Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Menus

It feels like all Carl and I have done the past two days is eat.  Dinner for Christmas Eve could not have been more enjoyed. The restaurant was lit mostly by candles, and with an unexpected snowfall, it added more of a holiday feel to the evening. We passed on dessert because of the chocolate torte that calls to us each time we open the refrigerator door. And we'd just gotten home when a friend of ours stopped by with their entire family to sing Christmas carols for us. The day literally ended on a good note!

Christmas day started early when I made homemade cinnamon rolls.  The rolls need about 2 hours of rising time, but they are well worth the wait and the work that goes into them. They are baked in my Grandmother's cast-iron-skillet (frying pan), that allows them to bake perfectly and evenly.
In between eating and a much needed nap, I enjoyed chatting with all my siblings and other family members. The dogs enjoyed the day too, and loved playing in what little snow is left from yesterday. Wendy seems to be feeling better and even rolled a little in the snow this morning.  Todd has really loved digging in it and having us throw snowballs at him that he tried to catch.
It could not have been a better day.  If I could make another Christmas wish, it would be to stay home from work tomorrow--Unfortunately, that wish won't be coming true.  I do hope your wishes came true and your Christmas was an enjoyable one as well!


  1. Hi Kim, sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Those rolls look yummy. I'm off from dental world til next week and for that I say HOORAY!! Have a good one.

  2. glad you all had a good couple of days. :) we enjoyed a quiet day of thunderstorms, then rain, then a bit of snow! :)

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Merry Christmas to you all.


  4. Evening Kim, so nice your Christmas days....mmmmm cinammon rolls.......Happy Holidays my dear Friend, Francine.

  5. Yum...yum...and yum. I need an order to go...those breakfast rolls look off the charts. Glad to hear that Wendy has improved and the pups look gorgeous.

  6. Your dinner sounds so romantic and delicious! What a perfect start to the holiday. I hope that you had a wonderful day today, as well! Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh Kim
    We are so happy that you and Carl had your wonderful dinner together!
    It sound perfect! And the cinnamon rolls- oh gosh,,, YUM!
    We would have given anything to drop by your house and share some time with you.
    You and Carl and all the furrys are part of our family.
    Your snow was so beautiful and magical looking,,,,
    and the photos of Todd and Charlie are priceless.
    We love you all.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Merry Christmas to you, Carl and the golden pines gang.

  9. Sounds like a lovely dinner and evening!! Cheers!

  10. Hi Kim, your cinnamon rolls look so good. I would so have one right now. Glad to hear that you and Carl had a nice dinner and the Wendy is feeling better. Wish we would have had snow, but no such luck here in Florida. Hopefully work won't be so stressful and the week goes by quickly. Ana

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and the cinnamon rolls look delicious.

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  13. So glad you had a good Christmas Kim! I love this picture of Charlie. And those rolls... they look wonderful!

  14. Sounds like a perfect day.

  15. We overate a little too - but in the name of good friends and family, we think it is okay!

    We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


  16. So tired of eating... happens to the best of us this time of the year, but I cannot wait for all of this food to be gone and be back on track with eating right. Still have a post-holiday dinner to attend at the neighbor's house this week-end and then I am back on the diet wagon!

    Hope your holiday has been filled with merriment. Love to all the pups!

  17. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas Kim and those rolls look wonderful!!

    Merry Christmas to the crew at GP. :-)

  18. I am so glad you had a good Christmas.

  19. How wonderful Kim!! So glad to hear Wendy is doing OK!!! Love the photo of Todd. Wonderful food!!!
    What could be better. We were under a tornado watch most for the evening Christmas but all we got thank the Lord, was winds and rain--all is good.
    Going to blog about our Christmas day later I hope to anyway.
    Happy new year dear friend!!

  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day. We had fun day with family. Today is one relaxed day; I've got to start reading Gracie's book. Do you know Hunter loves the snow-playing in it but mostly eating it(silly pup).
    Have a good evening my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  21. Kim,
    Sounds as if you and Carl had a wonderful dinner and by candlelight how romantic.
    Those cinnamon rolls have my mouth watering and I wish I could just reach through the monitor and grab one.
    Glad you had a nice Christmas and I was surprised to hear you had to go back to work today. Boxing day is a holiday here so I guess we get a extra day.Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

  22. Sorry to hear you're having to work today. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas though, Kim.
    God bless. ♥

  23. I am on the couch and am totally pooped, Kim!...:) JP

  24. Oh Yum! I gave up wheat two weeks ago and it has been both good and bad. Hard time to do it but sure cut down on the goodies. Did enjoy a good Prime rib and baked potato!

  25. Glad you all had a good Christmas. Oh boy those rolls look YUMMY ! We are in a big snow storm right now high winds and lots of snow WOOHOO ! Miggs and I will go out tomorrow and play in it lol ! Have a wonderful day !

  26. Yeur Christmas looks berry habby!!! And the only fing that wood make mine habbier iss if I cood haff some ob those sin-a-min rolls!

    Merry Christmas wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  27. I'm so glad that you had a merry Christmas! I'm also happy that Wendy is feeling better. Smiles from us!

  28. Oh those cinnamon rolls looks too yummy! I hope you and all the pups had a most wonderful Christmas Kim!
    xo Catherine

  29. Hey we have a cast iron skillet, you know...so guess what....cinnamon rolls...I would love one. Happy Holidays my friends!

  30. Finally got our 1st 'measureable' snowfall.. too bad it didn't come a few days earlier.. glad your Christmas went well.. and that Wendy is hanging in there

  31. Merry Late Christmas

    Stop on by for a visit

    Hoping this new year is the best one EVER!
    So glad I found your blog this year-and thank you for sharing the great photos of your furkids. You do an AMAZING job of it!


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