Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Simple Boring Life...

I mentioned last week that my life "had returned to boring." It really has! Each day pretty much starts out the same.

Of course I get up in the morning...Which is a good way to start the day...

We feed the dogs...Yes, we cook for them in the morning too--Just steamed green-beans mixed with canned food that we put on top of their kibble.

All the dogs get out for a morning walk. The rule is that all the dogs have to stop barking and settle down before we open the garage door--This morning "Josh" burped when everyone was quiet--There's always a comedian in the bunch!

This morning CC (our cat) came along--I guess she thought we needed an escort--Or maybe she's just as happy as we are that enough snow has melted that we can now see the entire driveway! We also dodged another snowstorm that was predicted for today. We get everyone back in, which is sometimes no easy task because we have our renegades running around everywhere, then I get myself together and make the hour drive to work...

Because Carl works 10-hour days, I get home first. I get the dogs out for a nightime romp, give them all their needed attention and fix our dinner--Carl gets home around 9 PM and after about an hour or so, it's off to bed for about 7-ish hours of quiet quality time with the dogs...I told you, I was a bit boring right now...Please stay tuned...It has to change...Right? I just hope this isn't the calm before the storm!


  1. Wow, I wouldn't say boring. I wasn't aware you run a rescue and still work outside the do you do it ?
    I assume the dogs have somewhere to relieve themselves during the day, otherwise you would have a mess to return home to.
    I 'spect most of our lives are this daily pays the bills.
    At least you are surrounded by all that love ;)

  2. Hi Kim, I can't belive that the snow is still hanging around for you. I love the photo of them all tucked up in bed....bless them. Sue x x x

  3. Starting your day by getting up is a good thing!
    No matter how routine the day is, it has loving dogs by your side. That's always a good day in my book, no matter how boring.

  4. How can life ever be called boring with nine (?) dogs! Wow, we have 3 this week and even that is a handful!

  5. Sometimes boring is good! It could be a lot worse. Your days are similar to mine. I'm ready to retire for good, no more part-time teaching. Would love for everyday to be the same at home!


  6. That's not necessarily boring. I'd say monotnous, though. But if it were boring, I'd say that sometimes boring happens. Some people live very hectic lives and long for boring. Consider it a break!

  7. We always tend to think our lives are boring compared to everyone else's,but to me yours sounds fascinating! I couldn't be bored with all those goldens around!


  8. Hi Kim,
    Oh my goodness I love the picture of everyone waiting to go out for the morning walk. They must be 9 very well behaved girl/boys. Mabel is a good leash walker but oh my little Sassy needs a bit of work. I guess it is the beagle in her that makes her pull and cough like I am choking her. :) Have a great weekend and enjoy the calmness of life...
    I can't believe you bought the same little chick border punch. Isn't it the cutest!! I would love to see the Easter cards you create :)

  9. I enjoy the quiet routine of a happy life - I don't find it boring at all.
    PS - my peeps have the same silly rule - no walkies until everyone is settled, no running out to play ball until everyone is settled. What is it with peeps and rules?

  10. I feel guilty. Only dry dog food in the mornings for our two Goldens. I love your dogs and your blog.

  11. Charlie gets bits of this and that with his kibble (asparagus ends, grean bean steaming water, extra cat food, etc.), but he thinks your routine is superior!

  12. How do you do it? Taking care of all the dogs and working full time? Yikes! We work full time but only have 3 dogs and it's a real challenge!

  13. How many pups do you have? They all look so cuddly!


  14. When I opened up your door, my heart began to sing!
    You must have the happiest kitchen in the world. I get green beanies in my food too.!
    Everyone all ready to go for a walk was just pricesless to look at.
    What a house full of love.
    My mommie drives a long ways to work too- almost an hour and 15 minutes. It is a long time to be gone.
    And you must feel that it is so wonderful to come home and be around what really matters in the world- the home where love lives.

  15. Kim,
    I love the photos of your Goldens. What beautiful animals. Sounds like your have an interesting life. Animals make things so wonderful. They give so much love to their owners.

  16. I will have to try Molly on green beans sometime.



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