Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Words

~Sam, left and Toby last Sunday~

I would like to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful comments that you left on the loss of our boy Sam on Monday.  It has again confirmed to me that the blogging-community of animal lovers truly understands how difficult it is to go through the toughest task many of us face—saying good-bye.  I will tell you from experience that it never, ever for a single moment gets easier to make those decisions or to lose one of our four-legged-family members.  I can also tell you without a doubt that there is so much comfort in knowing that there are people who understand how difficult the loss is, and hearing from friends and family (and even strangers) who offer their support really helps and is priceless.

In trying to think of a tribute to Sam, I am reminded about a famous story where literary great Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write the world’s shortest story using only six words.  He is said to have declared his resulting creation his best work. The entirety of the story was:
For sale:  baby shoes, never worn 

I decided to take up this same challenge and do a tribute to Sam, using only six words.  I found it to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought it would be, especially because I'm still suffering from a bit of a writers-block when it comes to him.  But below are the six that I've come up with for tribute to my boy Sam:

Content, Confident, Charging Ahead, Remembered, Missed
Care to share what your six words would be for that special someone in YOUR LIFE, past or present, two legs or four?  I'd really love to hear them and I think others would be interested too.
So as the 'Chapter of Sam' closes, I would again like to thank-you for your kindness and your friendship!  Today as a real taste of brutal summer heat has arrived, I'm staying inside today and am looking forward to catching up on life and your news!  Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. love the six word tribute to Sam....
    do something special for YOU deserve it!

  2. Beautiful, friendly, wonderful, smiley, huggable Sam. xoxo

  3. My six word tribute to you, Kim, is: Kind, compassionate, giving,
    amazing, beautiful, ANGEL!

  4. Sweet photo of Sam and Toby, friends together.

    The 6 words challenge is a lovely idea, Kim, and your 6 words for Sam are so special.

    6 words for my old baby girl, Rosie Mae :-

    Gentle shadow, best friend, clown, loved.


  5. For Otis the Scotty, lived 16 years:

    Strong, noble, secure,charming, funny, generous . . .


  6. That is a great six word description of Sweet Sam, he will be missed that is for sure.

    It is so hard when we lose a beloved pet, but you gave him three wonderful years and I think that is wonderful!

    BTW, I think I would sum Sampson up in six words, Loving, Devoted, Patient, Kind, Sweet and Loving. ;-)

    Delilah, Loving, Feisty, Strong, Crazy, Enthusiastic and Impatient.;-)

  7. Only four: Faithful, intuitive, patient, Golden.

    For my old boy Dusty. I think of him when I read about Sam and the other senior Goldens with health problems that you care for. I admire how you can love them so even knowing they may not be with you for long. That is certainly a gift.

  8. For my Cat Cinnamon, who shared the four of his fourteen years with me:

    Loving, patient, affectionate, kind, loyal, forever.

    Thanks for thinking of having us do this!

  9. With tears in my eyes again, I thnk of 6 words for you:

    Brave, compassionate, caring, loving, patient, and definitely like someone else said ANGEL.

    For Sam, adorable, beautiful, definitely remembered, defitneily missed.

    Your golden boys and girls and other animals are definitely lucky to have an Angel like you and your husband as their keepers.

  10. I have been gone so much of late and when I go I leave the computer behind. I just read your post below and am sitting here crying! Goldens are the very best and it looks like heaven has added to their count. I know my Golden Cougar fills up my heart and soul everyday, he is my guardian angel in many many ways! Hugs to you. :)

  11. Six words for our first dog we got 40 years ago who shared our home for 16 years.

    Soul dog; never forgotten, memories cherished.

  12. I missed Monday's post about Sam:

    Kind, Tough, Brave, Spirited, Sweet, Loving.

    I will miss you dear Sam. Oh, I'm crying again....I don't see how you do it, Kim. You are an Angel.

    Be gracious to yourself.

  13. We have been out of town so I am so sorry to hear about Sam. Your words for him are wonderful.
    My words for my dad:
    Special, Loving, Fun, Caring, Gardener, Time

    Jazzi and Diana

  14. I love your wonderful words for Sam and here is my tribute to my dog.

    For Heidi, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 24 June 2011:

    Loyal, Regal, Loving, Majestic, Brave and Beautiful.


  15. Kim, I have to agree with Sharon and Scrappy Pink Corner in describing you-I would add Pure Gold though.
    For our Sadie-gentle, loyal, devoted, fast, fun and missed.
    Sending hugs your way.
    Love, Noreen & Hunter

  16. For Samba - my sweet ,loyal, confident, happy friend.

  17. Wonderful six words of Sam! Do something special for yourself ... for Sam!

  18. really sweet. :)

    and i love those bales in the fields!

  19. So sorry to hear of Sam walking the Rainbow your 6 words :-)

  20. Oh never gets easier. I guess that's because we allow ourselves to love them so much.

    Six words for Gizmo: He never mat a stranger. Ever :-) I miss that big guy every single day.

  21. We'll have to think of something for Kendra. Lovely tribute to Sam.

    We thought the first picture was a reflection in a mirror, at first.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. Great post, Kim! And yes I will share feelings about Kiera ~ guardian angel at my side forever!...:)JP

  23. It is hard to say good-bye and yet the seniors always seem to make their way to you. I think your six words for Sam are perfect.

  24. Hi Y'all,

    Sorry I'm late with my condolences. Sam was such a handsome beauty. All the loved ones left in my memory have come back to wrench my heart in sympathy for you in your grief. What beautiful words you have for Sam.

    Hawk inspires only a few words in my mind...a loving, loyal and helpful shadow. Both my Chessies have been very unique and obedient dogs.

    BrownDog's Human

  25. I like the challenge and here is what I came up with to describe Paige and wonder if you would agree from how she was when had her.

    Persistant, strong-willed, athletic, food driven, loyal, cunning.


  26. We're so sorry to hear the news about Sam. Your six words for him are wonderful.
    We're back to blogging after a long time.
    Thor and Jack xx

  27. Kim
    This post is so thoughtful.
    We love the 6 words that you used to describe Sam. They were perfect.
    This post has made me think and think, but still have no words coming to my mind.
    I think all of us in our home would use the word "loved" for Doodles- a puggy we had 6 years ago.

  28. Kim, I love your words.

    Here are mine for my Sweet Sissy girl...

    Unique, stubborn, sweet, funny girl forever.

    We're coming up on one year of her being gone and my heart still aches.

    Hugs to you


  29. Had not heard the Hemingway story. What an interesting challenge. Shall have to think on it. Might need more than 6 words, though.

    Jed & Abby

  30. A beautifully selected six words. <3

  31. Dear Kim,

    We are all united in understanding these things. I love Sam's six words. The more one reflects on the life of our loved one/s, the easier those six words become.
    (I think)
    Here are mine:

    Maxdog: Heart dog: Past, present, future.

    With love

  32. Oh Kim, I was dreading this post from you when I read your Sam wasnt getting any better. We can do for our dear animal friends, what we cannot do for people and that is to be strong for them and let them go when the time is right.But they are always with us.
    I am thinking of you xx

  33. Beautiful post, Kim.

    Too early for me.

  34. Oh Kim, my eyes are leaking !!!
    It is one of the hardest things we have to go through, if you help them or if they die in your arms!! It is so so sad!!! Happy's day is coming soon even if she makes another year!!
    It feels like yesterday I lost Bambi!!!
    I am so sorry Kim!!!!

  35. warm, content, fulfilled, kind, at peace...for Sam from Sophie!

  36. What an interesting challenge. It got me thinking about my 'heart' dog, "Rocky" He was a Rottweiler/Husky cross (like my Hero, now) and my best friend in the whole world. Rocky saw me threw my mother dying, my husband cheating on me then my marriage ending, losing my home and more.

    I came up with two, six-word descriptions:

    Strong, devoted, forgiving, made me smile.

    Always by my side, then gone.


    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  37. playful, caring, beautiful, warm, lucky, loved

    My three boys, I think, hubby included!


  38. I love the six words for Sam.

    Mine would be for my mother who I lost 13 years ago at Christmas. loving, kind, funny, strong, family, glue

  39. Lady Lifeforce commands my heart forever

  40. Kim: What a beautiful tribute to Sam.

    Angel doggie Keelee: gentle giant, sweet, teacher (to Apples), forever friend

    Angel doggie Apples: rescue, loving eyes, devoted, shining smile

    Neeli - grinning lovebug, gentle, loyal, sweet, sister (to Elle)

    puppy Elle - puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy (you get the picture!)

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  41. Six words for Sam:

    Sam: discarded, redeemed, gone ahead, waiting.

    Eight words from Queen Elizabeth II:
    "Grief is the price we pay for love."


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