Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Relief and Celebration!!

With my 'milestone birthday' behind me, we had another 'celebration' here at Golden Pines.  Some of you may recall that back last fall I was upset when the property behind us was put up for sale.  A couple of attempts by us to purchase part of it from the owner were turned down.  While the property was priced well with the current market, over the last 6 months we've noticed very few people looking at it.  I was contacted by our Realtor on Monday and told that the property had been 'withdrawn' from the market and yesterday the sign was taken down. I have to admit that I'm relieved that it didn't sell.  But the owner is a Realtor, and so I know at some point the property will once again be put back on the market to be sold.

CarrieAnne decided that she wanted to celebrate on her own and so she went for a private swim.  The water level must be up after the rain from this past weekend.  She returned very happy!

The celebration was short lived however because as we were getting the dogs in the house, Carrie was nowhere to be found.    We looked for her for almost 2 hours.  I called and called, and blew the whistle for her to return, but she didn't come.  I asked Carl several times if he checked the house for her and he assured me he had. This was so unlike her because CarrieAnne always, always comes when she's called...It was starting to get dark and so we came back into the house and when I came in I called her and there she was--She'd been in the house the entire time.  Once again, relief and celebration and the reminder to never ask Carl to find something for me!


  1. I can imagine how happy you were once the sign was taken down! As for Carl, you should have asked me...I could have told you to check the house yourself. I have learned that sometimes men just don't see!...:)JP

  2. Hi all, what a relief about the property, even temporarily, we know because we've just had buiding work done behind us :-( Carrie Ann, what a cheeky girl, hiding the whole time, probably watching you and thinking who are they looking for?! Alls well that ends well then, have a great week xxx

  3. Haha! Silly people! I was here all the time.

    I'm really happy for you right now about the land sale being postponed. Maybe if you make the realtor an offer?

    Have a great day, Kim. :)

  4. Usually I am looking for something for hubby; and often find it where he has already looked! :)

  5. It's just like a man to take the easy way out...LOL> sorry carl. So glad you found CarrieAnne - that lil' stinker. I love seeing her smiling face after she's gone for a dip. I'm so happy for you Kim, that the realtor has taken the sign down.. great news... for now, anyway.
    We're having some gorgeous days here in Western Md. I'll bet you are too...? Have a great week!

  6. That deserves a victory dance! It looks like you will have peace and quiet for a while longer.

    We are also glad you found CarrieAnne! I know that nerve-wracked feeling! ...and why does it always seem to be caused by husbands when the dogs are concerned? BOL!


  7. Whew....I bet your human heart was very concerned for a while. I am afraid to admit that if I had water close to me, I'd probably be missing all the time.

    My Vickie takes me to water daily but that is always on her schedule. Boy I wish I was Carrie.

    Water Water Water


  8. It's like finding your lost keys in the car, or your lost glasses on your head. However, you don't expect either one of those to "Come" when called!!

    One of the mysteries of life: where is Carrie's secret swimming hole. That is just too funny.

  9. oh my gosh! i'm so glad she was safe the entire time! (but how frustrating!!!) at least it was for a happy ending.

    and hurray for the lack of market on your neighboring property! like you said, it's inevitable, but for now, more time in peace is well worth celebrating!

  10. LOL yes, men...they just don't have the same eyes as women do! Good thing about the property too. :D

  11. Good news for now, its a shame they wouldn't let you buy the parts of the property you wanted though.

    What a relief you found Carrie inside, safe and sound ... :0)

  12. You asked a man to look for Carrie????!!!! Duh!

    I'm pleased to hear the land is off the market, if only for a while.


  13. The same thing happened to us with Rowdy. In the house the whole time. I bet he thought we'd lost our marbles. LOL

  14. Oh have I been through that kind of fear many a time! I could just pitch a fit when they finally show up from under the bed or hiding out in a box...sheesh!
    Bad dog Carl, :)I learned many years ago when I was married not to send my hubby on any "missions".
    I am really happy about the property not being for sale anymore and I hope it will be a good long time before that issue comes up again.
    I have a big smile for you guys today!
    Tina xo

  15. I love happy endings. Have you ever found out the location of the swimming hole?

  16. Good news about the property, I hope it will not come up for sale for a long time. And even better that you found Carrie. I bet she wondered why you were blowing the whistle and calling her. She must have thought that was kind of dumb!

  17. Celebrate good times, come on!! Everybody, join in singing!! AROOOFOOOO!!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  18. Yippee !
    On both accounts :)
    We have rain....lots of it !!

  19. I have to admit to getting a (relieved) chuckle out of the ending of this post! We've had a few times where our Cali is happily resting under the bed and we're outside wondering and worrying where in the world she could be... or Phoenix is innocently locked in the dark laundry room after I close the door, not realizing she followed me in. Unfortunately, I can't blame my husband in 99% of those cases. ;)

  20. Oh Carrie! We did that once with my mom's dog Lulu. Mom was sure she escaped, and we looked all over the neighborhood. I finally had to go to the bathroom. Opened up the front door and there was Lulu.

    Frustrating, but glad she was there!

  21. Hooray for the property being taken off the market! As for Carrie Ann, that's happened to me with my cats a few times. One time in particular I could not find Magique anywhere and ever asked the upstairs neighbors if they had maybe seen her scoot into their apartment. She was a kitten back then and kittens are very easy to lose! I went back down to my apartment all upset and there she was, right behind the door looking up at me with an expression that said 'What are you looking for me for? I'm right here!!!' lol

  22. Gosh
    I know the property news,, made you very happy. At least for now.
    And so happy that Carrie Ann was found,,, she was playing a trick on you!

  23. There will be two folk here in France thinking of you and the Prince tomorrow am . Strange , but reassuring , that a dog can have that effect .

  24. That's a typically male response. By checking the house, he probably thought you meant did he glance up to see that the house was still there. I've learned to be very specific with my questions and instructions.


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