Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wendy & The Lost Boys

A few of you asked about the rescue stories of the Goldens that reside at "Golden Pines." Because my life has returned to boring, I will use today to tell you about one member of our crew named Wendy, who is our "top dog." Get comfy and I will tell you her story...

I had heard somewhere that when you get a dog, you should get your first one from a breeder and your second from a rescue--That's exactly what we did. Our first Golden, named Tod, came from a breeder. Because we thought Tod was perfect, it of course made us want another one just like him. But what came to us in the summer of 1999, was our introduction into rescue and a dog that was so unlike our first one.

She came to us at almost two years old, and her name was Amber. I didn't think the name fit her, so we changed it to Wendy who is my favorite character in Peter Pan. Little did I know at the time, how perfect and appropriate this name would become. Wendy, a border collie and Golden mix had been given up by her owners because of her exuberance and boldness; qualities of a Border Collie. She had so much energy, and ran everywhere she went. She also got into everything, was independent and jumped up on everyone!! She was so unlike our first Golden, who we thought could do no-wrong! I used to say that if we'd gotten her first, we may not have ever gotten another dog. At first Tod, who was so laid back and reserved was a bit overwhelmed by her antics. Wendy did not score any points with him when she chewed up a favorite bear that he'd treasured for a long time. But eventually everything came together, and we were a pretty happy little family. **This is a photo of Tod & Wendy**
Carl and I really wanted to "make a difference" so in the spring of 2000, we became a foster home for the Golden Retriever Rescue. For some reason, many of the Goldens coming into rescue at the time were young male strays that had been in a shelter. Because we have no children, these Goldens were placed with us. Wendy became the companion and mentor to what we would eventually call "the lost boys." These young rambunctious Goldens were the perfect outlet for Wendy who loved to run and play games! Her favorite thing was to chase and be chased. Being in touch with her Border Collie genes, a tennis ball was never interesting to Wendy; she adored the Frisbee, and never tired of catching and running after it.

I don't know where the time has gone, but it has now been almost 11 years since Wendy came to us. She is our only connection to all of the additions and subtractions in our household. She has been my constant companion on road-trips and walks, and sleeps at the foot of the bed. Wendy's loyalty, love, and dedication has had a deep impact on me. Many times I have sat with her and shared my dreams, secrets, fears and disappointments. Wendy always listens and seems to understand because the look that she gives seems to always find a way to reassure me that everything will be okay.

Wendy is no longer able to run and play like she used too; this winter has been a difficult one for her because she has developed arthritis in her hips. I have to admit that I have a hard time thinking of Wendy as anything but that young, crazy-wild-dog we adopted in 1999, especially because that spark, spunk and spirit is still very much there! I never would have thought that "Wendy" whose name came from a character that symbolized mothering, caring, loyalty, and undying friendship, would mean the same to our household as it did to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys!


  1. thank you - Loved reading about Wendy and Tod. You really are remarkable. I love how her new name suited her so perfectly.
    I don't think Sam will be with us another year - maybe. I keep wondering how Dillon will be as he rests his head on Sam's back - he keeps Sam warm too !

  2. What a lovely story of your golden Wendy.When we lost our first golden at 16 yrs we were so bereft and waited a year and a half until we got Bella.It was such a shock to have this wild puppy who was into everything and wouldn't keep still for five minutes,having been so used to Bonny's calm quiet personality.Like your dog Bonny was my soulmate.

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. what a sweet story! Wendy is a lucky dog and obviously has made her mark as top dog!
    it is hard when they get older, no longer able to manage the antics they once we say in the animal care world..."age is not a disease"....hope you have many more years with the gentle dog you call Wendy! i love to hear the stories...and you have many more to tell us!

  4. Thank you for sharing Wendy's and the lost boys' story so beautifully. Give Wendy a big belly rub for me!


  5. Wendy is gorgeous, what a lovely story. Our greyhound Heidi is a rescue, we got her when she was 5 and she will be 10 in April: I don't know where the time goes!

  6. What a lovely story and what a big heart you have. The world needs more of you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. A lovely, caring story for a cold February morning.

  8. Thanks for sharing this love story.
    Wendy is beautiful!
    Please give her a big hug for me,

  9. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, and for all that you do to save wonderful dogs like Wendy :)

  10. Our momma, who helps rescue over here, got all wet-eyed reading Wendy's story. It touched her heart because she loves to read about rescues. Also because of the love that has grown in your family and what a treasure Wendy has become to all of you.

    Momma knows the feeling when you watch your young dog grow old and how dearly you treasure each and every day. We send hugs and kisses to Wendy and smiles to her PAWrents for being such furry good people.

  11. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it!

  12. lovely story...I think you are fantastic for doing what you do xxx

  13. Thank you for sharing the tale of Wendy with us. Your kindness makes a difference in the world.

  14. What a wonderful story! It's amazing how animals can be such great listeners. I love all of the pictures of your dogs. Besides being great pictures themselves, the first thing I notice is how happy all of them are. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thank you so much for writing Wendy's story and sharing it with us. Her personality reminds me a lot of Morgan's happy go lucky spirit. Wendy is such a sweet loyal dog. Great photos too!

  16. love this. and beautiful pictures to boot!

  17. perfect, just perfect Kim, please make sure ou introduce us to the rest of the gang, as the story of Wendy is just wonderful.

    Gill in Canada.

    (Pop by my blog to see the most pitiful looking dog ever!!!)

  18. She's a beaut, but then they all are.
    It's a lovely story, inspiring, and wonderful to know there are people out there, willing to nuture these forgotten souls.
    Despite the bad hips, I bet she's still up to a challenge ;)
    Enjoyed getting to know you Wendy !

  19. A beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  20. Every time I come hear I smell love in the air.
    I see love in all the eyes of all your pups
    I hear love in the kind words that are spoken
    I feel love because it flows out of your heart, when you share the stories of all rescues that you have.
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of Wendy and the boys- and how love came to be in your home.
    Please tell me more.

  21. Kim.
    I think you life is anything but boring!!!
    Love the info on your extended family.
    I guess it must be hard for you and your husband to really ever go on a vacation?

  22. A Truly heartwarming story. I had to put down my best friend, not that long ago, and I miss him every day. I hope you enjoy your time with wendy. Know that that bond will never be broken.

  23. Ah Wendy!! What a heart dog! So much exuberance for life and stealing your heart. Big love.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  24. our first dog was a border collie mix...she too was very active. WE always said she needed some sheep to herd!!!! It seems your Wendy has taken that role of nurturing the "lost boys". I have a feeling, she still probably takes care of all who have come to live with you over the years.
    Love that last
    picture of Wendy, so reflective in the snow....
    Sophie's Mom

  25. Kim - I never knew how " Wendy Roo" got her name - WOW how appropriate. Wendy aslo is my dear cot buddie from Goldstock several years ago. What fun- I am the size of the small children's bunk cots we all slept in at camp! Then in the middle of the night Miss Wendy decides to leave her Mom and come sleep with me - along with my golden boy. The only ones that slept were the golden ones that night!

    My favorite part of Wendy is when I visit the farm and the "kids" are all lying around under the breakfast table. If one of the golden kids decides to move closer and accidentally "bumps" Wendy - you'll hear her fuss/grr..."He/She touched me Mom"! We all get such a chuckle with this sweet golden girl protecting her space!

  26. Each and every one of your dogs is so incredibly lucky to have you in their lives. You do so much for so many!

  27. Hi KIm,
    I love reading your blog posts--they touch my heart. I can tell just how much you love Wendy and the boys and it is so obvious how much they love you back

  28. And that's why DOG = LOVE in the dictonary.

  29. Oh I LUV love stories. And that is just what this is. The best kind always include a dog, in my humble opinion. Thank you for sharing.

  30. we're getting snow over the next couple of days, are you sending it up my way? If so, STOP IT!!! LOL

    Gill in Canada

  31. Hey Ms. Kim,
    That was a really GReat story about your Wendy Dog. Each rescue is a unique personality unto him or her self. Our dad says that he knows that rescue dogs are more appreciative of their rescue homes. Some, actually most, rescue dogs bring along at least a little baggage. Those that have suffered some form of abuse or neglect often bring 2 or 3 suitcases and sometimes a steamer trunk. It is always a rewarding day when you know that the dog has closed the lids of their baggage and are ready to discard the baggage curbside. We are failures at fostering. We have placed 5 or six dogs but most of our foster dogs are still with us or are now at The Rainbow Bridge. Wendy is a prime example of one man's junk being another man's treasure. We love rescue people, they usually have realistic expectations.
    - TBH&K


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