Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally It's Friday!!!

We end the week at Golden Pines exhausted, but very thankful that Hamlet is doing well!! Below is a picture that I took of him yesterday afternoon. I let him go "shirtless" for a little while, but I put a T-Shirt back on because I didn't want his newly exposed tender skin to get sunburned.

I decreased his pain medication on Thursday evening, and this morning, he is happy and wagging his tail! What a difference a few days can make!! THANK YOU all again for your well wishes and healing thoughts, they have meant so much!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Way to go Hamlet, we are praying hard for you and have all our paws crossed. You look great in your photo.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Wonderful News!! Happy Weekend to you all.

    Cheyanne R.G.

  3. Hamlet,
    We're so glad to hear you're doing well! Paws crossed for a speedy recovery!
    Thor xx

  4. He looks great! I know the photo is at a bit of a distance, but the incision appears to be healing wonderfully! Your boy certainly appears to be well on the road to recovery. :)

    Have an excellent weekend!


  5. Hello Kim,
    First of all, thank you for your comment about the contest results and I must say that I panicked when you asked if you were one of the contestants! I looked thru all of the comments (from my last 3 blog entries) and I could not find a comment where you mentioned you wanted to be involved or that you wanted to have a sign or a bag. If you can locate your request to be a contestant, I will add your name & picture to the list of contestants but I'd hate to re-do the drawing of names b/c I wonder if Henry & Daisy would reinact the whole thing. I am so sorry if I made a mistake & I'll make it up to you if I did indeed leave you out!
    On a side note...I am so glad that Hamlet is up and about! He looks a bit like a lion out there in the yard w/that new "hair-do", doesn't he? You are such a good mommy to worry about him AND to update all of your blogger buddies to pray for him! Hamlet has a lot of support out there, don't forget!

  6. What a beautiful sight to see Hamlet up and about! I know you must feel tons better, too!
    Our old guy did fine yesterday with his dental, although they had to pull six teeth. Poor guy - ouch!
    We rescued him at 10yrs and he had never had any dental work done until we got him four years ago and every year he loses more teeth..
    Doesn't seem to effect his appetitie, however!
    Have a great weekend and give Hamlet a scratch behind the ear from all of us!

  7. That's great! I'm glad he's getting better so quickly. I haven't told anyone yet...but Stripey Cat came home yesterday!

  8. That is wonderful news! Have a great weekend all of you.

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. Oh Kim, so pleased to hear the big fella is on the mend. I've been checking everyday for an update but half hoping there wasn't one just incase...mad or what! Have a lovely worry free weekend hun. Sue x

  10. awww, still thinking of you and him!

    have a lovely weekend xxx

  11. So sorry it has been such a stressful week...but great news about Hamlet!! He looks great with bright eyes..Hopefully you all will have a peaceful weekend..You certainly deserve it..
    Sophie's Mom

  12. We are so thankful he is getting more active and got to be naked a little bit today :) We are rooting for you buddy and wishing your family a peaceful weekend.

  13. Beautiful Hamlet, you are so special. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

  14. Hi Kim
    What a wonderful site to see my friend Hamlett up walking around and enjoying the sun ,
    Yes this has been a rough week.
    We hope you get some time to rest up. Our prayers are working

  15. so glad Hamlet looks so good! yeh! and great for you the weekend is here!
    hope it is relaxing for you!

  16. It is always so heart wrenching when your beloved pet is ill. I hope he goes on to give you a few more years of pleasure.
    Blessings, Star

  17. Bless him. Sam is slowing down rapidly now. We have had a frank family conference about him & I'm going to talk to the Vet next week

  18. Wonderful news! WTG Hamlet! xx

  19. I'm so happy Hamlet is doing better - I hope this means a restful, happy and recuperative weekend for you all!

  20. This is wonderful news!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  21. glad to see him on the mend!

    Gill in Canada

  22. Glad to see he is on his feet again. Sending hugs and blessings.

    Shirl x


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