Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tanner at the Rainbow Bridge

It's with a broken heart that I post this evening and tell you that I sent our precious boy Tanner to the Rainbow Bridge. As you know, we had been giving him medication to try and control his laryngeal paralysis. Last evening when we returned from Tennessee, in the excitement he had problems breathing, but I was able to get him to relax by taking him for a ride in the van. This evening, he again had problems catching his breath and something told me that this time it was different. I put him in the van and I drove the entire distance to the animal emergency clinic; his breathing had not improved. After what seemed like an eternity a vet called me back and rambled on with a grim diagnosis, treatment options and possibilities. I'm not sure of all that he said, but I totally understood that when Tanner was taken off the oxygen for even a few minutes it again made it worse for him. In my heart I knew that the kind thing to do was to let him go...There was little time for a good-bye as I held Tanner thanking him for being a part of our life...He quietly left this life for the next taking a part of my heart with him and leaving part of his with me.  

Tanner was with us for almost 3 years and was about 14 years old. Our time with him wasn't nearly long enough--But I know that when we see him again, we will have all the time together that we didn't get in this life.

I hope he will be met at the bridge by our pups Tod, Ben, Cougar, Kasey, Tosh, Tucker, Scout, Cubby, Logan, my beloved Cowboy and Maguire...When I returned home a candle was already burning...Did Carl know before he went to work?  

God speed Tanner...


  1. We saw the sad news on Lady's blog -

    We'll look up to the clearing sky tonight -

    AND light our special candle -

    We are sure Tanner will have a special spot at The Angel The Luke's birthday pawty this Tuesday - right there with Lady too!

    Khyra and Phyll

  2. Rest in Peace sweet boy. Even tho I didn't really know him, the tears have started flowing. So sorry for the news Kim. You and your husband are very special people and I have the greatest respect for all you do for these dogs. How fortunate you are to have spent time together.

  3. Gods Speed Tanner, we will light a candle and watch for your star in the night sky.
    Our Dusty,Taffy, Brandy & Cody will welcome and show you around at the Bridge.

    Sheila & Bob

    our Pets In Heaven
    by Ken D. Conover

    To have loved and then said farewell, is better than to have never loved at all.
    For all of the times that you have stooped and touched my head, fed me my favorite treat and returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you.
    For the care that you gave to me so unselfishly.
    For all of these things I am grateful and thankful.
    I ask that you not grieve for the loss, but rejoice in the fact that we lived, loved and touched each others lives. My life was fuller because you were there, not as a master/owner, but as my FRIEND.
    Today I am as I was in my youth. The grass is always green, butterflies flit among the flowers and the Sun shines gently down upon all of God's creatures.
    I can run, jump, play and do all of the things that I did in my youth. There is no sickness, no aching joints and no regrets and no aging.
    We await the arrival of our lifelong companions and know that togetherness is forever.
    You live in our hearts as we do in yours. Companions such as you are so rare and unique.
    Don't hold the love that you have within yourself. Give it to another like me and then I will live forever. For love never really dies, and you are loved and missed as surely as we are.
    Your Pets In Heaven

  4. Ooh, Kim I'm heartbroken to hear this news. What a beautiful boy Tanner was, he went over to Rainbow Bridge with a happy heart, loved by his humans and fellow brothers and sisters.
    Run carefree Tanner, as fast as you like, no more shortness of breath, your friends are waiting to show you the way....
    {Hugs} to you and Carl,

  5. Oh baby Tanner! :( We are saddened to hear about your loss. He obviously was in a loving home and loved you very much!

  6. Dear Kim,
    Please know how sorry I am about sweet Tanner. It never gets any easier, does it?
    Tanner was so very lucky to have you both. But, I always believe, we Humans are the lucky ones. Because our animals teach us so much about unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance, and just plain simple living. They don't ask for much. We get so much in return, though!
    You do such great work. Tanner was proud to call you Mom!
    And he is healed now.
    xo, misha

  7. It's so sad when our beloved pets die..I just know they are in heaven waiting for us.. At least that is what I like to think will happen.. Pets are such a joy in our lives and they give us such great joy...and memories.. Oh the memories are so numerous~!
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  8. Oh I will miss that sweet, loving, white face, as I know you must already. I'm so sorry, dear Kim. You have SUCH a big heart to give all these wonderful dogs a loving home for as long as they can stay. Hugs to you and your hubby. Love to Tanner in his next adventure...

  9. Oh Kim, I am so sorry to read this news. You have such a huge heart, and make such a loving last home for these special creatures. How lucky Tanner was to have found you, and to have had three happy, joy-filled years with you.

    Of course the others will be waiting for him at the bridge - what a joyful reunion that will be.

    You are a hero, Kim, to open your home and your heart over and over again, knowing it will likely just be for a short time. Our world is a better place because you're in it.

    We made a donation tonight to our local animal shelter in Tanner's memory. With love from all of us at Mucky Boots.

  10. My dearest Golden Pines.
    I don't have words to tell you how sad we feel right now. Your heart is breaking,,, and your tears are falling. I wish there was something we could do. I wish we could reach across the many miles and hug you.
    You did everything you could for sweet Tanner,, just everything.
    You brought so much joy to Tanners heart as you opened your home and heart to him.
    We have our paws circled around you. We sit holding your hands.
    I know your crying,,, even angels cry... and we cry with you.
    We are so sorry
    we love you
    tweedles and moms

  11. oh no, kim...i am so sorry for your heart ache and loss of your beautiful baby. i haven't been online for a while and am tired but there was no way i could pass your blog up with that title. you are in my prayers and i am so sorry this happened. please take care and know that i will be thinking of you in the upcoming days....

  12. Sad woofs, soooo sorry to hear about the loss of Tanner..a bute ti ful boy, he can run and play now, and not fight for air..RIP Tanner, run with the wind.

    a sad,
    rocky and bear
    jodee and angel lacylulu
    and mama...

  13. Oh I am so sorry. I have big tears in my eyes for you all. Tanner has such a beautiful face and his eyes seem filled with emotion. Thinking of you my friend with big hugs from Verde Farm.

  14. I am so, so sorry for your loss, Kim. He was such a sweetie. Another special star in our skies.
    Sending special (((hugs))) and love to you.

  15. Oh, Kim.

    I am SO sorry that this had to happen ~ especially when you just got home from your vacation.

    I'm in shock. It doesn't seem real. Having had one Golden Retriever, (that I trained to work as a canine assistant for my son, who is quadriplegic) I know that they tend to have shorter lifespans. That Tanner made it to 14 years old is incredible! I didn't realize he was that old. Other than that white face, he still looked so young. A testament to the love and great care with which he was surrounded.

    My heart goes out to you. I guess there never would have been a "good" time. Perhaps now, while you were rested and refreshed, was the way it was meant to be.

    I'm so grateful that Tanner got to spend his last three years on this Earth with you and your family. Did you save any of his hair? I'd love to include it in a scarf that I could spin and knit for you with the locks of your magnificent friends.

    God Bless you and bring you peace.

    A piece of my heart went with Hamlet as well...

    God Speed beautiful boy! You've earned your wings.

  16. Major leakage :8(-

    Forgive me if his background is in one of your past posts, but it would be nice to know how you got him and what his "story" is (if you even knew). I am working on the same for Lady. I'm sure she is showing him around the bridge. She's like that ya know!

  17. Thank you for sharing Tanner with us. Such a sweet face. You gave him a loving wonderful 3 years he wouldn't have had. Sending lots of hugs to help mend your broken heart. I know saying goodbye hurts so much.

  18. So sad for you to return from your break to having to deal with such a heart breaking decision. Tanner was such a beautiful old soul.

    My love to you and Carl at this terribly sad time.


  19. I am so sorry Kim...
    Tanner was a very handsome boy and we had all grown to love him.

    I admire your courage to let go, each time you write about the passing of one of your babies...You write about it with such simplicity, it wrenches my heart.
    Your lovely kids are just so lucky to have you for a mom..
    God Bless..

  20. Filled with admiration that you give these old fellows such a caring home and loving old age. Can't imagine how you cope with the repeated sadness of saying goodbye to such wonderful characters like Tanner.

  21. I am so,so sorry Kim.My heart goes out to you.Tanner was such a star and a fighter,and your love,care and devotion to has been truly wonderful to witness.
    Sending BIG hugs X

  22. Tanner,
    May you have all the squirrels to chase and all the balls to seek. May you chew many a shoe and gnaw at your bones ferousiouly...
    Bless you Tanner for ALL the sweet and tender moments you've added to your human's lives.
    Go play fetch Buddy, as I'm certain God needs companionship right now!

  23. We are so sorry to hear about Tanner. We are sending hugs your way.


  24. Kim, my love goes out to you and the others at this very sad time... Tears are falling... but I know Tanner is now without pain and discomfort. ((Hug)) Please give the others a hug for Gracie and me.

  25. Kim I am so sorry to learn about Tanner. I can't imagine how hard it must be to say goodbye yet once again. I know you will miss Tanner. I will be thinking of you during this time as you allow your heart to heal.

  26. I'm so sorry. He was such a good dog and your love for him shown through every word that you wrote. He is safe, and at peace now. It is you who are hurting, and, for that I am sorry.

  27. Oh Kim
    I'm so so sorry to read this post about sweet Tanner. May his memories remain with you always - run free sweet doggie.

    Kim, you gave him so much - and he blessed your lives too.

    Soft quiet woofs,
    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  28. oh Kim, i am so sorry...i'm so sad at the news...have comfort knowing that you did what was right for T...and that he is safe and sound with all the others that went b4 him!
    godspeed Tanner...we love you!

  29. Godspeed Kim...take some time for yourself....I know you do.

  30. My heart aches for you. It never gets any easier. Beautiful Tanner was blessed to be loved by you and you by him.
    Take care,

  31. Always heart-breaking... bless you for making the selfless choice.

  32. Dear Kim,

    I'm so sorry to hear about dear sweet Tanner. I know he was met by all his dear friends and also that he will be forever grateful for all the love and care you gave him. You are a very special woman to take these dogs in at the end of their lives and then have to go through these separations so much more often than the rest of us. I felt I knew Hamlet and Tanner the best of your dogs and I will miss his sweet face so much. Lots of love, Inger

  33. So sorry to hear about your loss. It is always so hard to say goodbye to a furry friend. I'm sure, though, that every one of them is enjoying green grass and sunshine, favorite treats and furry companions, waiting patiently for the day they'll see their people again.

  34. I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes have comfort in knowing you did what was right, Praying your heart can mend!

  35. Sorry to hear about Tanner. Warm wishes to you and yours.

  36. tears this morning for Tanner...and you.

  37. Kim, I know how your heart is feeling and my thoughts are with you. I agree the time is never long enough.

    Cross the bridge dear Tanner in love and peace.

  38. Dear Kim, I echo all the comments above and I know Tanner would say thank you for all the love and care you gave him the last three years. My hearts breaks for you but trust that time will help heal the wounds.
    Hugs to you today dear friend.

  39. Oh, Kim, I am sorry this had to happen.

    I have this image in my mind though, where, on the other side, our friends and relatives that have gone are sitting around a table, in a large verandah, talking and having a good time.

    Pets that also left this earth are all around. Under the table, bathing in the sun, coasting around.

    All of a sudden, a door opens and another pet arrives... and is received with lots of welcomes and tails wagging, and people petting them and smiling, and hugging them.

    Tanner is fine.
    I send you my love.

  40. We love you Tanner, you were a good friend. Kim -we send you hugs and comfort :(

  41. Oh that's so sad Kim. You really did your very best for him. Thinking of you and Carl. S x x x

  42. I am so sorry to hear about Tanner. As hard as it is for us to let go, you kept him from suffering. He had a wonderful few years with you and left knowing he was well loved.

  43. Kim, I want to thank you for introducing Tanner to me. It was all my pleasure to follow his life with you and his 'family' of dogs. I got to know a truly lovely and kind fella.
    Hey, can imagine how happy he was that you were there with him till the end of his life here? I can.

  44. Oh Kim, I am so sorry...Tanner was a lucky pup to have been loved by you, as are all your dogs!
    RIP Tanner.
    Hugs to you Kim,

  45. I'm very touched by your post, Kim. I think mostly because I mentioned to my husband this morning that I think our Rexie, who has the same issue that Tanner did, is getting close to the end of his journey with us.

    Hugs to you -- and I wish I had been there to give Tanner a farewell pat on the head. <3

  46. Dear Kim, I'm so sorry for your loss. Here is a poem that I was given when my dear old boy Cinnamon passed away and that truly touched me:

    Grieve not,
    nor think of me with tears
    But laugh and talk to me as if I were beside you.
    I loved you so . . .
    'Twas Heaven here with you
    -- Isla Paschal Richardson

    My toughts and prayers are with you.

  47. What lovely final years you gave to Tanner, and he gave a lot to you too, didn't he? What a special dog with such a loving face! Many goat kisses from Isobelle!

  48. Dear Kim,

    With tears in my eyes, I read your post. Sweet, sweet Tanner. He was so lucky to be found by you and you were so lucky to be blessed by his love. I wish that I could do something to make it easier... but I can't, except to say that many candles are burning for your sweet boy.

    May he romp on the Bridge with your crew of angels.


  49. Tanner, you are in excellent company. So many of our precious Goldens have left for Heaven. I will look this evening into the midnight sky for your star and will make a wish that the ♥ of your PAWrents gentle heals. To love and be loved is life's greatest legacy - you left one of monumental proportion.

  50. I was so worried about him not being with you when you went on vacation. I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but Tanner was one of mine. I'm sorry he had to go to Rainbow Bridge so soon after you got home. God Speed, Tanner.

  51. holding you and yours in my heart Kim..Tanner is in safe hands.

  52. We're so sorry to hear about Tanner. We'll have a group howl tonight for him and Bentley and Monty will meet him at the bridge.

  53. Dear Kim and Carl,
    The world is a little sadder place with the news of Tanner's last time here on earth. These words have brought comfort to us, during hard times, perhaps we hope to you too:

    And if I go, while you are still here...
    Know that I still live on,
    Vibrating to a different measure,
    Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
    You will not see me, so you must have faith.
    I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again.
    Until then, live your life to the fullest.
    And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart . . . I will be there.

    Author Unknown

    Our hearts are with you and Tanner.

    B & C, Denver

  54. I am so sorry to hear this news Kim! Tanner was such a precious and special boy. I wish you and your family peace and comfort at this sad time...
    Tina xo

  55. I am so sorry to read about Tanner! I shyly admit that I sat here and cryed, knowing the true pain of letting go of a beloved pet. My mother always believed that each star in the sky was there for loved ones who were lost to us, so I will look up tonight when the stars come out over Europe and think a loving thought for your Tanner. ~Debby

  56. We did not know your beautiful Tanner, and we missed out on having him for our friend. We are so very sorry for your loss. We are all losing way too many furries but at least it is consoling to know they are all meeting up together in a happy place.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  57. Oh Kim...I am so, so sorry to hear this news and ache for you and your husband. I know Tanner loved being with you and the Pack - you gave him three priceless years that he wouldn't have had without you, who loved him so much. Rest in peace, lovely boy...
    Miche and the girls

  58. We're very sorry for your loss of Tanner. If he's about 14 and you've only had him for 3 years, you gave a senior dog a loving home. Bless you for that.

  59. Buzzy McDuff, Pippa and I send our deepest sympathy on losing such a special boy. You're a wonderful family to have given him such loving care these last few years.

  60. I am so sorry for you, but Tanner had a long loving three years with you and had a comfortable end knowing that. Take care of yourself.

  61. Tanner will you find Sam for me please ?

  62. Woof! Woof! Very surprise to read your FB post about Tanner ... so sorry. For sure Tanner had the best time living with you. Sending Lots of LOVE n Golden Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  63. Kim,
    Hugs to you and Carl.
    So sorry to read about Tanner, but he really had the best home and love any two people could give him through his finally years.
    I will light a candle tonight and think of you and Tanner.

  64. I just read this sad news on Khyra's blog. We send our deepest, heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beautiful Tanner. I am sorry I did not know him, but from reading his blog and Comments he was a very special pup who will be sadly missed, and was much loved.

    Gone too soon, but in your hearts and memories forever. Peace.

    Suka and K

  65. Run free Tanner. We are going to miss you!


  66. We didn't know Tanner, but from your writing we got a glimpse of a very loving and loved dog. You will be sad not to have him in your arms, but you did the very most right thing to do for him.

    Our condolences,

    Jo the Mom, Stella the dog and Z the cat

  67. Our hearts are grieving very much regret this sad news.
    I leave the words so much pain, I have seen from many of my animals and is a pain so deep that only those who love our pets (or children as I call them), we can understand.

    A hug for you, and I will light a candle in the name of Tanner.

    Pamela and her family

  68. Dear Kim,

    I am so so sorry for your loss of sweet Tanner. It is never easy losing one of our four legged friends. I am thinking the last 3 years of his life was spent with so much love being cared by you. Truly he was one lucky pup.

    Sending you big hugs and many warm thoughts!
    xo xo Catherine

  69. I read about your devastating loss over at Fudge's blog. Although I didn't have the blessing to make furiends with Tanner beforehand, it always breaks my heart to see a fellow furiend cross over to the Rainbow bridge.

    Godspeed, Tanner, Godspeed.


  70. Oh I'm so sorry. I've been very absent from blog-land and just decided to read a little tonight. Tanner was such a grand old man. Godspeed.


  71. Even though this is no. 72 on this post, I just felt I had to say goodbye to Tanner too. He looks so much like my beloved Cho Cho who passed last year at 13yrs.
    I love Goldens...and I love the thought that some very lucky ones get to be with you before they leave this world. You're an angel.

  72. I waited a day or so before leaving you a mesage

    77 comments underline just how you are viewed in the blogging are respected, well thought of and liked.....for yourself and for all the beautiful work that you do!

    re group and reflect and feel sad....
    then clean those dog bowls out and walk the other dogs and realise that you have a special place on his earth.


  73. Please don't even think of leaving us, Kim! Your blogging family has come to love you and all of your canine friends. We rejoice with the good times and we share the sadness and loss with you when one of your beloved charges leaves this world. Please don't deny us the joy and richness that sharing your life brings to ours!

    Besides, it's good to have friends that care when your heart is heavy (and when you have a shitty sister!).

    Sending you heartfelt hugs...

  74. Kim and Carl -

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is never, ever, easy; because they always steal a piece of our hearts, even as they leave us richer in memories.

    Hugs and prayers,

    Katie in MN

  75. Kim and Carl -

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. They always tke away a piece of our hearts, even while leaving us richer in memories.


    Katie in MN

  76. It is a happy time for Tanner right now and a very very sad time for us losing him! That is a very hard thing to do, the hardest!!
    I hate to lose any of our sweet sweet heart dogs!! They have the sweetest hearts in the world!!!!! I just love them so much!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  77. Yes, Blue sweatshirts are a definite YES! smiling Sophie!

  78. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry Tanner said goodbye. It is never, ever gets easier, does it? Maybe it shouldn't. It's our human way of feeling the weight and importance of their existence in our lives. God bless you, Tanner. I hope you run into Achilles and Nick. Tell them Mama said hello and I miss them.

    Hugs to you, Kim.

  79. Hey, Mom's sitting at the computer right now reading your post... I think she's crying. She's stroking my head... She just keeps saying, Tanner will be missed so much. I guess by that, that he's crossed over. We Goldens work our way so far into your heart that it can't help but leave a hole... Sad slurps, Tucker

  80. I'm so sorry to hear about your old man...poor old guy :(

  81. I'm so sorry we lost our dal Francesca this past October and it was horrible. But with you I agree we will all be together again! My heart breaks for you!

  82. I am so sorry.

    Even when they are elderly and ailing, even when we know That Day is looming, it is still so hard when we must send them on without us.

    sharing some small part of your sorrow, Vicki


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