Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Chub Brothers!

We have affectionately nicknamed them "The Chub Brothers" (thank-you KT & Lady for the suggestion) and they are doing really well! Bubba (left) and Toby (right) are real gentlemen and are settling in nicely and getting along with everyone here at the "group home!"

I looked through their paperwork and found that they came from Indiana which makes them "Hoosiers!" (pronounced hoo'zher the name refers to an inhabitant or native of the state of Indiana). They are not related and became companions for one another when one of them, I don't know who, was about six months old; both are now close to 11 years old. The original owners lost their home and gave them to rescue about 2 years ago and they have been living at a Golden Retriever Sanctuary since then.

Right now the only issue I can see that these boys have is their weight. Bubba is really having problems coming up the 2 steps from the backyard because he's so heavy, and he has problems getting to his feet. Both are now on joint supplements which I'm confident will make a difference.
I guess the other problem is that Bubba also has an ear infection. This is where you can see the relationship between the two because Toby who appears to be the caretaker of Bubba continually cleans out his ears and washes his face, making the ear problem worse. But I have to admit that it makes me smile to see Toby taking care of Bubba...

Bubba's face after Toby was done cleaning him made Carl and I both a laugh!
The plan for these two boys is to get some of their weight off, which will improve their stamina. As you can see in the picture below of Toby, walks through our big fenced yards have them both huffing and puffing and foaming at the mouth; of course the heat and humidity is not helping. We are fostering them for the rescue which means that at the moment they're not going to be permanent additions to Golden Pines...Yeah, that's it, they're not staying...I've totally lost track of how many times I've said just that, because out of the last 12 dogs we have fostered, 10 have stayed...Who am I fooling? I'm totally smitten with them...


  1. Nope!

    Not staying...just permanent guests!

    PeeEssWoo: Charlie is a Hoosier too

  2. Good evening Kim! That is sweet, taking care of each other! How did they get so heavy, just lack of exercise? I can relate with them, I walk and huff and puff too. Poor guys, all this heat and humidity and have to walk... and walk. Do they play at all? Looking at them, one does look older than the other. They are sweeties, but you never know, somebody may want to adopt two big, old dogs. Yah, sure...
    Have a good night now!

  3. Thats nice they look after each other like thatI think they will be very happy living with you.

  4. They are beautiful big boys! It must have been heartbreaking for their owners to give them up, still at least you will get them fit & healthy! I'm sure they'd like to see out the rest of their days with you! xxx

  5. umm we shall see... They are so sweet ! Dillon used to lick Sam's face after Sam had his very expencive eye drops in !

    I hate to see overweight dogs - there simply is no need for it. Sam was very slim & Dillon is a big muscular dog.
    They are lovely boys & very lucky to have come to you.

  6. You write those words, but why is it I am not convinced....LOL

    Regardless they are in a good place now and will thrive under your care.....

    Gill in Canada

  7. Woof! Woof! Chub Brothers ... like that!!! It's too bad that they are not staying with you. As we re-read the post of Bumpass Hounds, they said that you're a SAINT adopting Bubba n Toby. You're a wonderful SAINT taking care of the Chub Brother. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. That is so sweet how they take care of each other, I love that picture of Toby washing Bubba :)

  9. It is so touching to see them care for each other. Lilly was like that with Java - always the little caregiver.

  10. They are absolutely gorgeous Kim and I can see why you already love them! I have only know one Golden personally and he was a seeing eye dog named Stitch, but what a wonderful and mellow fellow he was!
    My sweetheart Lili (who was a beagle/? mix passed away in December 2009 after a long illness that ended with her being way over weight (78)and me having to carry her up and down stairs in the snow to go to the bathroom. The love of dogs is a special bond that some people have trouble understanding, those that do understand are the "blessed" ones.
    Tina xo

  11. What sweet boys. You'll get them in shape, of that I'm sure. And, then, they'll have a wonderful life ---------- with you.

  12. I'm in love with the Chub Bros!

  13. Hey Ms. Kim,
    Guess those two guys have bonded while for such a long time the only stability they've had was each other. It's no less than GREAT that you've enabled them to stay together. Can we call youse guys St. Kim and St. Carl?
    - TBH&K

  14. I think these boys are yours, Kim. They came to you, because you can help them. Not just medically or physically, but with lots of love and patience. They found their forever home and are just waiting for you to say so.

    Sam's Mom, Christine

  15. Those two loving faces- who could resist
    Their bond is awsome.
    They look happy and loved.
    very happy

  16. OMG, that pic "after cleaning" is priceless. Good on you for taking on these boys!

  17. What sweet doggies! I love the pictures of the kissing buddies!

    They're in a safe place now.

    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  18. We may have to modify their handle to the "Velcro Brothers"....cause it looks like they are sticking around for the long run. Can't say I blame you. Really glad to hear they are fitting in so well.


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