Friday, March 29, 2024

Monty Arrives at Golden Pines

Another busy couple of weeks, made a bit busier this past Friday, when we had an unexpected and unplanned arrival of a new boy at our house. 

Meet 10 year old Monty.

~Meeting Monty - His new chapter begins~

He comes to us after his owner went into hospice care and Monty was left in the home with no one to care for him, or his feline companion. 

And so, after a few twists and turns, Monty was turned over to the rescue to begin a new life -- As was the cat he lived with. 

We knew absolutely nothing about Monty, barely even his name or age. But, despite all of that we of course agreed to take him to keep him safe, and give him a place to call home. 

First intros didn't go all that well, but that was totally my fault. Monty's life had been totally turned upside down, and he just didn't understand what had happened to him and so he was really nervous and so unsure. 

But after a week, he's settled in, and second intros have gone well. He's an active, bouncy and engaging boy that I'll confess may be too much for our household, so I've asked that another foster home be found for him. I think it's for the best. 

However, now that we know that Monty gets along with other dogs and cats, that he listens really well, that he knows all the basics, has good house manners and that he loves to play ball, is a good start. And with the rescue totally committed to him and his care, it gives Monty a bright future. ❤

***I have to add that this is also a reminder for all of us to have a plan for our 

dogs and cats in case we're unable to care for them.***


  1. this is heart breaking for Monty and his feline sibling. lost his family. prayers for someone to love him and adopt him. we have no plan because there is no plan to have. we do have a designated person who can and will come if anything happens to us, but she and her husband would just make sure beau is safe, and try to find a home. because of this, beau will be our last senior rescue. we are hoping one of us will outlive Beau

  2. Poor Monty, he looks such a lovely boy, so I hope that he will find another forever home where he can settle down and enjoy life.

  3. 20 years ago we did Doberman Rescue. We were fosters to a doberman named Jake whose 93 year old owner died. He was 10 but had not been trained his whole life and the owner let him rule the house. Her kids did not want Jake but took his buddy dog and left him in the house for 2 weeks and only came to let him out a few times a day. Poor Jake had no clue why he had lost his owner, his dog best friend and no one wanted him. We fostered him and tried to work with him but he had become too unpredictable (trying to bit if you took away anything from him like a blanket or ball and other behavior). It broke our heart and we called the daughter and she was devastated because she did not want that for him either. We promised we would be there for him when he passed on and brought him home to bury him on our property. I totally understood why he did the things he did but it just was not safe for anyone. How sad when we fail our dogs by sometimes loving them too much.

  4. I am the one who did the Doberman rescue-forgot to add my name before I hit publish

  5. Hello,
    Poor Monty, to loose his human that way. I am sure he is feeling confused and unhappy.
    I am glad you could be there for him if even it is only a short time. I hope Monty finds a happy forever home. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy Easter weekend.

  6. Welcome to Monty and I hope he finds his feet on stable ground in your care soonest. Bless his sweet heart.


  7. How sad for Monty and his kitty friend. We have our paws crossed that another foster can be found for him.

  8. Yes, we always had someone chosen as care taker before we got dogs! Looks like he still moves pretty good!

  9. Bless you for taking him in. I hope he ends up with someone/a family who loves him. ❤️

  10. Monty looks like such a lovely boy! We hope he finds teh perfect home.


  11. I sure hope Monty finds a place for him -- maybe even a furever home.

  12. Hello, Monty! What a beautiful and happy looking guy. Welcome to Golden Pines and new friends, dear boy!

  13. Welcome Monty! Love your soft golden color. Hope you are settling in well. All prayers for a forever home. ♥

  14. We hope Monty lands in the perfect spot for him. We are glad he dot to be in a safe place during the transition. My sister knows, if something happens to us, it is her job to make sure any pets are cared for. Lee and Phod's Lady


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