Sunday, November 21, 2021

Hansel and Gretel Arrive at Golden Pines

Want to know what's been taking my time?  Well, it's the new arrivals at Golden Pines.

It all began exactly a month ago, on October 21st, when my longtime friend on the board of the Golden Retriever Rescue shared on my Facebook page, this photo of a senior Lab in a shelter in North Carolina. 

And then there was this photo that went with it ....

Then there was another ....
I don't even have to say that I was totally smitten by this lost girl, that the shelter named Gretel. 

But there was more. Gretel had been found with another Black Lab, that the shelter named Hansel (below) Both are estimated to be about 12 years old. And what their relationship is to one another is anyone's guess. But there is definitely a relationship and a bond between the two.
Gretel's photo on the website got a lot of attention. There were more than 3,000 shares of her photo, and many offers from people willing to go the shelter and adopt her.  Hansel's photo didn't garner that much attention, just over 500 shares, and very few offers from people wanting to meet him. I am quite sure it's because his shelter-photo (above) didn't grab your heart like Gretel's had. 

I let Lab Rescue know about this pair, as did many others. Fast forward through the evaluation from the Rescue, and soon transport from North Carolina to Virginia was being arranged for them.

I followed all of that. Something about this lost-boy and lost-girl, that I just couldn't forget about. And I really wanted to meet that girl that had stolen my heart. And when I found out that they were at a nearby vet, I sheepishly made an offer to foster them. 

So, Hansel and Gretel arrived a week ago Thursday. This friendly and energetic duo were constant motion those first few days. They were a blur as they ran and happily played together in our yard. 
The end of the first day they were wide-eyed and totally exhausted. 
They have met and get along with our crew. They are really a nice and fun pair! They do have a few issues regarding their health, but we're working through them. And at some point in time, Gretel who shows all the outward signs of having had puppies, will need to be spayed. 

But there's been one problem. Our cats. They are way more reactive to them than I'm comfortable with. They bark at and chase them, and I'm quite sure the cats have each used at least one or two of their 9 lives being just barely a whisker faster than they are. So, unfortunately, I've had to ask for them to be moved to another foster home. And until that happens, the cats are being kept safe, and we get to have fun getting to know and enjoy Hansel and Gretel. 

At this moment, of course, I don't know what their entire story will be, or where they will end up.  But I do know, that Hansel and Gretel will live happily-ever-after. ❤




  1. Oooooooh Kim.... what a story-with-a-happy-ending for these two! Even though where they will ultimately end up isn't known yet, their future is secure... which is wonderful thing! You are a beautiful soul, dear friend, and I love ya~ Andrea xoxo

  2. Far better ending than the original tale. We hope H and G find a happy, loving and safe home to live out their lives together. And we hope the kitties get a well deserved rest.

  3. Wishing this pair a happily ever after! Lee and Phod

  4. Hope they find a forever home soon, Gretel looks like a real lover of a dog:)

  5. Glad they are safe. God bless you all, Kim.

  6. It's great that those two could be kept together. We hope they will find a forever home together soon.

  7. Hello,
    I am sorry your tow new dogs do not get along with the cats. They look like they could be related, for now I am happy they have a home with you. They are sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Take care, have a great new week!

  8. What a wonderful thing to do! They probably are not used to cats? Perhaps they will learn? Paws crossed.

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Ollie, Tama, and Benny

  9. It's too bad that they aren't nice to cats, we hope they find a wonderful place together.

  10. ohmygosh. those Faces! they just warm my heart.
    Bless You darling Kim. and them! XO

  11. What a pair of smoochy darlings. I'm so glad they found you, and now their futures are mapped out - on a Happy Map, even if the page is unclear at present. They're way too old to learn to live with cats unfortunately, but I hope we hear of a loving home for them soon.

  12. At least for now Hansel and Gretel (love the names) are safe with you. Maybe they are siblings. We know we wouldn't do well with cats either, so we understand the concern. But knowing you, we are confident the two pups' futures will be a good one.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Everyone needs to give everyone else some space and time will take care of it.

  14. So glad that they have found their way to you, Kim. They will be loved and cared for. I hope that they find a forever home together, they seem such a happy pair.

  15. We're sure they will find a great forever home together! It's good of you to foster them.

  16. This story really touches my heart. How happy Hansel and Gretel look running together in your yard. Older dogs are so sweet and lovable. Your pictures of the both are so adorable. Thank you Kim. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I absolutely love them. Please give them pats from me.

  18. Hi friends, Ojo here! You are beautiful and handsome! It is too bad you need to chase the Cats, but I understand. I hope you land in another amazing place soon, and I am glad you have each other! Take care, friends.


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