Friday, December 10, 2010

Mismatched Week and Mismatched Socks

It’s officially winter here in Virginia! Last week we were enjoying seasonably warm weather but fast forward to this week and the cold winds have been howling and we even had a little bit of snow today. 

I've been enjoying the last couple of planned days off work.  I've not been feeling well, so it's nice to have a break. 
Yesterday I was all set to take Tanner to see the opthamologist for a 4 month check up.  For once I was running on time, even taking him beforehand to the groomer for a nail-trim.  I called the office to confirm the time and was told that Tanner's appointment was today...So much for the good planning...We arrived today a little late.  Tanner's eye pressure is unchanged and the exam showed everything was fine, good news!  Today Tanner was seen by 2 Opthamologist, one was a man I'd never met before--He was a very tall, husky man that I figure was in his mid 50's.  He didn't introduce himself, so I'm guessing he was an opthamologist.  But when he sat down I noticed that he wore mismatched socks, one was light green, the other was dark brown.  He also wore a wrinkled white oxford shirt that had streaks of gray running through it. I really tried not to stare, but I know that I was.  He was such a contrast to the crisp white coat and neat appearance of the 'lady opthamologist' and the assistant that I couldn't help myself.  I had to wonder if he needed HIS eyes checked... 

On a final note, Hamlet is feeling really well and I feel like the last couple of days we have the 'old' Hamlet back!  The drains have been removed, and he's finally leaving the surgery site alone so for now he's not wearing the e-collar.  I do think he'll continue to wear a shirt and shoe for now.  But he is up and around much more and has returned to our room at night to sleep. Notice in the last picture of Hamlet that he is laying on his 'surgery side.'  It was the first time I'd seen him do that, and I think it has to be a good sign. I've started him back on the Chinese herbs in hopes that perhaps they will do some good this time. I know it's doing us 'some good' to see him feeling like the Hamlet we so very much adore!   

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