Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sun and Sam

Memorial Day weekend is the official kick-off for summer, and that's exactly what it is here in Virginia.  Hot temperatures and lots of sun have been plentiful all weekend.  The dogs have opted to stay inside where it's cool, only going out when coaxed and when they have too.  The only one with any real interest in being outside is Todd, especially if the water-hose is turned on.  On hot days like we've been having, I remember as a kid, playing in the sprinklers.  Where there was water, there were kids playing. At our house, it's Todd and it's just what Todd loves to do.

Sam's vet visit on Saturday was not the best.  I've done a lot of reading about the oral cancer that Sam has. As I have found out, it's very fast growing.  I think that I have mentioned that the treatment for it would be a radical and very invasive surgery to remove a large portion of the side of his face, and chemotherapy and radiation.  In the end, it would (probably) only prolong his life for a few months past what he would have without it.  I cannot and will not put him through it.  So, with not many options my vet and I decided to put Sam on prednisone to try and get rid of the inflamation and hopefully shrink the size of the tumor to give him some comfort.  The side effects of the medication are outweighed by the relief that he'll hopefully get from it, but it will only be temporary.  My vet said that on the steroid he probably has about 2 months that should hopefully provide him with a good quality of life.  Without being on the medication, he probably would have those same 2 months, but would be miserable.  I'm hoping for a miracle and more time.  It's all I can do.

Today Sam seems to be feeling a little better, which made me feel better too.  Its been a good day for both of us.  I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. comfort is all we can hope for for sam. he has all the love and care he can stand. :)

  2. Thats all you can do for Sam is make sure he is comfy and always well loved as I know he is . Todd is very much like our Miggy just a bundle of laughs and full of energy . It is summer weather here now as well hoy, humid and sticky we had our first rain storm in a couple of weeks It was well needed for our gardens mother natures water is the best ! Hope you have a good evening !

  3. Sam will be just as best as he can be. He has you Kim to watch over him.
    and look at Todd! Sophie and he would so get along!!! Both LOVING water!

  4. oral cancer is horrible....I've seen many maxilectomys, mandiblectomys....i support your decision'll know when the time is right......sending positive thoughts...

  5. I could use some of your hot weather. It's snowing here today - snowing!!! Gaaak!

    Sending good thoughts for Sam!

    xo Catherine

  6. My GSP's last two months were due to prednisone as well. Without it, this dog could not even make it up the stairs. I'd asked God to let her go with dignity, I know you want for Sam...:)JP

  7. I wouldn't put Sam through the surgery and treatments either. It's better for a pup to just be happy as long as possible. :-)

  8. My pups and I are sending good love and prayers for Sam! And you...
    xo, misha

  9. Just holding you up in will do what is best for Sam. Sometimes things just suck,don't they?

  10. Thank goodness Sam at least has you. He is in the best place he can be right now. I will pray for that miracle along with you. We have to keep telling ourselves to live for the moment. Enjoy your Memorial Day!

  11. Please tell me that I am not losing my mind!

    I SWEAR that I have already read this post and left a comment on it. Like, earlier this morning or last night! Yet it just came up in my blog roll and I don't see my comment...


  12. I am praying the prednisone helps Sam and gives him comfort from pain. I know it is just as painful for you and my heart goes out to you. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

    You are truly amazing Kim.

  13. Oh Kim, you're going thru the same situation I had with Tsar. There were no good options, we just chose the least awful and treasured the few extra weeks it bought us.

    We're all thinking about am aand hoping he gets some good days.

  14. Oh Kim,

    I am sitting here choked up after reading about Sam. I know what you're going through so well after losing my Sissy girl last July. It still hurts my heart when I think about her. As you might know, I lost her to an aggressive cancer as well, but she was still so young, 6 yrs old. That really hurt. We still have her brother, whose name is Sam. We haven't been able to bring ourselves to replace her, and don't know if we will. Sam right now is so precious to us.
    What we go through for the love of our dogs. Just know I'm thinking of you and sharing your pain.

    Hugs, Joyce

  15. So sorry about Sam. I'm thinking about him. Todd looks like he would have a great time with my Oliver and Emerson. They don't mind the sun and heat.....until they start panting and realize how hot it really is. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  16. MOM and I will keep Sam in our prayers for his comfort.
    I love the "left the Gate Open" saying. That is how life should be and how we live it.

  17. Kim,
    We are keeping Sam in our prayers. We feel you are handling this 100% the proper way. We do believe in Miracles.

    Sheila & Bob

  18. HI KIM!

    We're back in the blogging world - our break couldn't have lasted much longer because we missed all this far too much. I constantly keep you and the dogs in my thoughts and prayers, infact, thinking of what you do for all your dogs is what primarily inspired me to save Rocky from his sad fate of euthanasia. Im so happy I did. Looking into his eyes every day makes my heart so full of joy!!!!

    Have a great day Kim!
    Paige, Simba and Rocky

  19. Sending love for Sam,

    sunshine for Todd,

    And a hug for you.

  20. Sweet Kim
    You are doing the right thing in your decision, in ust to make Sam comfortable and to feel good with the time he has left.
    We support you 100 percent also.
    Again, I find myself saying the words that it just "is not fair."
    But in "the big plan" of life, I know it was ment for Sam to live his final days at Golden Ponds.
    Someone was in charge of that plan.
    Oh Sam feels so loved and trusts you that you won't let him hurt.
    We keep our fingers and paws crossed that the prednezone works.
    And as far as little Todd-
    He is like medicine to a hurting heart.
    Medicine to the weary mind.
    Love that creates smiles.
    We love all of you!

  21. WE chose to do the same thing for Jamie. Quality of Life.... She doesn't have the cancer like Sam but the prednisone takes care of her many other old age irritations and pains.

    So for Sam we send love and happiness and good times. Bless you for all you do.

    And Todd.....I think it would be great if we could ever meet and play water together. You, Me, and WATER. life would be good.

  22. Hey Kim,
    I am just so sorry about Sam's prognosis. How you cope with all this heartbreak is an absolute mystery to me.
    I just think you are amazing in your understanding of these beautiful, aging Goldens. You obviously have a wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate vet, who respects your wisdom and experience.
    You are doing good. Never doubt yourself. We love you and hold you and Sam in our thoughts.
    With love

  23. We're with you. We hope Same continues to enjoy the rest of his life, peacefully.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  24. That is exactly what I would do for dear Sam, too. To ask an old dog to suffer it out is just wrong in my thinking. Sam was so lucky to find YOU to help him along.

    I love the last photo with the GATE OPEN, perfect!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  25. So sorry to hear about Sam. I hope the predisone gives him some relief. We are having a heat wave too. I am ready for cooler weather.

  26. Oh...they take our hearts and run with them...dear dear fellow...he is where he should be with you...lots of kisses on the top of his soft head....I'll be sending huge comforting thoughts to you both...xxxxx

  27. My heart is filled with kind and tender feelings for you and Sam. Your darling doggie is blessed to have such a gentle and caring Momma.
    Surely Todd shall bring much light to you and Sam in the coming days, and shall "leave the gate open" with joy and sunshine.
    Sending hugs...

  28. You are the most attentive Mom ever.

  29. Gald Sam is feeling a little better. Enjoy the day and know that you are doing the right thing for your Sammy. Roooos from Easton to all.


  30. Wishing Sam many many pain free days with you Kim. LOVE those pics of Todd, he is just adorable :o)


  31. I don't know how you manage to keep a positive attitude Kim, but I'm so glad you do. Big hugs!

  32. Sam and I seem to be finding comfort with the same medication, but obviously for different reasons. Relief from pain is sometimes the best thing you can do in some situations, and it sounds like you are treating him the best way possible.


  33. Glad to hear that Sam had a good day. Kim, I honestly don't know how you do what you's amazing how strong you are.

  34. What fun you are having Todd!! I cant blame you for not putting sam through all that, hopefully he will have a comfortable few months.


  35. Todd looks like he is having such fun. Sending Sam and you hugs xxx

  36. Sending Sam good wishes that the pred helps ease his pain. God bless you & him with strength during this time - I don't know how you go through all this with all of your senior canines. Extra hugs sent Sam's and your way.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  37. We had a grand w/e with Sophie...we discovered some inukshuks on a beach near Jim's sister's home...I am putting a little video together as I type...Cheers!


  39. Todd is a doll, but it must be so hard for you to face Sam's reality. Our hugs & prayers are with you & him.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  40. Dear Kim

    Hurray for summer!

    We are so sorry to hear about Sam's cancer. We dealt with it with our Callie. Best to make his time here on Earth the best you can. We are sending good basset-y healing thoughts your way.

    The CheeseHounds

  41. Hope Sam will have some good days left with the medicin. OUr old Nova got 1 1/2 year after some cancer operation. Its always very hard when our 4legged love ones get sick...

  42. Here's hoping the weeks left with Sam are good ones. I love Todd's new motto!

  43. I hope that the steroids help Sam to have happy days ahead. In the end, that's really all that you or I can hope for our furry friends. We shower them in love and hope that they can be happy.

    I'm thinking of you.

  44. I'm thinking you should let Sam go. I also think you should invest time in a second opinion!!!!!!!

  45. I'm thinking that if you're going to post a smarmy comment, you should USE YOUR REAL NAME!

    I hate people who post crappy things "anonymously". Grow up.

  46. Barbara, you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately making a comment like that shows they can NEVER GROW UP........

    Sheila & Bob


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