Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a Sunday Snippet

Thank-you again for all the good wishes for Hamlet. Of course I am a bit worried about him. However I think it's a good sign that he has a pretty good appetite and he is up and around a bit. Yesterday we had the other dogs outside with us while we worked in the yard. I thought that if I left Hamlet him inside alone he would rest--No, that didn't happen. When I came back inside he was standing by the door which was what he did in the morning when we went out for a walk.

I'm hoping with the return to work this week and our regular schedule, Hamlet will get more rest and start to feel more like himself--All paws crossed.

While I thought Hamlet was resting inside, I took pictures of spring bursting outside...

Our pear tree is covered in blooms. I wonder if we'll have a lot of pears this year?
Blooming in several places around our yard are what I call "wild violets." Spring has also brought the return of life everwhere!!!
From the small things that are almost missed.
To the things you have to look quickly at or you won't get a glimpse of...
And spring has brought life that is often heard but not seen....

Life is truly all around...I love spring...


  1. WHAT gorgeous photos of spring sproinging!!! That bee closeup is stunning! We're still thinking of Hamlet lots and Sam's sending multitudes of golden vibes his way. Enjoy your Sunday!
    Hugs xo

  2. Kim, That incision is very nasty looking, but Hamlet seems to be responding well. (I'm so glad)
    Your Spring pictures are beautiful, our tulips are just starting to open.
    Love the Toad hiding out in that picture, and of course the bunny just melts my heart.
    One of my best pets was a bunny called Spook I loved her more than I could ever explain. She broke my heart when I had to put her down and have never thought about another pet since. I still have the pain with me everyday and I don't know when I'll ever feel healed. I guess this is the biggest reason that I have not looked for another bunny at this point in my life.
    Maybe one day.
    Sorry about rambling on.

  3. Glad to see Hamlet doing better. He is anxious to go outside and enjoy spring, too.


  4. Our momma says that if she could she would kiss-kiss the head of that bumble bee. Do you think the bee would like that? Sending loads of strong healing vibes for Hamlet.

  5. Love you resting in your t-shirt Hamlet. Big puppy hugs for you and wishing you fast healing...

  6. Hamlet wanting to go outside is definitely a good sign, even though he needs the rest right now. Sending healing energy and head pats his way! xx

  7. Woof! Woof! Will continue to send my Golden healing Thoughts to Hamlet. What gorgeous LOVELY photos of Spring. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Oh boy, that is a good sign the Ham-man wants to be with his pack. Hang in there buddy, it won't be long.

    Great pictures Kim. I need to snap a few of the blooming cacti before I go back up north.

    KT and Lady

  9. Dear Hamlet,
    You sure are handsome! Keep on resting and getting stronger and soon you'll be chasing the bunnies again!

    Healing woofs,
    Cheyanne R.G.

  10. Hello Kim,
    Thank you for being such a devoted commenter. I appreciate your support especially since I am a new blogger!
    I would love to know what rescue agency you work closely with because I'd love to help in some way. I'd love to help in some way: do you need help interviewing potential adopters? do you have foster homes outside of your DC area? is there any way I can help even though I live in New Hampshire? it would be my pleasure to promote your efforts via facebook or thru my clients.
    We fostered a tortoise-shell cat named Raisin for a month and found a home for her and it was both a heartbreaking and rewarding experience but something we'd love to do again and again....So glad Hamlet is doing much better....Are you going to keep him or try to adopt him out?
    Thanks for being so supportive and I hope to do the same for you!

  11. Dear Hamlet
    Everyday I say little doggy prayers for you, that you will keep getting better. I hope you will relax soon- get comfortable and rest. All those things will make you feel better.
    My mommy and I loved the photos of spring at your house. Everything is so nice and green.
    All your spring flowers seem to be smiling. And Mr Owl- oh he is beautiful.
    Is that the Easter bunny in that photo? And the honey bee is so prettys.
    Your mommy sure takes some nice photos-
    Nitey nite

  12. Bootiful piktures, we continue to pray for Hamlet's complete recovery.

    Hamish & Sophie

  13. I love the picture of the bee on the flower! Its so pretty. You got some amazing pictures.
    My best wishes go to Hamlet. He sure is a beautiful boy :-)
    From, Paige, who snuck on to her dogs account without him knowing.. ;-)

  14. Pawesome news AND pawesome pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing ALL of them!


  15. I'm so glad to hear that Hamlet is home and eating well. My gosh, what a surgery that was! I thought Jill had a big incision where her hip surgery was! Poor boy! He is so lucky to have you to take the best care of him.

    Lots of warm wishes and healing thoughts from our pack to yours.

    Sue & the gang

  16. So hard for a golden to not be in the middle of all of the activity, no matter if
    Hamlet is not far out of surgery!!! But, that is good news. It sounds like he is healing well. We are so happy for Hamlet.
    It is very nice, that the surgeon agreed to the surgery fo half of the first fee. It is still a lot of money though. It is so good of you to be willing to pay for his care, considering his previous family could not be bothered with just the basic care. Hamlet is very fortunate to have found you. I can tell he thinks so too, by that sweet loving expression!!!
    I really enjoyed your pictures. The violets are just beautiful.
    Sophie's Mom

  17. Hey there Kim

    I'm really sorry I've not been around to your blog and commented for Hamlet!

    I'm up-to-date now with your happenings and am really sorry to hear about both your and Hamlet's ordeal! looks a really nasty cut, doesn't it! Poor baby!

    I just wanted to send you lots of love and encouragement during Hamlet's recuperation. These beautiful Goldens have a knack of bouncing back really fast! But's definitely NOT easy to watch them while they struggle!

    Sending lotsaluv to you. You have put up a really strong and cheerful post..congratulations! I know its not easy!


  18. I love Spring too: you've managed to catch the wildlife very well. By the time I try to get the shot the wildlife has all disappeared lol!

    Sending Hamlet lots of love and blessings and hope he will be feeling much better very soon.

    Shirl x

  19. sending virtual healing wishes for Hamlet.

    Love all those photos, Spring has certainly Sprung in your neck of the woods,

    Gill in Canada

  20. Oh Kim, poor Hamlet. Poor little lamb. I hope he recovers soon. Please give him a big kiss and hug from me. Sue x

  21. Just wanted to say that we love Hamlet in his t-shirt, he looks much more dignified with his scar covered up.! ;-)

  22. beautiful pictures! I love talking pics of my surroundings now its spring! xx

  23. So glad sweet Hamlet is feeling a little better and is up and around a bit!

    How lovely that spring is at your back door!'s so wonderful!

    Take care,

  24. Max sent us...just want to send get well wishes to Hamlet!

  25. You sure DO have spring springing at your house! Great pics.

    Poor Hamlet. I hope he gets the rest he needs when the schedule normalizes.

    Our JoJo gets her wheels late this week! She has lost almost full use now of her hindquarters but she's soon to be going again. Can't wait!

  26. Kim - I'm so happy to hear that Hamlet is on the mend. It appears that he is feeling fairly well despite all he has been through! The fact that he is interested in food and where Mom is says a whole lot. All good signs!

    Love your pics! Spring is Nature's paintbrush showing all the colors on the palette!

    Have a great week and please keep us updated on Hamlet!

  27. Lots of hugs and cuddles for Hamlet...he's doing really well.Apparently animals heal quicker than humans because they don't have the negative emotions we can have after an operation.Hope thet nasty wound will heal up very soon.

    Bellaboo :0)


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