Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Signs of Summer

We are again chasing record heat here in northern Virginia. The temperature on our thermometer mid-afternoon said it was at almost 100°.  The National Weather Service reported that Washington DC hit 102° which tied the all-time June record set in 1874.  All I know is it was hot and the dogs and I spent little time outdoors.  I did get them all walked before 6 AM when it was already about 80°.  It's hot, humid, sticky and really 'buggy!'  When I took a good look, the signs of summer are all around!  Rudi and Sheba showed me this morning on our walk that the blackberries are starting to ripen.  Its been a race each year to see who will get more of them, the dogs, the birds or me--I'm hoping this year it'll be me, but they are pretty good at getting to the ripe ones before I do!  It makes me wonder if they would have made good 'truffle hunting dogs?'  
~Rudi enjoying  a blackberry snack!~
Today I saw another sign of summer, my first day lily!
(By the way, I read on another blog today that you should deadhead them to keep them blooming.  Am I the only one who didn't know that?)    
The thistle is starting to bloom too.  
And the dogs are starting to shed...
And so are the snakes...
Okay, there are some signs of summer that I really don't need to see, especially so close to the house!
I think I'm just going to stay inside where it's cool!   
What are you doing to stay cool?  


  1. Staying cool isn't our problem - at least not yet! It has barely cracked 20 degrees (Celsius) this year, to our disgust.

  2. Those berries are a pretty sight. It doesn't get humid hot here, it's more of a dry heat. Today it was almost 70. I shaved Cougar and he is loving it! ;D

  3. I've never seen dogs eat blackberries like that. Too funny!

  4. Yuck. Bailey brought us a snakeskin the other day. I was hoping they had moved to another yard.

    My dogs usually find the wild strawberries before I do, so I'm going to plant my raspberry plants outside the fence. Then I'll just have to fight off the birds.

  5. totally staying indoors during the heat of the day and trying to do more active stuff early mornings and later evenings. :)

    rudi stealing berries is so cute!

  6. We had never heard of dead heading the day lilies either, but when I Googled it that is what you are to do. Learn something everyday.
    We stay cool by staying in the A/C house and drinking a lot of ice tea.

    Sheila & Bob

  7. If we have blackberries, I don't know, haven't even looked, too hot and humid to spend any amount of time outdoors. But... they do look good! Smart dogs!

    I know zero about lilies, so you were not alone. I do dead head the thistles before they can spread. :-)

    I think (hope) my dogs are done shedding, well, pretty much.

    The lawn is growing despite the lack of rain and I worry about the snakes.....

    We (the animals and I) pretty much stay inside all day, I water the trees etc when the sun is down.

  8. 100! What is going on???? Late afternoon a cold (ha ha) front came through and now it is very comfortable here. Maybe you will get it tomorrow. We just have fans, no air. Have to close the windows to keep it cooler in the house during the day.

  9. We never have hot weather up here at 8200' but we have the downside that it always snows in May, sometimes snows in June, and then starts snowing again in September! It's a tradeoff. I think that you know about that tradeoff from your time in Alaska :)

    My dogs love raspberries from the bushes too but ours don't ripen until late August. I wonder what your bears eat by that late in the season if your berries are already ripe?

    I adore the photo of the butterfly on the thistle. Wow!

  10. Me, I am staying cool by swminning in the lake or over at the river. You guys have all the heat and we still have cold weather and flooding. I think I am where I want to be.


  11. mmm... those berries look so good. My berry bushes have green leaves, but no sign of berries. I'd stay away from the snakes too!

  12. We're staying inside as much as possible, too. And shedding. Glad to hear Hamlet is holding his own. Every day is a gift. So sorry about Carl's commute. Hope he's close to being able to retire! Don't suppose he's allowed to telecommute, with all the top secret stuff he probably works on. Our van is also a little trooper; she's 16 years old and is about to hit 100,000 herself. She's a very reliable Mercury Villager; too bad they stopped making them. Mama loves her, and so does Jed because he can stick his nose on the AC vent most conveniently.

    Jed & Abby

  13. OOOOH look at those berries! I bet the dogs love snacking on those. Is that a snake skin? We stay cool by sleeping in an A/C room & also drinking lots of water.

  14. Not warm enough here yet to worry about that-didn`t realize dogs like berries !! magnificent butterfly, what is it ?
    have a lovely birthday xxx

  15. Glad you've got the summer . We're toying with putting the heating back on .

  16. It is not so hot here in Holland the dogs shedding very much !!! .....lots of hair in the house.......i am now started cleaning the house......have a nice

  17. Woof! Woof! We sure missed Spring ... Summer Heat was with us for a couple days but suddenly disappeared. The temp dropped into the 50's. Odd temp we are having. Be Safe. Happy Birthday Friday Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. Our boys are confined to indoor games. With all my travelling this summer, and the fires north and south of us, I'm not sure we will get far this year.


  19. Good morning Kim.. and happy birthday to you! I love the picture of all the dog hair... heehee...
    Let's see, how am I staying cool? Well... the guys came the other day to service our central air and the next day it quit working. So, I guess I'll say... popsicles.
    Enjoy today!

  20. I've been watching the raspberries out my kitchen window all week!! Soon...

  21. Birthday??? It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! I think all birthdays should get a day off work WITH PAY. It should be a Federal law.

    Staying cool is not an option for me. My air conditioner couldn't handle the heat and humidity we had earlier this week so I just shut it off. Fortunately, a significant cold front has moved in and I am now languishing in 50-something degree temperatures! I'll be going to Georgia (Atlanta & Augusta) next week to visit my Beautiful Baby Girl and I've been forewarned about what to expect there...

    I had no idea that dogs like berries!

    I hope you're saving that dog fluff! You should have enough to send me soon. Maybe I'll get you a scarf by Christmas!

    I wish for you a happy, relaxing weekend!

  22. Too bloody hot for man or beast, I say. We're staying indoors as much as possible! I check on the chickens frequently, too, but they are holding their own.

    And, ewww to snakes!

    Have a great weekend, Kim!

  23. Apart from the snake skin, gorgeous photos! The one of Rudi eating the blackberries is too cute, bless him!

    And it's your birthday? Happy birthday to you! Eat lots of CAKE!



    All the best from Sophie, Ron and Jim

  25. Still have the furnace on and still heating that darn greenhouse, costing me a fortune

  26. First the strawberries, now the blueberries, and soon the blackberries. Yeah!

  27. We cheated to get out of the heat - we're in Alaska, on vacation - and it's 48 degrees and raining.

    It was 110 yesterday in Midland, Texas.

    Love your blog, love your dogs, I'm gonna follow if you don't mind!

  28. Happy happy Birthday Kim!!!
    Your birthday will never get forgotten by me!!!! Now I understand!!
    I have never dead headed my day lily's either and I have heard that you should but I had forgotten that!! My poor day lily's don't get much care now a days with the food gardens going!!
    It has BEEN 102 and 103 degrees everyday around here for days and we are in a drought. It is real hard on the gardens and the people and animals. The coons are panting!!!!
    xx, Fern
    PS Thanks for your visit!!

  29. Snakes!! Watch out, hope they are not the poisonous ones.

  30. Not having a hard time staying cool here in Southwest Saskatchewan! it hasn't gotten very hot yet. I'm still waiting for summer to hit. But I must say, the temperatures you are getting is a little too much. And snake skin ~ nope ~ no thank you!! :(

    Happy weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  31. I'm ashamed to admit I'm not sure I knew that about day lilies, but I do deadhead them -- just to be tidy.

    It's back in the 70s today after a few scorchers last week. Too early for that!

    I also didn't know that dogs like raspberries. :)

  32. It's cool here today & raining hard whih is good for the dry gardens. I did loads of gardening yesterday & now the plants are enjoying a good drink !
    We don't get blackberries til late summer here.

  33. Oh Kim,, it really is getting to be summer in your world,,,,
    Berries!!! oh berries!

  34. It was terribly hot here too, and we spent a lot of time at the lake swimming or inside where it ws air conditioned.

    Sorry this is a bit belated, but Happy Birthday! I hope the year is filled with love, joy and laughter.



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