Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally It's Friday!

The end of a rotten week has finally arrived!  It started out so well with the beautiful portrait of Tanner arriving on Monday.  But then a down-hill spiral started which included Carl's car getting hit by a stray bullet, (Carl is fine, his car will be too!) I had a flat-tire in the pouring rain, and then I didn't get a day off, added to that was the sad event of putting a sweet pup like Sandy down.  Needless to say, its all left me worn out!  

On top of all this, which given everything else seems kind of trivial, is that I was itching away from poison ivy.  Yes, spring has just barely arrived, and despite my best efforts to avoid it last weekend, and use the 'special soap' after I weeded my flower beds, I got it on my face and arms. (I'm really thinking I should run a contest to see who can guess how many times I'll have gotten it by Labor Day in September!)  Thank-fully it's starting to clear up.  But it didn't stop an 11 year old patient from joking about it--He asked me, 'what do you get if you cross a four leaf clover with poison ivy? A rash of good luck'   ...  I wasn't feeling all that lucky.

However, that may be changing.  When I came home today I found a package in our mailbox, from The Rocky Creek Scotties!  I'd guessed several weeks ago when a litter of Scottish Terriers would be arriving--There were 2 winners in the puppy-pool, and I was one of them!  If you want a real moment of cuteness, hop over to Rocky Creek Scotties (click on the name) and pay them a visit--The puppies are now almost a month old and are growing and changing so fast!  I've really become smitten with them, and while I think the girls are adorable, for some reason, I'm drawn to the little boys.......But the package is full of lots of tasty treats for our pups, a couple of new toys and a few fun things for me too!!  Thank-you Rocky Creek Scotties for letting us be part of your puppy pool and for the fun package!!
Finally I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of catching up on things around the house, your blogs and just relaxing.  After a year, this is Carl's last weekend at his current job assignment, and he returns to a regular job with the Department of Defense on Monday.  We're really excited that he'll no longer be working a rotating shift that included nights and weekends.  I hope whatever you are doing this weekend, that it's an enjoyable one!!


  1. Ooh that looks sore and itchy !!
    We have the 'poisons' in the woods, The First Sergeant is forever fighting it.
    I hope you get some restful time this weekend, you've had a horrid week this week, you deserve some down-time.
    Love that face of Hamlet ;)

  2. I'm sorry you had such a rotten week, but glad your package arrived safe and sound. Hope this weekend is spectacular.


  3. OMG, Kim! EEEEE! What is your special soap? I think you need to re-think that.... I use Fels Naptha to wash my hands and whatever - right away, soon as I suspect. Had my kids use it too. Husbands think I am flakey - but odd that they were the ones to get it really bad....

    How nice you won a prize!

    Looks like Hamlet wants to give you a kiss but not sure about the red stuff....


  4. Me thinks you need another vacation

  5. It sounds like you have had a really tough week Kim. I'm so sorry about Sandy. But how wonderful to start the weekend off with receiving your winnings!

    Hopefully your weekend will keep on a positive note and you will get lots of catching up done and relaxing!!

    Take care my friend!
    xo Catherine

  6. I'm reminded of the time, many years ago, I helped dig sassafras roots for tea & somehow got into poison ivy. We didn't drink any ivy tea, fortunately, but were a sorry sight nonetheless!

    Have a safe and restful weekend!

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon!


  8. Kim,

    Hope you have a restful weekend! You deserve it.

  9. Oh, I'm battling a bit of poison ivy too - but not on my face! yikes! bless your heart!!! and carl's car getting hit by a bullet!?! UGH! I'm hoping his return to a 'normal' work schedule and place will limit his exposure to repeat circumstances!

    I adore Hamlet's sweet face. What a bright spot in MY day from way over here. Get some rest, dear Kim.

  10. BTW, have you ever heard of an herbal supplement called Rhustoxicodendron? It's available in chewable pills or pellet form (my hubby has gotten it at Whole Foods). It is made from poison ivy plants, and after you take it for a while, your body actually builds up an immunity (or at least a much better tolerance) to poison ivy! Even though I still get it a bit, it is NOTHING like the horrendous, spreading, bleeding sores I'd get before! I highly recommend trying this supplement to build up your immunity!

    Take it a couple of times a day for about 2 weeks, then once a day for a bit, then just once in a while. It Saved My LIFE! I swear by it!

    I googled it too and found out landscapers were given Rhustox and then studied as to their exposure and it helped drastically!

  11. My friend, I wish I could just grab you in a big hug and somehow make life look a bit better. Sandy is thanking you that she is no long in pain. I'm thankful your hubby wasn't hit by the stray bullet. It is so hard to lose those pups we love and even though she wasn't with you for long, I know she had the best final days she could. I hope that poison ivy dries up quickly. Hugs tonight.

  12. Isn't it wonderful to see Hamlet looking so happy and well? I do indeed wish you a quiet and relaxing weekend.

  13. Okay, I am finding the stray bullet thing a bit odd...was he in the city?

    I have to say, Hamlet is so darn cute! He really looks like he's always trying to be part of the conversation.

    Sorry about your poison ivy...but don't forget tomorrow is Derby Day! ;)

    Have a good one!

  14. Hi Kim
    I just was looking for new stuff on your side bar, and it showed our town! That's us!
    Its the weekend. Time to take a deep breath and dream about things to come.
    I know it would be easier if did not have poison plants all over you.
    Jeepers,,, !!!
    It sounds good that Carls job will mellow out some.,,, and all those treats that arrived sound good too.
    We send our love

  15. Kim,
    Hope your weekend is much improved.
    That poison ivy redness does look painful.
    Glad your hubby will have more human hours, I worked a rotating shift (every 28 days) for over 23 years and no matter what anyone says it is no fun.
    Loved Hamlet's photo, he is looking great.
    Again we know how tough it was but thank you for allowing Sandy's final days filled with love

    Sheila & Bob

  16. Aren't the pups sweet? I've developed a real fondness for little Fergus.

    Have a relaxing weekend with your pups around you.

  17. What a week. Hope that poison ivy disappears in a hurry. Can't believe your husband's car was hit by a stray bullet. You two need a break.

  18. Hello my friends, have you a great weekend, I merecen.En As for you Kim, I hope you get better soon, I know that is very annoying and difficult to soportar.les send my love and ... take care.

  19. Keeping paws crossed that you gfeel better and have a good week ahead.
    Sorry to hear about Sandy. Bless you for taking in the olden goldens.

  20. What a week!

    Wishing you a quiet weekend.

    After a couple of years of more normal office hours, my husband Grant has just returned to full shift work - earlies, lates and nights, including weekends. Ugh, it's a drag. He's on nights at the moment, so we have to creep around the house so he can sleep.

    He's got 4 more years to go and then he retires from the's going to be a long 4 years!


  21. That look from Hamlet makes it all worthwhile ... including the stray bullet ! Can't help but think how a family could drop a companion of 13 years just before the end. Thank heavens for Golden Pines.

  22. Oh Kim, that looks horrible. How do you recognise this plant??? I wonder if we have them in the UK? Hope it clears up soon. Have a lovely weekend, after you week you deserve it. Sue x x x

  23. popped by to say thank you for posting about a root canal, and glad I am not the only one.

    Here's hoping you have a lovely weekend and this coming week will be beter for you,


  24. Kim, I've been absent with so much going on and being sick and then I find your heartbreaking post about Sandy. I am so so sorry for yet another loss in your family. It breaks my heart and so feel the compassion and sadness in your heart. I wish we could keep our furry friends forever!
    I'm thinking of you and sending warm hugs...

  25. We are sorry you had such a rough week! Hopefully your weekend will be awesome and make up for it!


  26. Sit on the verandah and put your feet up...take a deep cleansing breath...sigh...and relax!

  27. Hello Kim,
    I'm so sorry I've been out of touch lately but will do my best to read your posts on a regular basis, I promise!
    Anyway, I am so sorry that you have experienced some setbacks recently and I hope you will be able to move forward knowing that you have our support!

  28. You can always count on dog blog friends to make an upsetting week feel all better. Your portrait of Tanner is awesome :)

  29. Glad this week is over for you. Now for a lovely weekend! I hope your poison is getting better... poor you. I just adore Hamlet's sweet face. ((HUG))

  30. WHERE was Carl's car when it was shot? Not on your property, we hope. It could have missed the car and hit a dog! Or a human.

    Hope your itchies are better by now. And that the pups know to stay out of the PI, so they don't haul it inside on their furs.

    Jed & Abby

  31. You look miserable,hope it dries up quickly.
    Thank the dear Lord your hubby wasn`t hit by the bullet,it really makes one stop & take in all the good things God does for us.Hoping you have a relaxing & quiet home with your family,phyllis

  32. I'm starting to dig myself out of my hole, and I made sure to visit you, right away. I have been catching up, and I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you lost Sandy so quickly. You do so much good, giving these senior dogs a last, good place to call home.

    Sorry, too, about the poison ivy. Do you wear gloves when you garden?

  33. Bless you for saving those wonderful animals. I hope the Poison Ivy gets better VERY quickly!

  34. Were thinking of you, and wanted to say hi
    we send love

  35. So sorry your week had such dips in it. So far our folks have never encountered poison ivy, but our hooman sister got into some when she was 5years old while visiting back east one summer. She was a mess when she returned home to Arizona. Bad stuff. We hope you get well soon. At least the dogs got some swell treats from Rocky Creek Scotties. We just LOVE those fluffers too!
    Here's hoping this week goes much better for you.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  36. A stray bullet sounds scarey & poison ivy sounds so irritating ! Poor you !

  37. oooh that poison ivy rash looks itchy, hope that's cleared up. Hope that's the last of your sad weeks for a while and you had a relaxing weekend, the box of surprises look great! xxx


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