Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to Boring!

To some, the past weekend I had would no doubt be boring.  The weather was bright and sunny; a little too bright for Hamlet (below) and we had warm temps.
When I was tired of catching up on things inside, the dogs and I enjoyed several walks.  How is it that they always seem to find some great smell to enjoy....
and roll on? 
We played a few rounds of frisbee, which the dogs love!
When the gang was worn out from that, they relaxed in the grass. 
~Rudi, (left) and Sheba~ 


Carl ended his job assignment yesterday and today he goes back to his old/new job with a commute a little closer to home. After a year, he's finally back on a daytime schedule.   This means I will have to start cooking dinner each night, and the dogs are back to seeing the dog walk on a regular basis.  What was I saying about boring?   Actually after last week, I'm really okay with that!  I hope your week is off to a good start! 


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all !
    Those goldies always find something to roll on, isn't it funny ;)
    Being on a schedule is OK it's the unexpected I'd rather do without.
    Hope your week goes well.

  2. Great pictures of the kids! I am sure it will be nice to have Carl on a regular schedule again.

    Have a good day!

  3. Boring is good!

    Great photos of happy dogs.


  4. oh hurray! you needed boring aka peaceful!!! hurray for the pups having more regular walk time! (sorry about the cooking dinner thing tho!) :)

  5. Boring?? That sounds like a great weekend to my pack. You hit most of their favorite activities, walks, sniffs, and frisbee. Just add some water and you have a perfect weekend.
    Sue and the Pack

  6. How do so many people keep up with so many blogs on a daily basis? Speed reading??? Anyway, it's been too long since we stopped by and I'm so sorry to hear about your latest heartache with the beautiful Sandy. I am always in awe of what a kind and generous soul you are to open your home and heart to these beautiful goldens and their special needs.

    You've had your hands full it seems - bullets??!! That has to a story! Do tell! Kinda puts the poison ivy into perspective, eh? Just a reminder about the homeopathic remedy here In the event you get desperate enough.

    That portrait of Tanner is so sweet and beautiful. What a thoughtful gesture!

    It looks as though you could do with a bit of boring and glad Carl will be around more. With all those paws to take care of, an extra peep around will be surely welcome!

    Take care!
    The Road Dogs' Mom

  7. What a lovely dogs you have....boring ??? o no !!...lovely

  8. Boring has its advantage! :)

  9. Sounds like a good life for you and the dogs here..bless your heart! :D

  10. what a beautiful scene, all the dogs playing outside. Would love to be in the middle of all that "golden-ness!" So glad you all had a lovely weekend

  11. What an awesome way to begin the week with all your dogs!!!!...:)JP

  12. I like boring, too, but mineis not to be this week. We had a great weekend, but busy. And this week there is something every night! Whew!

  13. There's a lot to be said for boring and regular routine. Just ask any of the dogs!!!

  14. Such a joy to see the furries enjoying themselves! Bella likes to roll too,but it's usually on something very smelly! :0)

  15. AAh.. I'm so in love with Hamlet. He's one of the most beautiful golden's I've ever seen!!!

  16. Can't imagine the word 'boring' in your life Kim! Greta shots of the dogs and look at that weather! Nice. Have a great week!

  17. Boring is good, its easier and safer.

  18. Don't get boring confused with peaceful cause peaceful is divine! We don't get much of that around our house with four two-legged kids and six four-legged kids! Mom says "ENJOY"!


  19. As I throw on my rain coat and dash to the car and take in the sweet smell of wet dog hair...I'm ready for this week!!!

  20. That's the kind of boring that makes me purr!

    Beautiful photos, as always. I'd love to know Sheeba's story someday. She is SOOOO beautiful!

  21. Looks like the pooches had a fun time outside!

  22. My first visit! I found you via My Dog Farm.

    What a beautiful family!


  23. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Dogs !!! these pictures are just adorable...they look so HAPPY...

    loved my visit today

    kary and teddy

  24. Normality is good sometimes isn't it,we love the photo's of you sniffing out the great smells...and then rolling in them, the humans love that don't they?;-) Thanks for your advice on Ticks, we're being very careful, Dex & Lou xxx

  25. The dogs look like they are enjoying them selves... Thank you sweet friend for caring for them and loving them!!! I wish I could do more!!
    I lost a post while blogger was down but it just popped up but they lost the comments that were there. Did you lose anything??
    Have a good week-end!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  26. Hi Kim
    I noticed the comment I left has disappeared.
    This post looks like a wonderful day to me,,, a perfect day!
    All the happy furries makes us happy

  27. Hope you are having a lovely weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine


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