Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Upbeat Note

Our week ended with severe rainstorms. It was raining so hard at one point, the gutters were overflowing.  Just across the Potomac River from us, there were tornado warnings. I have to admit that I was a bit unnerved by it all.
Todd thought he wanted to be outside while it was pouring rain, but once out, he just stood there, seemingly unable to make up his mind what he wanted to do.  He came back inside.
The past week seemed to be filled with nothing but bad news.  Even the news for our newest addition Annie was not that good.  Her test results from her recent vet visit show she has kidney and liver damage that was probably caused by extended use of anti-inflammatory medication for her arthritis. A special diet will be needed for her.
Needless to say, my spirits were at an all time low, my heart felt broken and my head was just spinning.  But I'm ready to begin the weekend on a more upbeat note.

Sheba let me know this morning that the wild blackberries are already starting to ripen.  I hadn't even noticed them, because they're a little early this year.  Each year it has been a contest between Sheba and I and Rudi (who passed away last August) and the birds to see who will get the most.  Right now, Sheba is winning.
It helps to begin the weekend with Sam acting like he's feeling a little better. He was barking and wagging his tail as we got ready for our morning walk.  He even enjoyed blackberries with Sheba and I and gobbled down his breakfast and Lucas's too.  I don't know how long we'll ride this wave with Sam, or even if it really is one. But the good notes at the start of the day has created harmony and peace at Golden Pines this morning.
 Enjoy your Saturday! 


  1. a good rainy day is sometimes what the doctor
    and go forward in the knowledge that you do the very best that you can..and that is carries us the rest of way

  2. I so agree with Suz's comment above. Get some rest and some peace in the knowledge that you always do the very best you can. Every single one of your animals knows this. Their love for you and your love for them will help you continue on this path you have chosen, which often is stressful and sad, but also full of joy. And with Todd there to make you smile.

  3. Sending you hugs, Kim. The Golden's are so lucky to have a very special lady like you to look out for them. I think you earn the special status of "Golden Angel" - an honor only bestowed currently on one other lady. You two are my heroes.

    Our Sam is sending good vibes to your Sam.


  4. All we have is this day, and that's how dogs live their lives. They don't think about tomorrow, just that today is a happy time. You have given them all so many days that they might not have had. And that is something to be very happy about.

  5. deep breath. relax. enjoy your day.

  6. Lucky you for the blackberries! I'm glad to hear that Sam is having an 'up' day today. As for Annie, at least her liver can be treated! I'm sure she will be fine in no time :o)

  7. We have to watch our dog around our fruit trees and berry trees as he too wants to gobble them up.
    Love Leanne

  8. Hi Kim-
    We wanted to check on you before we start our morning.
    There is something about a big rain storm- that you can really feel mother earth-tugging,,, and pulling us back. That is how I feel!
    Thank goodness your gutters hung on!
    Our black berrys are not even close to being ripe, but listening to you talk about them- makes our mouth water.
    We hope the new diet for Annie will help her!
    We are happy your day has started off good- with harmony with all at Golden Pines- eating the black berrys together!
    We hold you all close in our hearts as we head to the ocean.
    The butterfly photo is stunningly gorgeous, and the photos of Annie and Sam too
    We circle you with love

  9. Kim, I just want to tell you that I admire you for the life you give your Goldies, you do the very best that you can and come rain or come shine, it all shows!

    I love seeing dogs noshing on berries! Gotta be good for them.

    Cheers and hugs,


  10. Poor Todd in the rain, was this his first gulley washer?

    Sorry about Annie's change in diet, bet she is too.

    Nice that Sam is feeling better, sending him a hug!

    Sheba and the berries, wonder how often she gets her lips pricked, she doesn't seem to mind though.

    Glad your spirits are up some, I hope they can stay that way. Wishing you and uneventful weekend!


  11. Dear Kim,
    I've been thinking of you so much: such heavy concerns on your shoulders. The amazing thing about our dogs is that they don't worry like us...That is something to celebrate too, I suppose.
    Keep safe, Kim. We love you guys so much. ((Hugs)) to all the Goldens - especially Sam and Annie.

  12. I hope you and the doggies have a nice weekend. You could send some of your rain this way. We could use it. :)

  13. Kim ~ I've been out of the loop for awhile and I am sorry to hear that Sam has not been doing well. I'm grateful that you have given him such love and attention. Seeing the photo of him laying in the grass, happy and content on however many days he has left, well, you can see his peace.

    Sending thoughts of comfort, peace and many hugs to all of you.

  14. Tell Sam that berries are berry good for him. Our berries are several months away, but Bella will eat them before they ripen.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  15. Yep, one day a time, and celebrate the positive turns. Sorry to hear about Annie. What a beauty she is. The diet should help. Easton and I are thinking of you all.

    Roooooooooooooos (when I was writing this he was dreaming of his past, wild life!)

  16. I really do know how hard it is on you ..when you take the plunge and lay your heart wide open for these wonderful is my whole life too....9 kitties all rescued...but we are the ones who ache. They are the ones who just live this beautiful life you are giving ....and you just love them and know they would not have this if it were not for you!!!!!! A million kisses to those sweet animals!!!!! And a million blessings to you!!

  17. Its been a ruff week for you but hopefully you can enjoy the weekend. Sending sweet Scottie vibes to ya.


  18. I am so happy that harmony and peace are prevailing at Golden Pines right now. I hope that Sam keeps feeling better.

  19. Oh dear Kim...hoping the best for Annie too. I adore all of your photos but really love the one with the blackberries. Just too cute! Hang in there, sweetie.

  20. Glad there was some sunshine at the end of that rain. Enjoy those blackberries.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  21. Good to hear that the week ended with some peace of mind for you Kim. You have become an expert 'surfer' you know.....all the emotional waves you have been 'riding'.

  22. That is really a downpour. Too much for a little terrier, even one as plucky as Todd. Glad you escaped the worst of the storms.

  23. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life. More power to your blog!

  24. God Bless you for all you do for these sweet animals in need! Sending sunny weather your way and peaceful thoughts too!

  25. You and Sam need a sunny day and I hope you get it. The sun and a nice walk is the best medicine for everyone.

    Hugs, Joyce

  26. That Annie is a doll. LOVE that tail!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  27. I love the picture of Sheba eating the blackberries!

    Today was beautiful and tomorrow is going to be too! Enjoy your the rest of your weekend.

  28. Hope Sam is feeling better today. Have a nice day with your pack. Enjoy the day. Hope you got some sun. We have sunny here but some wind. Our dogs are in the garden resting and playing.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  29. We hate days like that. We are sending you lots of good basset vibes.

    The CheeseHounds

  30. Thank you for sending some of that rain to us. We needed it badly. Now we have that lovely wet dog aroma throughout the house.

    Hope Sam continues to feel better.

  31. Animals do live in the moment. I could a learn thing from that :)
    People always say our "kids" are lucky. I always say, "I am"!
    How fortunate to be a part of so many, beautiful creature's lives! What a blessing!

    You are all in my prayers...
    xo, misha

  32. Lots of things ripening early this year because of the heat.

    *hugs* ♥

    Hope you got some of the blackberries. :o)

  33. Gosh...reading and seeing black berries made me drool for them, Kim! Glad all you got was rain...we've gotten some heavy rains here lately too!...:)JP

  34. We didn't have any rain but we did have a good time!! The garden so far is so good!!! We are eating lots of tomatoes and wonderful herbs and cucumbers from the garden and eggplants are coming soon and our squash is slowly coming along. The hot peppers are happy and making fruit!!
    Loved are talk last Thursday!!!!

  35. Oh Kim, just wish I could give you a hug....don't know if that would help, but the burden that comes with love is sometimes heavy...
    Bless your heart, you are a brave girl (whether you think you are OR feel like it!)
    and I have to tell you I ADORE the header...Todd and (which other poochie??) is priceless.
    Hang in there...

  36. know what I like is rosehips...they are to live for...had to change that saying..I don't want you being sad, you know! Todd is a hoot and a 1/2...all that rain and he just stood there....Well it's Monday now so enjoy your week!

  37. Such powerful pictures!! Love the dogs; the rain is a downpour; and the berries look delicious! I also love your barn!!


  38. I can just see my two big guys attacking that berry bush. Sheba is just tooo funny!!
    I am so sorry that things have been "down" lately. Just remember the blessings that you bring to the dogs and those that they bring to you. Hope that you have a great week.

  39. LOL, Todd... Dusty did the same thing, here. Seems we got your rough storms last night/early morning. Sure did make things green up, though.
    Sorry to hear about Annie. Hopefully the special diet will give her a full recovery. People could take a lesson from that, as that could happen to them, too (and does).
    LOL, the blackberries sound d e l i c i o u s! It is hard to beat the other critters to them. I had a fight to get any of my Mulberries this year.
    I do hope that your week this week is off to a MUCH better start and is filled with nothing but GREAT news all week!!

  40. Hi Kim
    We just came to check on all of you at Golden Pines! And we came to see your beautiful photos again.
    Here is a whole bunch of love for all of you!

  41. Hiya Kim, That looked like some HEAVY rain..... we have been having a lot lately - but it's winter here so it's not unexpected. Nothing that heavy though.

    We love the butterfly picture!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie and her mum xxx

  42. Oh my gosh! Just that dreary, rainy, first photo would be enough to send me back to bed for the day! "When it rains, it pours". Seems appropriate.

    I hope your week goes well and that the dogs all enjoy a respite from the aches and pains and maladies that haunt them!

    Stay strong, my Friend!


    P.S. My Lord! Annie is beautiful! Then again...aren't they ALL?!

  43. the rainy day blues...
    chin up my friend

  44. Kim,
    Seems as if Todd is one brave doggie. He doesn't seem to mind being almost doggie knee in lots of water.
    I'm glad you had a good weekend with your dogs. The eating berries part looks like real fun.
    Still I'm sending you a big hug cause I still sense you may be a little down. Friends can feel these things even if we are miles and miles away.
    Lovely pictures on your header.

  45. I love that you give these dogs a chance to be the doggies that they are,eating berries,romping,you have a special spirit ,Kim,& never forget all the happy days you have with your dogs.God bless you.

  46. I'm so sorry about Annie. My heart breaks for you and what seems like ongoing bad news. That is quite a downpour you received! The photo and the tale of Sheba {Queen of the Blackberries} cracked me right up. :)

  47. That looks like a real gusher of a rain! The world always looks so clean and bright after a storm.
    Funny how Todd just stand in the rain just like my Sweet William, like if I just stand here I won't get wet.
    Sweet William The Scot

  48. Just read this post about Annie. Let me know if you need any advice with the diet, my Newf has chronic kidney failure and his "program" of diet, acupuncture, and herbs has worked really well so far. U.C. Davis has a great nutrition dept. that will customize a home-made diet especially for Annie. It's important if you are going that route because of additional minerals and vitamins she made need. Just let me know, happy to tell you what is working for us so far.


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