Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Concern + Worry = Hamlet

I have to admit that the rainy cold weather that we've had today in Virginia matched my mood. What caused the dark cloud? Hamlet...He had such a good weekend where he was up and about a little bit and I was feeling really (!!) optimistic that he was on the mend. So much so that I decreased his pain medication on Sunday evening and Monday morning. However when I came home Monday night from work, Hamlet was still laying in the same place as he was when I'd left in the morning. My dog walker said he wouldn't get up for her to go out. Of course he didn't try to get to his feet for me either, so I ended up carrying him outside--I'll just add that I didn't realize that I could carry 70-ish pounds of dog outside and bring him back inside, but I guess you do what you have too. I did feel better that he was at least eating and drinking normally.

However, my anxiety was kicked up a couple of levels when this morning he hadn't moved much during the night and he once again wouldn't stand on his own to go outside. When I fed Hamlet his breakfast, I decided to increase the amount of pain medication to the recommended dose and I added another one, (ok'd by my vet on Saturday if I thought it was needed). I said several prayers and went off to work. From my office I called my vet, and the surgeon. Both felt that he must have some kind of fever which sent me to the next level of worry. I have no doubt that I drove my co-workers crazy today with my concerns--Fortunately a few of them are animal lovers and understand.

When I got off work, I couldn't get home fast enough! Why is there always the worst kind of traffic when you're in a hurry? At any rate, when I walked in the door this evening, I was met by our crowd which included Hamlet!! Doesn't he look pretty good? He even took the 2 steps outside into the yard. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!! I said a few prayers of thanks for any divine intervention and there is a break in the clouds this evening!


  1. Ahhhh!

    That face says I'll get better I just didn't feel spunky YET!

    We got a walk in here tonight - I hope woo get some outside time too!


  2. Yay! You had me really scared there for a minute. It sounds like he just needs those pain meds for awhile longer. He is so handsome. I love his picture.

  3. Dear Hamlet,
    You are looking so handsome. We sure hope that you are taking some more steps tonight and healing your big owie! Take good care of your loving mama Kim.

    Hopeful tail wags,
    Cheyanne R.G.

  4. Whew! I was holding my breath during the whole post.....Hammie does look great! I'm so relieved....it must have been hell for you to have to work today.... and I know exactly what you mean about the traffic!
    Sending positive rhoughts your way!

  5. Oh gosh ~ how wonderful to come home to that sweet face looking a little better than when you left him. Hopefully everything goes well and he's back on track after a bit of a set back! Take care Hamlet!

    Warm thoughts,

  6. Hang in there Hamlet. We are watching and thinking about U everyday. Those eyes say he is trying his best and we all know Mom is doing her best. That was one BIG operation. It's going to take awhile. Stay strong.

  7. oops, dumb Dad forgot Lady's barks of encouragement:

    ################ & ############

    Get some rest Hamlet.

  8. Oh Hamlet....your face! Darling boy, be well and don't scare your mama. Thank you for answered prayers. :)

  9. He is so adorable! Just look at those eyes! I am so glad he's doing a little better....sounds like he needed the extra pain meds. *crossing fingers*

  10. Oh thank heavens! I was reading that dreading each new sentance, thank goodness things are looking up for Hamlet! :-)

  11. That sweet Hamlet face! Blessings.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  12. For a moment you had me worried but then the great, uplifting end to the post. It's the caring sensitive folk who look after dogs best , the downside is the worry just comes with the territory.

  13. Phew! I was dreading reading to the end of this post fearing the worst.So pleased he's perked up with the extra pain relief.It's so hard nursing animals...if only they could tell us how they are feeling.

    Bellaboo :0)

  14. I can only imagine the stress and worry. I am so thankful Hamlet was there to greet you when you got home! We will keep our paws crossed for his recovery...

  15. Okay to breathe now! Phew!
    I'm so glad he's still on the mend. Maybe he could feel the pain a little more since the meds were decreased and decided to become an "old geezer" and not want to do anything... main thing is he's back!
    And yeah, why is traffic always snarled up and slow when you're in a hurry!
    He sure is a handsome fella!

  16. How scary Kim!
    Sending lots of love and hugs to Hamlet...such a sweet boy! Please keep the pain meds going for a while...Max had a smaller scar than Hamlets and he was on them for quite a while...Hamlet's scar is much bigger! (My layman's opinion) You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  17. Glad Hammy is up and about. Hope he continues. Why did you send us clouds and cool weather, but no rain? My veggie garden was so sad about that. They were all hanging their little green, leafy heads. Mike and I had to go water them ourselves.

  18. Oh thank DOGness - Hamlet - such a sweet face you have, but that is a ginormous wound that needs to heal. Maybe you were heeding your own best insight that rest = recuperation? So relieved that you were up when Ma got home though - and I know she was too! Yay, Hamlet! We'll be thinking of you lots, dear pup!
    Big Hugs xo

  19. Oh poor Hamlet. You know I'm sure our animals are no different to us humans. We're the same after an op aren't we - we have a few good days then it hits us, it always has with me. After all he's had a major op and his body needs time to recoup. Hopefully he will be on the mend now hun. Big hugs coming your way Kim. Sue x

  20. YA HAMLET!!!!
    You are a very pretty dog.
    Sending you hugs and kisses.

  21. Hi Kim,
    When you told me that my "ears hang low" blog made you laugh (while you were at work, I might add) I had no idea how much you needed some comic relief in regards to Hamlet. I've finally caught up on his story and I am so happy that he is doing much better! From the look on his face, he seems to be feeling much better and I am very happy for you and for Hamlet!
    Don't forget! I will be choosing a winner of the PERSONALIZED PET PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY! I hope you win! Paws crossed!
    -Daisy & April-

  22. So happy to hear Hamlet appears to be on the mend. Sometimes it just takes us a bit longer to find our get up and go than others.

  23. We know just how you feel and the worry can drive you nuts.
    We are so happy to hear that Hamlet felt better.
    We are sending our prayers to him that his recovery is swift and complete.

    Sheila & Bob,
    Mom & Dad to
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  24. Dear Kim and Hamlett
    I am sending my puggie prayers everyday for you to get betters.
    You will get stronger- I know you will. It won't be long now and you will feel like going outside and let the sun rays touch you.
    Nitey nite

  25. We're so relieved! We were getting worried about the ending of this story. We're so glad the pain medication helped Hamlet.


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