Saturday, December 10, 2022

In Other News

My last post was about Ree and an unfortunate culinary choice that she made out of one of my handbags. I'm happy and very grateful to report that she has recovered fully. 

Todd is doing just "okay." He'd hardly been coughing/sneezing at all, but this past Saturday, it started again. By the third day when it seemed to be getting worse, I put him back on an antibiotic and Carprophen (generic rimadyl) for any inflammation. Two days later, he's not coughing at all. Again, it makes me think that all this could be allergy related because Carl had put some timothy hay down, and I wonder if that was the trigger? We raked it all back up again just in case. 

Then there's our almost newest addition, Milo. I can't believe he's been with us just over a month now. He easily settled in to his new life and routine with us. 

Milo's small size (about 50 pounds) and color is reminiscent of  the original Field-bred Golden Retrievers bred back in 1800s Scotland. In appearance only he is unlike our beautiful foster girl, Daisy who was bred more for looks and is bigger, stockier, and “big-boned.” 

~Milo and Daisy waiting for their treats!~

Field bred Golden Retrievers are natural athletes. They’re smaller and slimmer, and have body types that make it easy for them run, jump and even swim all day. This totally describes Milo who is a fun, active, agile and playful boy that is always wagging his tail and 'woo-woo-woo-ing'  telling us that he's totally ready for the next fun thing to happen. Even our other Black Lab Jack, who in the past hasn't been so welcoming to 'the boys,' doesn't mind Milo either - Another testament to Milo's carefree personality that has made him an easy dog to love. We feel so lucky to have him as part of our lives and household. 

And did you catch that I said that, 

Milo was our almost newest addition? 

Well, guess what ..... 🙂


  1. Hello,
    Yay for Ree, I am glad she has recovered,. I hope Todd is recovering too, from whatever illness he had. Milo looks like a real sweetie, I always thought most Goldens wagged their tails a lot. Cute photos of all the furbabies. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Ree's complete recovery bears out my experience with my Labs - that they have cast-iron stomachs and indestructible digestive systems! So glad that she is OK and pleased to hear that Todd is much better - it seems you might have found the trigger to his sneezing.
    In the third photo - of Milo - he looks so much like my new girl Indy - they could almost be twins.
    Look forward to being introduced to "the (almost) new addition"!

  3. oops hit enter, I will try again, OMD what do we have now? can't wait to hear/see.. Milo is precious and his face is so much like our beau. glad he is fitting in and hope the meds Todd and that Ree is ok

  4. We're glad to hear Ree is feeling better and we're keeping our paws crossed that Todd continues to improve. It sounds like Milo is becoming a permanent member of Golden Pines. He sure is a lucky pup.

  5. So glad Ree is doing better and we hope it is the last bag she eats. Paws crossed for Todd. Excited to learn more about the new pup. Lee and Phod

  6. Have you tried stinging nettle for allergies for Todd? I give it to my dogs for their allergies and it works wonders.

  7. as the tension mounts...... good news on the home front.

  8. Milo, you have hit home base with your new Almost new home, I am guessing it will not be almost in the next post.Another lovely face, Ree's recovery, Todd Okay?? Life sounds wonderful for all .

  9. Fingers crossed for Todd. That's great about Ree and Milo. Looking forward to the news. 😊❤️

  10. So glad Ree is okay, that Todd seems better again, that Milo has fitted in so easily, andd that womeone else is or will be joing your jopyous bunch.
    Can you tell that what I see is white text on a white backgound = invisible, so please pardon the typos!


  11. Your doggies are all so cute! Milo reminds us of our patron saint, old Charisma who helped raise the four siblings at this house years ago. She was kind of an older version of a cocker spaniel with her longer nose and a coat like Milo's. He looks like a sweetie like Charisma was.


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