Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank doG It's Friday!!

FINALLY it's the end of a long snowy week!! The Federal Government has been closed all week, so Carl has been off as a result. My office closed 2 days, but unable to get to work today it seems like I have been home for days and days... We found (and paid) someone to plow out our driveway on Tuesday. But Murphy's Law being what it is, the Wednesday snowstorm that brought another foot of snow was accompanied by high winds which caused snow to drift across the driveway, snowing us in yet again. Carl is working on shoveling (yes, I said shovel) and we're hoping that by Saturday night we'll be able to get out again. If not, we may have our own episode of "The Shining" with me playing the role of Jack Torrance! Thankfully our power has stayed on, and we are well stocked with all that we need.
I think that the dogs are getting tired of the snow too. I know they are missing being able to run and play in the woods that they love so much. Rudi (below) was on her way to the bird feeder for her favorite snack--Can't blame her for trying to get there--There's always something on the ground that she thinks she can't live without!
Charlie waits patiently by the gate--Is he hoping to make an escape too? I wish it were as easy as opening a gate to leave!

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Hi
    Its me tweedles
    Rudi looks like a little otter!
    And Charlie looks to me like he has enough beautiful hair to share with me.
    Your snow is so pretty- but
    enough is enough!
    so lets do a sun dance!

  2. wow, love the pic of Rudi plowing through the snow! that's a lot of snow!!! soon it will melt and then the mud fest begins!!

  3. It's so lovely to look at,but when it stops you getting around then it's not so good.Love Rudi snow plowing!

    Bellaboo :)

  4. I so know how you feel when you get the driveway cleared, then it snows and blows and covered the blasted driveway back in again!!

    We have been using our snow blower to clean our driveway out and have been lucky this year we haven't had the need to get anyone to plow us out. Not sure if we will be able to do that every year though.

    We are putting up snow fences next year to try and stop the snow from blowing onto the driveway....

    Thanks for the info on the dogs. Molly is allergic to carrots (go figure!!) but I will add broccoli to her diet. You are also the second person in as many days that has said no more vaccines.

    I realize this is going to be an ongoing battle but one I am hoping to win!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. Amazing to see these pics - we barely have any snow in Vermont! Rudi is swimming! :)

  6. I just can't imagine what it is like - I have NEVER experienced snow like that - you must have cabin fever ! Hope the thaw comes soon xx

  7. Charlie ecrtainly looks as if he's getting tired of the snow!

  8. LOL! Please give sweet Rudi a big hug and kiss for making me GIGGLE this morning!!!

  9. That is a LOT of snow ! I'm wondering how much work it takes to wipe the dogs down, each time they have to "go" outside ?
    I used to have Yorkshire Terriers, seven of them, I'd no sooner get them dried off, and they'd want to go back outside.
    It looks so magical !

  10. You must be looking forward to being able to sit out on that lovely verandah Kim, I bet it's wonderful in the summer!

  11. Jesus has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless;


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