Sunday, August 1, 2021

Welcome August!!

 Goodbye July . . . Welcome August!!

I know I always complain about time passing me by. But this time, I'm changing my tune and am saying that it feels like July lasted forever! With my counterpart on vacation for a week, and then out sick for two weeks, and our 'back up girl' out of town because of family, it left me to filling in at work on my days off. However, I did manage a quick trip with Max to see the sunflowers in Maryland.

At home the arrival of Sheeba and the loss of Sunny of course added to the pressure I was already feeling. But through it all, I was grateful for my vacation in June; because even though I was really tired and worn out, after a good nights sleep, I felt like the next day I had the energy to keep going. 

Our newest arrival Sheeba hasn't come without her own challenges. I've been really worried about her. She wasn't eating, and was having problems breathing. She spent an entire day at the vet where they took an x-ray and kept an eye on her. They found nothing, which made my heart break even more for her.  And because Sheeba is considered a "hospice dog" there isn't much that Lab Rescue will do for her, other than provide palliative and supportive care. I feel like it has been left to me to try and find a way to keep her going.  But that's my job as her caretaker. And so it has taken 2 weeks, and knock, knock, knock on wood, she is finally eating pretty close to an entire meal again (albeit canned food). 

But I am so happy and relived that she seems to have an appetite for something. I'm giving her whatever she wants and as much as she wants to eat. And she now seems happy and much more comfortable. The short video below was her 2 weeks ago when she felt so crummy. If it doesn't show below, here's a link ....

All that aside, Sheeba is a really nice and lovely dog, and our crew like her very much. 

Looking ahead, I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of a 3 day work week. And wish us luck, because on Thursday I am meeting a retired couple from Annapolis, who called today and are interested in adopting our foster boy Cooper. They seem perfect for him, and I'm hopeful. 

So, onto August we go. It's easy to see that the days are getting a little shorter, the leaves rustle a little different in the wind. I also noticed the other day that the stores are filled with school supplies for the upcoming school year. Fall will be here before we all know it. 


  1. Sheeba, I hope you are a lot better than your video, and for Cooper, love, lots of love, under a starry sky above; your sunflowers, we have had some random self sewn ones flowering all through our winter.

  2. Hard to believe the year is more than half over.
    God bless you all, Kim.

  3. Poor Sheba, perhaps she was finding it hard to adjust to begin with, and even wondering how long before she was moved on again? So glad that she's finally settled.
    I do hope that Cooper finds his forever home and that he and the couple are right for one another.

  4. Sheeba seems to have picked up
    plenty in comparison to the video.
    Keep your loving care and magic alive.
    Happy “not so busy” August . . .

  5. It seemed like July lasted forever here too. We're glad to hear you have found a food that Sheba will eat. All paws are crossed that she continues to settle in and improve.

  6. Save the sunflower seeds for ME!

  7. May Sheba only know love during this chapter. She is so lucky to have you. Lee and Phod's Lady

  8. Yes, autumn will be here before we know it. At this point in my life I HATE to see school supplies in the store.... because it means the carefree times of my grandgirls being here for weeks on end are coming to a close. :-( I so love having them here. They go home on Friday and I'm always in a sorrowful mood for a few days afterward. *sigh* Why can't time stand still sometimes, Kim. Praying that all goes well for Cooper and Sheeba there on Golden Pines. Much love~ Andrea xoxoxo

  9. Glad you were able to get some rest and recharge a bit. Prayers for Sheeba that she continues to eat and settle into the love groove you have going on with the dogs. Prayers for Cooper and a good fit. Enjoy your three day week!!

  10. Sheeba looks like a sweet love. We are glad you have been able to get her eating. All the best to her and to you for all the good that you do.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. I am so glad that Sheeba has you to help her find her way. Thank you. I love your sunflowers!!!!

  12. Poor Sheeba; I can remember our black lab Gracie having trouble breathing when she was very elderly, but I can't recall what the vets did, but it helped her. It might have been steroids in an injection. Beautiful photos of those sunflowers. The bees were sure busy on the blooms! Prayers for Sheeba. And Cooper.

  13. Hello,
    Beautiful sunflowers! Sounds like a fun outing with Max! It is good news to hear Sheeba is eating now. I wish her well. Good luck to Cooper. Take care, have a happy day!

  14. It sounds like August will keep you plenty busy too, but at least work will be shorter! Great job helping Sheeba to adjust. ♥ I'm not ready for fall yet, it's just barely starting to feel like summer here now! July was very cool and rainy.


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