Sunday, October 30, 2022

Today is About Jaycee

Jaycee is still available for adoption via Lab Rescue. We've had a few inquiries, but so far, after 230 days with us, there's been no one that's a real match for her. 

Someone interested in adopting Jaycee came yesterday to meet her. I liked them very much, and Jaycee seemed to like them too. Unfortunately, their timing isn't right. They have two trips planned that are for more than two weeks before the end of November - Along with that, they didn't feel that 'love connection' for Jaycee, only sympathy for the life she's led.

~Perspective adopter walking Jaycee~

Yes, Jaycee is a dog that knew nothing about 'real-life,' except for giving birth to puppies before she came to us. And yes, she has had a lot to learn and has learned a lot since she's been with us. She has a bit of a quirky personality, and can be a little reactive with people that she should know she can trust - like our dog-walker, and my brother - We've tried to figure it out, but not being there when she reacts by barking and growling makes that impossible because when we are here and they're around, she's fine. I think it has to do with her not feeling safe and secure because with me and Carl, she couldn't any more affectionate, relaxed and happy too. 

~Ree and Jaycee, my kitchen helpers~

Jaycee is great with the other dogs and cats and is good in the house. Her 'safe place' is a moveable wire ex-pen to stay in when we're not home and to sleep in at night. She prefers to not sleep on a dog bed, and so we've put in a rug, a sheet, and she also has a dog-bed cover to curl up on. I have had to grin at her more than once because she appears to have a favorite cover and will drag it into the ex-pen with her if I try to change it.

We even did a little test after it was washed. We laid out two covers, same fabric, just different colors. The one on the left is the one that Jaycee prefers. 

It didn't take long before Jaycee pulled the cover into the ex-pen with her. She is clearly a dog that knows what she wants. ❤

THANK YOU  for stopping by today - I know I am so far behind on posting and reading blogs and I will post more of our news in the next day or so. 

**Happy Halloween from Daisy, who says she's a Princess, and doesn't want to be a pirate in a hand-me-down costume for Halloween!**  ūüėä

However if you give her a ball to go with it. . . 


  1. We really wish Jaycee the best family she can have. We are grateful to know while she waits, she couldn't be with better people. How did she avoid the hat tax? Lee and Phod

  2. Jaycee is such a smartie!

    1. Lori....I don't know why it come out as an anonymous comment.

  3. Maybe Jaycee is in her forever home?? Beautiful girl ♥

  4. Hello and Happy Halloween!
    Jaycee is a sweetie, for now she is in a happy and safe home.
    Cute photos, I like Daisy the Pirate Princess. Take care, enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  5. Poor Jaycee, I'm sure she's so happy with you that being with someone she doesn't know upsets her and makes her behave the way she does. It must be so difficult for any animal that has led a loveless unsettling life.
    I am currently looking at the many local rescues, for a dog to fill the huge gap that my Lab Inca has left in my life. It's heartbreaking to hear about dogs who have spent almost all their lives, sometimes years and years, and no-one has even looked at them. Some dogs just don't seem to have an adopt-me personality - unlike the gorgeous Daisy in her pirate's hat - she's a real beauty! I love a Golden's goofy face.

  6. We hope Jaycee will find her forever home soon. She seems like such a sweet doggie!

  7. I'm having trouble commenting so although I'm Anonymous today, I'm really Stephanie. I would adopt Jaycee in a heartbeat if I lived near you; what a darling girl she is. Thank you for each and every picture and post. They really cheer me along the way. Daisy is a doll, too in her costume hat plus Ree, Todd and all. Bless you, Kim!

  8. She seems sweet I do hope someone comes by for her someday:)


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