Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bubba & Toby Arrive at Golden Pines!

I cannot begin to thank everyone for your kind comments of support!! I'm happy to report that I'm among the living and not being committed to the loony-bin by my kind and extremely tolerant husband!!

I decided the best way to handle Carl was to just be up front and tell him that I'd agreed to take Bubba (standing in the above picture) and Toby (laying down). However, there was a glitch when I couldn't reach him on the phone. Yeah, that's it, I couldn't reach him--And by the time I did reach him, it was too late and the boys and I were on our way home....Does that sound believable to you? It did to Carl. I do have to admit that that it did take a little bit of convincing that adding 2 more dogs wasn't going to be any more work than if we still had Cowboy and Maguire. Fortunately Carl bought that point, hook, line and sinker, and he just smiled at me, shook his head and said they could stay--Like it would have mattered if he said they couldn't and as if he would have said they had to go! ;-)

Intros to our group were uneventful. Our crew is so good at meeting new dogs that they just give them a once over and it's back to whatever they were doing.

I don't know what the story of rescue is for these two boys. I was given a lot of paperwork that I'll sort through which may tell how they ended up with the rescue in West Virginia. All I know is that they are both about 10 years old and have been together their whole lives; I don't know if they are related. But both boys are healthy, but very overweight and have problems getting around. You can't help but smile when you watch them together licking one anothers faces and following each other around. Both didn't eat their dinner, which is understandable with all the evenings events. As I write this, they are both sleeping on the same dog bed; no easy feat for these two big boys! I am sure they are no doubt worn out from the days events--I am too, do you have any idea how much energy it takes to be nice and use the cosmic powers of persuasion?


  1. How pawesome!

    They are khwite handsome and furry lukhky to have found such special softies!


  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

    You, all of your Goldens and your blog.

    Thank you Kim!


  3. Yay for you and yay for Carl! And yay that Bubba and Toby have found the best home ever. Thank you, thank you for making this world a betterplace, for two dogs but for the rest of us, too.

  4. Hello Kim
    Short answer to your question - Yes lol

    Kittens are so sweet; I would have a hard time resisting the stunners I would be shown by other breeders - hoping I would take (buy) 'it' as a new prospective queen. Didn't matter I already had some stunners I bred myself lol

    Carl seems to know the need you have at the moment - need to fill an empty heart but also a need to help and give comfort to animals given a raw deal in life. Don't ever stop (((hugs)))
    Take care

    Still Waters

  5. No, I think you are the best. I just chuckled, as I suppose Carl did. He knows you well, I am sure. One of the many reason he loves you.
    Sophie is 14. She woke up this morning, wobbly and her head was tilted. I remembered Tanner recently having vestibular syndrome. So I reread your posts and did some research and sure enough,Sophie has all of the symptoms.
    I wanted to thank you for giving the link, because I had never heard of vestibular syndrome. Pretty scary and pitiful. Hopefully, she is on the road to recovery. The vet said it will resolve itself. I sure hope so.
    Sophie's Mom

  6. Oh my God, they are sooo cute!! Congratulations!

  7. Wow! It's amazing how big they are - I'm sure one missed meal isn't going to hurt them much! Keep us posted on these two. Do you think you might keep them?


  8. Now I know for sure, you and your husband both have Angel wings, and your hearts are huge- just like I thought.
    How could anyone turn them away?

  9. Well done you!!!! The boys are lovely & look content already! xxx

  10. Ah they're cute doggies. Even if they do mean more work for you I think dogs give you pleasure and I never see any amount of pleasure as work anyway so I'm sure you will cope ok.

  11. You have a very special husband who proably knows you too well! But how could you not take in the boys. Chief our 10yr old retiever was past his use by date as a stud and if it wasen't for a kind vet would not have been here today. Happy bonding.

  12. what lucky boys to be added to YOUR pack! looking forward to seeing them blossom...and hearing their story....
    you are an angel!!
    and glad you're still with us! :)

  13. Ah, Kim... I WAS going to say - that dogs are like kids, after the first three, they just get lost in the crowd. Seeing these big fellows, I think you will notice ... for a while.

    Not knowing Carl, I hoped that he would be game. Yes, omission or deception IS a lot of work and stress, I try not to mess with it - but who could turn those two sweethearts down?

    Have a good day now!

  14. I'll say it again - you have a big heart! And Carl, too.

    I just love those cute chubby buddies! I think it's wonderful you're keeping them together.

  15. I am thinking your heart (and clearly your hubby's) is as big as anything! How wonderful that you took these sweet pups into your home. I know they will have lots of love.

    I love how there was a glitch about the phone... love it... sometimes some of the stuff I buy for the house is always 'on sale'... I appear to be a very good bargain hunter... ha!

    Have a terrific day Kim with your ever increasing family! :)
    xo Catherine

  16. The energy of your kindness has made the world a better place today Kim.
    There is special light that shines down on your home and then spreads throughout the world!
    Tina xo

  17. Poor boys. Thank you for caring.

  18. Aw bless them - and you ! I hope you find out more about them - then tell us !

  19. Beautiful boys, who have landed softly, thanks to you.

  20. Hi Kim
    GReat news that Bubba & Toby have found a home with you & your crew! Older dogs bring so much to our lives and are so appreciative of the little things.

    Best wishes to you & them,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  21. Good on you..i hope Mum will do the same for great danes one day...think she'll have to wait till all my little people have grown up though!

  22. Woof! Woof! Oh! Good to meet Bubba & Toby. They are very lucky living in your home full of Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. um, I think we are related.
    This "bring more dogs home" tehcnique is straight from my files.:)
    So so happy that these two boys have claimed their spot in your home and in your heart.

  24. Oh, those faces! I know they will bring you and Carl too a lot of joy.--Inger

  25. What a handsome pair. We are so glad they are able to be staying together.
    You guys are the best.

    Sheila & Bob

  26. More Goldens to love!! Im sure they will find life wonderful at your house!

  27. You really are the best! Just how could you say no? It's impossible for such a gentle and kind soul:))
    Thank you for giving in:))

  28. Kim,

    We don't think you are crazy for taking in Bubba and Toby! We just think you love goldens too much to say no to two golden boys that need help! We are super glad Carl was ok with the situation.

    Bubba and Toby look like sweet boys and we're sure they'll be super happy at Golden Pines!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

  29. Aaah,Bubba and will have a wonderful life at Golden Pines!You look right at home already.

    Bellaboo :0)

  30. Yes, they do need to lose a bit of weight don't they...or maybe they just need a hair cut! How do the other dogs get on when new dogs are they fight or are they good natured? Well done anyway. Sue x

  31. Kim,
    Seeing these two old, handsome boys together warms my heart...
    You and Carl are good people... Carl is like my hubby, he knows it would do no good to say, "No!"
    Hugs to you and belly rubs to the pups!

  32. Oh yay! More goldens!! Mom says she has seen these two on an adoption site...she often will cruise one of these days, we hope to be a forever home to an older rescue. But, she always lingers on the adoptions that are 2.
    Welcome Bubba and Toby!
    Do you have a campground for golden volunteer pals? :) That would be neat :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  33. Welcome to Toby and Bubba, the chub-a-tub brothers. Cute story about how they are so attached to each other. I think Carl is wise: it's really not noticeable once you get close to a dozen. It just makes for so much more love and post material when you have two newbies. You guys are amazing.

  34. Bubba and Toby are beautiful! So glad they found the best home ever!


  35. God love them and bless them and grant them health and happiness in your care.

    God bless you for all you do. You are truly an angel.

  36. Those are two lucky boys! Hope the new additions will bring you lots of happiness.

  37. Something tells me you aren't fooling Carl ONE BIT. ;-)

    There has to be a very special place in Heaven for people like you...

  38. I love them! You are the best for keeping two old friends together and adding to you pack. Congratulations on your new additions :)

  39. Those dogs just hit the jackpot!

    Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!



  40. Bubba and Toby you are two lucky dogs to have found a great home.
    Kim and Carl will spoil you rotten and you'll have lots of room to play and new friends also.
    Kim & Carl: The world would be a sad place without your genuine big hearts.
    I thank you!!

  41. Hey Ms. Kim,
    Boy are you and Mr. Carl suckers for a hard luck story. Can we come live with y'all? We're terribly abused here at Golden Achers and want to move to Golden Pines. We can't think of anyone that would be making their house a home for sooooo many Goldens. Boy, only a couple of saps like you two would be that insane. We had a pack meeting and we figure that the Chubbers are all set now, cuz even if you don't keep them (yeah, that'll happen) that they'd only go someplace that would keep them together and give them everything that they need. It sure took a long time for them to get out of rescue, measured in pounds, but they sure won the lottery by heading to Golden Pines. We know that they don't replace Cowboy or Maquire but they will probably help fill the void that their lose created in you hearts. Dad said to ask you if the words "failed foster" mean anything to you and Mr. Carl. OBTW, when dad picked up Sophie to bring her up to AHGRRS she weighed 142 lbs. She failed foster that first night and she lost a lb a week on the infamous "green bean" diet. Sophie lost a total of 76 lbs from her high in June of 2008 of 151 lbs. She got down to a low of 75 lbs and yesterday at the vet (just picking up some Ottomax for Homer J.) she weighed 76.2 lbs (gee, that's about what she lost in weight). We all thought that she was a manatee when she moved in but now she even chases squirrels. She is on Glucosamine and MSM. The Chub Brothers will be lean, mean, hugging machines. Happy Father's Day to Mr. Carl from all of us.
    - The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties

  42. Hey there Kim
    I noticed your 'headlines' a few days ago and Im sorry that I've only just come by to catch up.
    You really are and angel you know?! I just thank God for people like you! I am sure those two special Goldens are going to flourish in your care. You have so much love to give it's quite unbelievable!
    Sending my love to you too.


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