Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sound of Silence

We woke this morning to the sound of silence.  Quite a change from Wednesday morning when I thought I was hearing a fan running that I'd left on overnight, only to find out it was the pouring rain. The grass is now so tall that I think we'll need a hay bailer if it doesn't dry up soon. 

But the creeks are full and flowing. 
My Iris are wilting...
Yesterday Carl took his car into a body shop in Maryland (where he'd taken it previously) to have it repaired.  You'll recall that it was hit by a stray bullet a couple of weeks ago.  We've no idea where the bullet originated from, only that his car was struck by it when he was leaving his 'old' office to come home.  I drove in a torrential downpour to pick him up. (I know I shouldn't have been taking pictures as I drove)
In an effort to save money when possible, I planned a stop at a grocery store in Maryland that was having a pretty good sale.  But when I went into the store, nothing in the flier that I had brought with me was on sale.  When I went to customer service and asked about it, the manager looked at the ad and pointed out that the flier was dated exactly a month ago.  We both had a nice little chuckle and I've decided that I've got to clean my car out more....

It was good to get home where the dogs never point out my dumb mistakes! 
I don't think Charlie would notice anyway...


  1. Kim, That picture of Charlie is classic!! He and Carrleigh remind me so much of each other.

    You be careful taking pictures in the rain!!


  2. Look at those precious faces, they love you without question, and wouldn't think about pointing out your mistakes :)
    That was a huge storm you drove through !

  3. I love to drive in the rain but not in a down pour like that one! I love these beautiful faces..give them a kiss from me and Cougar! :D

  4. oh dear. well at least you could laugh at yourself! :)

  5. Look at those sweet faces! Hope your rain continues to abate as ours finally has.

  6. Oh Kim,
    I love the photo of Charlie! how pathetic :)
    goodness, you did have a good hopefully you can get to drying out and the sun shining and just a beautiful weekend!

  7. Oh Charlie! I could put Gracie beside you right now and you'd look like siblings. I love that picture! Great shot of the downpour, Kim. Yikes - Careful! Glad you made it home safe and sound to the loves of your life.

  8. It has been raining here a lot too, but we finally got some sun and blue sky this afternoon and it looks like it's going to be quite a bit nicer now until Monday!

    I love the picture of Charlie, do dogs come much more laid back than him?

  9. Just discovered you! So can relate to the rain! Will it ever stop?? Saw a bit of the sun today. But it was only a tease!

  10. What a beautiful place you must live in. I love the pictures.

    Keep em coming.


  11. Wish I had a dollar for every time I tried to redeem a coupon or get a discount that expired a month or more ago.

    Welcome to life in the fast lane - our awareness is running way behind the ticking clock.


    Always love the dog pictures.

  12. Wait, a stray bullet?! Did I read that right?? How did I miss that post? Yikes!

  13. Love your dogs. Driving in the rain and takin' pictures... bad girl. You need to be careful.

  14. How could you have a bad day when you come home to those smiling mugs?


    (p.s.... Please be careful driving in the rain!)

  15. I didn't realise the bullet was that stray. Had assumed it was on a rifle range or something. Charlie looks as happy as a dog can be .

  16. Oh my goodness, where did that stray bullet come from? That is scary! Gosh, that is some wild downpour. How did you manage to drive in that kind of weather? I love that picture Charlie. He is so cute!

  17. Wow that's some rain storm. Hope the sun shines for you all today, scary that a stray bullet hit the car!! Lovely photo's, the one of Charlie is perfect for a caption competition :-) Have a lovely weekend, Dex, Lou and the human, Diane x

  18. Isn't it FUN being human, Kim? I can just see you at the counter.....

  19. How did I miss the post about a stray bullet?! Wow, so glad your husband wasn't hurt!

    I would rather drive in snow than rain. But rain is good right now, as we'll be parched by August.

    The dogs looks so sweet!

  20. I do so love Charlie!

    Isn't it nice that the dogs are so accepting. As far as they're concerned I never make mistakes. They happily eat my cooking boo boos.

  21. I drove home from visiting my aunt in rain just like that. My ears began to hurt and I realized I was clenching my teeth together that hard.

    And yes, isn't it wonderful that our dogs never notice our mistakes?

  22. Yes Dogs are pretty forgiving aren't they ? And so loyal !!!

  23. Hi Kim
    that downpour of rain seems to tell a story!! It was amazingly beautiful.

    These photos of Hamlet, Charlie and Josh, are magnificent.
    What loves they are... just look at the love in their eyes,,, I see their soul... oh my gosh.,, how sweet

  24. Kim,
    I think I would have been a little embarrassed at the grocery store and properly would have just left and came home.
    But what a welcoming crew to come home to. That would make anyone's day happy and you would just have to smile away especially at Charlie.
    Thanks for brighten up my day as your blog always does.


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