Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Normal Day?

It's my last day of being snowbound, our driveway is cleared!!

I'm not really sure if it's just my state of mind, but today there were a few things that happened that gave me a little bit of a grin....

It started first thing this morning when we opened the garage door to let the dogs out. Left by the door were 2 packages that had been delivered by Federal Express yesterday. The delivery person had to walk through our snow-filled-drive way to get to our house--Kudos to him for doing that!! However, the packages that were delivered belong to our neighbors...

I must've been on a roll with the mail--This came from my Aunt today--It's a cat toy, that's for cats...What if the dogs want to play with it, I wonder if they would want too?

I've been resisting making brownies--It ended up probably being a good thing, because when I opened the brownie mix to make them today, this was on the inside...I think it's a cake mix...
Since the snow started, I've been missing a house-shoe--Today Sheba came to me with it in her mouth. I wish she could tell me where she found it.

Having a bit of cabin fever, we spent a little bit of time outside with the dogs. I noticed our rain-gauge has become a snow gauge; I think it's pretty accurate.
The drama for the day came when we came back in, I couldn't find our cat, CC. I was pretty sure she'd been outside with us. We looked, and looked for her, and called her as well. Carl had been clearing the snow off the roof, and being a worrier of course I imagined that maybe some snow fell on top of her, or maybe the hawk we've been seeing carried her off...It could happen, right??!!

Well, maybe not. Eventually I noticed that CC was napping in a spot that she's not used in quite sometime on top of our kitchen cabinets. Do you think that she heard us calling her and promising her a meal if she came? Of course she did....

I think all this is a sign that life is returning back to normal; whatever that is!


  1. Hi there!!! We are so happy to visit all of you! What a wonderful and warm property you have. I'm just one golden out here, but someday, hope we'll have a house full of furrie pals!
    Happy Valentine's Day.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. Today looks like the perfect day for me to cross country sky to your house. I would find Sheba and I would ask Sheba where she found the shoe.
    I can help things get back to normal real quick. And we can throw snow balls at the hawk!

  3. funny day you had! and so glad the cat wasn't buried in the snow!! :)

  4. We think somehow Sheba is in cahoots with the FedEx guy! Just can't get enough of those precious senior Golden faces at your house. "Go away snow" - BOL

  5. Oh dear,I was worried how the cat story was going to end there for a minute!
    Love coming to see your sweet goldens.

    Bellaboo :)


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