Monday, May 16, 2011

A Good Start

As rain ran down our driveway the news is filled with reports of the flooding farther south.  I worry about my 87 year old Aunt in Mississippi and hope she continues to be safe. She has so many people that look out for her, so I'm sure she'll be just fine.

Our weekend was relatively quiet because of the weather.  Carl did try to catch up on the mowing.   I'm thinking we may need to get the cows across the road to help if he's not able to get ahead of it.  Problems with mice in our barn have been resolved by the arrival of a black snake that's about 4 feet long.  I know it's supposed to be a 'good snake,' which to me, is a contradiction in terms, but I asked Carl to evict it, which he did.  I also asked him to take a couple of pictures for me, because there was no way I was going any where near it.  I'd much rather be sitting on my porch taking pictures of the deer....
The butterflies....
The flowers...
And of course the dogs.  Thank-you all for the good wishes for Hamlet.  The pain medication seems to be helping.  He is up and around a bit more, which is a good sign.  
He's even smiling...Which is also a good way to start our week!  I hope yours is off to a good start too!


  1. This past week was so busy for me, didn't get to read my favorite blogs. I was behind and had to go back several posts to catch up on your news. Life goes on and your doggies seem to be getting along just fine under your love and care. Hope you have a good week!


  2. So many lovely photos of nature here this morning. Love the butterfly ~ so pretty!

    And of course, Hamlet's smile is always enjoyable!

    Have a happy week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  3. What beautiful photo's of the wildlife and flowers, what a view! With you on the 'there are no good snakes' point of view though :-) Of course we like the photo's of Hamlet best :-) Dex & Lou x

  4. Oddly Kim I have no fear of snakes, go figure. Needles yes, snakes no...:)
    I love the photos of Hamlet, it brought a huge smile to my heart this morning! Have a super day guys!
    Tina xo

  5. sweet boy, hamlet! :)

    love those deer and butterfly shots!!!

  6. Yes my week is off to a good start too Kim! On my way to help Dad get settled into his new (throw me across the room) chair to assist in getting out and into it!
    Ron just showed me a pic of your visitor snake.....OUCH! Now that is a snake! Good or bad, they all make me squirm.
    Hamlet is the friendliest looking fella, I'd love to give him a big gentle hug.

  7. Hamlet is looking so happy. We are thrilled to see his spark back.

    If I had to choose between mice and a good snake, I'd take the snake every time.
    Just sayin'

  8. I wouldn't be able to take pictures of the snake, I'm just not comfortable around them, good or bad variety.
    Glad to hear that Hamlet is feeling better, he sure loves the camera :)
    Your flowers are so pretty, even the deer, which tend to eat the flowers !
    Hope your week continues to be a good one.

  9. This weekend was very gloomy and rainy at times so it was very difficult for me to even think about doing anything other than sleep but I managed to accomplish a few things, thank goodness!
    I haven't been around in awhile and I hope to catch up on your blog more often as I love it very much! I love that you have deer in your yard! We don't have deer visiting us in the city!
    Beautiful post!

  10. A smile from Hamlet. Now, that is a good start to a week .

  11. I am so glad Hamlet is doing better !!...lovely week

  12. Kim,
    my heart is breaking for Hamlet. I know life cannot last forever; I just know all that but that sweet sweet boy! I just want to wrap my arms around his neck and hang sounds so silly but it's true. I am keeping Hamlet in my prayers and in my heart!

    I am with you on the snake; UGH! they are gross and we've been having baby copperheads near our trash container and when it's moved the snakes come that is disgusting! However, I do love all your photos, particularly the lovely!
    thanks Kim for the info...

  13. I hope your Aunt will be just fine & that's very good news about Hamlet. I hope he continues to get better each day. He is such a sweety. Love your butterfly & flower shots. They're very pretty!

  14. Love his smile..these Goldens do have such beautiful smiles don't they! I think a cat in the barn would be much better than a snake for sure! :D

  15. I'm with you! I rarely use 'Good' and 'snake' in the same sentence. Unless it's "Good riddance to that snake!" Mostly, I leave them alone if they leave me alone.

    Hope Hamlet improves every day!

    Lovely deer pics! Hope your family is safe from the rains.

    Road Dogs' Mom

  16. That is a fabulous picture of the deer.
    Bless you x

  17. What a lovely smily face from Hamlet, it's making me smile too!

    And did you say SNAKE! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

    Love to you,


  18. I have fallen completely in love with three dogs on the blogs: Hamlet, Gracie, and Sophie. Hamlet is the only old one and how I wish I could come to see him and just hug him. I don't know what it is about him, but he has touched something deep in me. I know you know to do what is best for him and I am so sorry that darned thing keeps coming back. Hugs to both of you, Inger

  19. What a wonderful photo of Hamlet ! that makes my heart sing-he does look happy and pain free ! how wonderful to have deer living in such close quarters to you !

  20. What a beautiful smile!! We've had lots of rain to. I'm with you about the thank you!

  21. First, beautiful photos Kim! I enjoy seeing what's growing and creeping into your yard this time of year.

    Glad that Hamlet is able to smile! I missed your last post, so I read it afterwards. I guess none of this is a surprise, but it still hurts.

    Take care. :)

  22. I'm right with you on the snake phobia...I would not have gone near it either:) Great photos you've captured!

  23. We hope your week continues to be wonderful!


  24. Hi Kim
    When your cows get done eating your grass, can you send them my way?
    The grass is "out of control".
    That snake sounds a little big to me.. I do not think I would want to get to close either.
    The deer , butterfly and flowers are so beautiful,,, when I look at them, I am reminded it is spring.
    We need more sun here and then I could feel it more.

  25. Golden Smiles are always a good thing!


  26. The weather has been absolutely icky here too! Rain, rain and more rain and so COLD today, it only got up to 7 degrees Celsius! I hope it gets better soon, otherwise I'm getting back on the plane to California lol

    It's so wonderful to see Hamlet smiling, I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

  27. Happy to hear that Hamlet is feeling much better.

  28. That smile has brightened up my day! are such a treasure. :0)

  29. Beautiful pictures! Very serene!!


  30. hi
    sweet dogs.i love golden-retrievers.
    hamlet looks sweet!!!
    greetings from germany,

  31. beautiful photos....

    and look at that sweet, sweet face on Hamlet...
    hope he is doing well...

    sending all best wishes

    kary, teddy and all the kittys at farmhouse

  32. Hamlet is as beautiful as the butterfly!

  33. Gorgeous photos - the deer, the dainty butterfly, and the vivacious purple flowers. But, most of all, I love Hamlet's smile!

  34. I was wondering about the snake picture and thinking, Kim sure is brave. LOL. Please don't tell the rest (because they're all so precious) but Hamlet is my favorite. There's something about him that tugs at my heartstrings...
    The flowers, deer, and butterfly pictures are beautiful. Hope you're having a great week, Kim.


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