just wanting to get away, I considered a 3 day round-trip to Kentucky to get this cat.
Okay, I'll agree, it was probably not my best idea. And just to help validate to my inner self what a crazy idea it was, I had that nagging feeling (again) that it wasn't something I should do. And for whatever reason, I said something to a "very cool and fun longtime friend" in North Carolina who by the way, just happens to have her own, non-profit, cat rescue.  So, can you see where this led me?

Yes, it took me to North Carolina instead of Kentucky to get a cat from Cool and fun Friend, G.
I stayed overnight in the small town in Virginia where Todd came from - and also the home of Lynn, of Rocky Creek Scotties. Unfortunately in these crazy times, I wasn't able to see her. Hopefully we'll get that chance in the months ahead.
Cool and fun Friend, G and I met around Winston-Salem, North Carolina in a shopping center parking lot. After more than 10 years, it was wonderful to see her again and it would have been even nicer to be able to sit down and just catch up. But again, these crazy times kept us from doing that. However, her great company via phone on the drive home was almost as good.
~Winston-Salem, North Carolina~
So, without further delay, please welcome Gerry to Golden Pines.
~Gerry's first photo~
He's a young cat, that was a stray, and a lady that he had picked for his very own, was moving. She had an outside dog, that he seemed to get along with, so that was a big plus.
~A photo from Gerry's first life~
Our plan was to have Gerry live outside, as Gino had done. But after nearly 2 weeks, he's adjusting nicely to living inside - And trust me, he has a pretty strong opinion about being outside - So I've decided to just let Gerry, our newest co-star in a big cast of characters, decide how and where he wants to live at Golden Pines.

Thank-you again "cool & fun friend, G" for your friendship, for all you did to for Gerry and to get him to us!! 


  1. Hello,

    Gerry is lucky to have you and Golden Pines as his new home. Welcome Gerry! Hope your day and week ahead are great!

  2. *haha* How wonderful, Kim! Gerry looks like one of the gang already... so it was meant to be. Lucky lucky Gerry! Will you adopt me too, Kim? :-D Love you, Andrea xoxo

  3. Welcome, Gerry! He will fit in quickly, I'm sure. 🙂

  4. Gerry,your feet have landed in paradise,and to know your new family and you are best friends already,what great news,Kim, sometimes that gut feeling is the way to go,and your big heart has more love for each new glad that even in these times you could meet and greet with distant love,

  5. Welcome Gerry! It seems he has made himself at home already!

  6. Welcome Gerry. Your a handsome boy.

    xo Astro and Mitzie

  7. Three day trip? Were you walking?

  8. What a handsome cat, welcome Gerry!


  9. Love a good road trip story, and you got a cat!

  10. What a handsome fellow Gerry is. He'll fit right in with the gang!

  11. It seems like you certainly made the right decision there! Welcome to Gerry, he is a cutie!!

  12. As an English Blogger says about cats that have found them. "Looks like he landed in the butter dish."

  13. Welcome Gerry!!!! You're such a lucky kitty!

  14. I'm so glad Gerry gets to be where he WANTS to be!!! LOL.
    you're just the best. you've landed in heaven Gerry.:) xoxo

  15. You have such a big heart! We've rescued a mixed retriever during the lockdown. Wanted an adult that was potty trained, fell for 5 month old puppy without a clue where to go! Yep, love hurts!


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