Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Road Trip & Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

On Saturday I took our other foster boy Patch to meet with a family interested in adopting him. They have birds and we wanted to make sure that he would leave them alone, and not consider them a snack. I am happy to report that despite a peck on the nose, Patch pretty much ignored the birds. But the family is meeting a second time with another family as well, so we'll see where it goes. The trip to their home took about two hours and meant a trip down the Capital Beltway, which I hate to drive on!! I don't know what's worse, the 10 lanes of traffic, or having to pay the tolls which total $5.30, and that's just one way--It's highway robbery!!!

But at the end of the drive making it all worth while is something that I grew up on and has been a favorite of mine my entire life, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

If you say the two words "Krispy Kreme" to the next person you see, they'll respond one of two ways. You might get a blank and puzzled stare, or they'll smile and start telling you a story about when they last had one of the south's divine foods: the fresh hot glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Founded in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the company was just a regional delight with the glazed goodness not reaching beyond the Mason Dixon line. But times have changed. Krispy Kremes appeared in New York in 1995 and now you can pick up a dozen or two just about anywhere.

However, buying them in a store is not the same. If you are lucky enough to be near a shop that makes them, the air around a Krispy Kreme parking lot, beckons you to come inside. And when you do, the fragrance of hot dough-meets-sugar envelopes you in warmth and then guides you over to the room-length windows to watch the wonderful Krispy Kreme doughnut-making machine at work.
Doughy circles journey up a bicycle-chain like series of platform chambers where they gradually grow and puff to become full-sized doughnut rings. Then suddenly they dive into hot oil and their transformation from dough to Krispy Kremes speedily takes place.

Like swimmers in a backyard pool, they ease down their lanes of hot oil then quickly flip over to brown their undersides. They trundle up a conveyor and finally parade through a grand sugar-glazing waterfall. For me, the taste is beyond compare to any other; a doughnut so airy and light that a mere finger-touch leaves a dent. And no matter how many times a person has eaten a Krispy Kreme doughnut they'll have that same joyful response when biting into a fresh hot one, something along the lines of "WOW, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE!!" However you say it, it all translates to the same wonderful, magical, scrumptious thing: "I love Krispy Kreme!!"

I bought just two of them because like "The Chub Brothers" I am working on shedding a few pounds. I thought I could eat just one and bring the other one home for Carl. And just like when I agreed to take "The Chub Brothers" I just couldn't say no to just one; however this time he didn't notice.


  1. Wow Kim my mouth is watering already! I do remember Krispy Kream from trips across the U.S.and they were wonderful! Having spent half my life in Canada I also have an addiction to Tim Horton's doughnuts and coffee.
    What wonderful memories, thank goodness the nearest one of either of those places is a good 100 miles or my diet would be kapootz!
    Hey by the way did Patches get adopted by the family with the birds?
    Tina xo

  2. Good Sunday Morning, Kim!
    I know - everybody loves Krispy Kreme and the smell is so delicious. Brings back memories of fairly long ago (at least 46 yrs ago) My brother would make a Krispy Kreme run, and everyone would come clamoring for some. I think I was pregnany when I was "introduced" and it tasted delicious. Less than an hour later, it didn't. I to this day, have the same reaction.
    So, how did it go with Patch? Did you bring him back home or did he stay?
    $5.15 for tolls, that is Highway Robbery! It does rather look like they are making some money!
    Have a great day!

  3. Just reading this has me wanting to jump in the car and drive until I see a "HOT" light - I don't know where my closest Krispy Kream is - might just be Winston-Salme, NC.

  4. 10 lanes of traffic ~ oh my ~ you are brave girl! But how sweet of you to make the journey to see if the family would work out.

    I've never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut though I have heard of them. They do look yummy!

    Have a lovely Sunday Kim!
    xo Catherine

  5. I must say that you are a dedicated foster mom to drive in 10 lanes of traffic and pay that ridiculous toll fee for Patches! How did he manage the long ride? Did he sleep all the way to his "maybe-home" or did he enjoy the view?
    When I lived in Pensacola for 6 years I was only a few blocks from Krispy Kreme and since I am a Yankee I just didn't understand the appeal until I got a few whiffs of the doughnuts. However, I couldn't wait to get back to NH where Dunkin' Donuts lives on!

  6. Sounds yummy! I'm not sure I would like to drive on 10 lanes of road either! The toll is highway robbery!


  7. Well...I never knew the history of Krispy Kreme! I just figured it was a relatively newcomer. I had my first one about 7 years ago--we were headed back from Silver Dollar City on a church fun trip. It was after 10 p.m. and we pulled into the KK lot. I have never before (or since) tasted such a wonderful donut. I've KK's since, but not hot off the line. I hope it works out for Patch!

  8. Kim I remember all too well the traffic around the DC area even after 20 years of being on the west coast.

    Commendable work you are doing! wonderful compassion. Have a great week.

  9. That traffic looks HORRID - you deserved both donuts!!! Thanks for the tour of the real deal! Until about 3 years ago, I'd never heard of them. And when I finally did, I scoffed at something that sounded ridiculous for the amount of press - then...... I tasted one bite of somebody else's. And got ONE of my own. Then another. Oh. So. Yummy. Hope Patch finds his furever home!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Mom

  10. Those little faces at the window say it all.

  11. I just had a Krispy Kreme this morning! We went to the city over an hour away and saw a store. NUMO

  12. Like Tina said, the closest we have up here in Canada is Tim Horton's, and I think many Canadians feel as passionately about "their Tim's" as you feel about KK! Food traditions are so important, aren't they? Especially the ones that are tinged with guilty pleasure.

  13. Kim, You and I have so much in common...sitting at the counter at KK w/ my grandfather in Savannah is one of my fondest childhood memories...of course I'm, still carrying around the fat cells!
    I even have a KK t-shirt!
    Have a great Sunday and Happy, Furry Father's Day to Carl,

  14. Hey Ms. Kim,
    There's a KK shop just up in Central Park in Fredericksburg. It's always mobbed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Dad and mom like it but we prefer Ronald's House of Beef which is in the same part of Central Park as the KK shop. For Pete's sake, don't let Bubba and Toby anywhere near either one of those places.
    - TBH&K

  15. Wow, such a devotion to doughnuts. Who knew. LOL

  16. Your killin me! What a great post. Krispy Kreme has always been the best. Unfortunetly, I can't eat doughnuts! (Simba and I are very alike with our stomach problems). have Celiac Sprue (gluten intolerance) aswell as a severe lactose intolerance! So, I had to say ByeBye to doughnuts long ago. I was OK with it til now--Im fighting the urge to go buy some and just deal with the consiquences LOL! I did that once (not with doughnuts) and got so sick I learned the hard way!!

    10 lanes of traffic does NOT sound fun--but it was worth it for the doughnuts, right? :-)

  17. I like them too, they have only been where I live for a few years. But I hate the smell of them when they are being cooked....turns my stomach! Sue x

  18. Just listening to you talk about those Krispy Kremes makes me want one now. But I would have to drive 50 miles to get one.

  19. kim.....
    donuts are the only things I CANNOT eat!!1

    I think I was badly frightened by one as a child

  20. Oh Patch!! We hope you find that special place to live :)
    Goodness...10 lanes of traffic!?!?!? Youza!
    Hugs to all of you!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  21. What a journey! We are lucky that Bella loves the car and is fine on long trips.
    They have those doughnuts in the supermarket here...very tempting!
    I like the sugar coated ones with jam in the middle that we get at the bakery.They remind me of my childhood holidays and eating them on the beach.We had to finish one without licking our lips. Try's almost impossible!

    Bellaboo :0)

  22. We have a Krispy Kreme here in Greenville. Occasionally someone brings in a dozen or two for breakfast...great with my coffee. I just LOVE the white cream filled ones!!

  23. Hey Kim
    I'm not a doughnut eater but you certainly make me salivate! I just love those kids' expectant faces...its says it all!
    Holding thumbs that the home for your rescues works out. As I are an amazing lady! So much love to give despite the recent heartbreak...whew!
    Sending lotsaluv

  24. Kim,
    I know what you mean about driving 10 lanes of traffic.

    Patch is a beautiful animal. I hope things go well so he will get a good home.

    Those Krispy Kreme Doughnuts make me mouth water. I love them!

  25. Hi Kim! Those doughnuts look so yummy! Hope Patch found a great forever home!

  26. there is a Krispy Kreme on the way to my husband's family home. Last time we drove by the hot sign was on and we went in. We actually had to wait for the donuts to finish cooking. You could literally fold them into a one-bite morsel, they were that airy.
    And I am a person who does not buy food like that, usually, ever, but I have to admit I had two.

  27. We used to live less than a mile from Krisy Kreme - way too convenient. I haven't had one in years now and just the words make my mouth water :)

  28. HI Kim,
    Sorry for not coming by for so long. but finally i made it!
    NOT FAIR!your doughnut pics are making my mouth water and i don't know if i can get any some time soon...!
    you are such a sweetheart to have taken in two more cutie pie goldens into your home.what are you going to do, can you let them go??
    i wonder!:):)
    So glad to know Tanner is fine.

  29. I've never heard of them so will take your word for it !

  30. Loved the history and the pix are terrific. This brought back such good memories - in early 1950's growing up in Miami and Dad taking us the the KK bakery shop/counter on 8th Street of of LeJuene Rd before it became Little Havava and full of delicious Cuban restaurants. We'd sit and pick out the favored glazed creations and Dad with coffee and brother Jim & I with iced cold milk - YUM! I am so impressed & proud you only got 2 and Carl got one of them!

  31. The first shop opened in Australia about 2 years ago not far from me. The line when it opened ran around two blocks. I cannot go near them because I would roll out of them. And I would look like violet out of charlie and the chocolate
    they are devine.

  32. I loved that little row of wide eyes looking in at the doughnuts! Great post!

  33. We have the KKs in Seattle and Phoenix, but they are off limits for me. I do like them, but I like being....well, not fat much better. I can't eat just one. Yes, I'm weak, but buying a new wardrobe is way too expensive. I'll keep eating carrot sticks and pretending they are donuts. And we think Sam has an imagination.....BOL

  34. Ah we got Krispy Kremes here in Australia too, amazing the whole process chain they go through, I am taking my grandson to see the whole process next week. Yummmmy

    Your Charlie is one very lucky dog.


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