Sunday, November 16, 2014

Buddy Settles In

~Josh and Sheba, playing their favorite game~
The colorful foliage is rapidly diminishing in our area.  Within a week or so, winter woods will prevail.  But on Saturday, we enjoyed autumn’s last colorful hurrah.  The crisp air felt more like mid-December than mid-November.
Today we still have the cold temperatures, but there are clouds that will soon bring us some much needed rain.
As I mentioned in my last post, Buddy has settled in nicely and is getting used to his new routine.  Yesterday we were off to the vet to have his staples removed from the fight in his previous foster home. I also wanted to talk to my vet about a plan to resolve all his skin problems and allergies. We were loaded up with everything from eye medications to shampoos, that all together I think will eventually make a difference, and relieve all his itchiness.     
Buddy is a friendly and affectionate boy with great house manners, and does what he's asked to do. Buddy may not have received his needed vet care, but it wasn't because his family didn't care about him, they simply weren't able to afford it. Below is part of an e-mail the volunteer who picked him up wrote to me when I asked her about Buddy's former family: 
 "Buddy's owner was genuinely upset when he handed Buddy over to me and was crying.  It was very obvious that he loved Buddy and was going to miss him terribly.  He has actually called and texted me to see how Buddy is doing ... he lived in a rather low-income area and jobs are pretty scarce so I understand how things could have gotten to this point with Buddy.  I'm sure the he was hoping that things would turn around for him and he could afford Buddy's care again.  I think Buddy was definitely attached to his owner, he said that he loved going for walks to the park.  The morning he brought Buddy out to me he said Buddy thought he was going to the park because he was so excited. I felt so bad driving away with this man's dog that he loved.  That was my first time picking up a dog from a give up owner, and I don't think I'll be volunteering to do it very often."  
My heart really goes out to this man that I've never met. It's a sad story, but one that in this economy is repeated all too often.  However, Buddy is going to be okay because of his unselfishness and doing what was best for him. I hope his former owner will be too.       


  1. that would have cut out part of my heart... bless him.

    and that first photo should be in a calendar!!! golden gold!

  2. What beautiful pictures you have captured of Josh and Sheba. Wish we had trees turn those colors (any color other than green) here in Miami. Glad that everything will turn out for the best for Buddy. I am sure his prior owner was devastated and probably still is giving Buddy up, but he loved him so much that he was willing to do so. That is a good and loving owner. I hope if one day I can no longer take care of Roscoe that I will be able to find people like you and Carl, loving and caring. All your furry children are blessed. Ana

  3. Heartbreaking, but the right thing to do.

  4. That is a sad story, but the man did the best thing he could for his Mate.

    Oh, and the goldens look fabulous with that leafy background.

  5. We sometimes forget how bad it is for the animals when their owners are in such dire straits. I'm so happy that life is looking up for dear Buddy.

  6. When things get really tough, the animals get the worst of it.

  7. So glad to hear Buddy is on the road to recovery.

  8. That note says a lot. Keep all these before pictures so we can compare them later. I have a lot of confidence in how his condition is going to improve under your care. Thank you.

  9. Evening Kim, looks so pretty at your place, white here now, snowed all day... So happy Buddy is doing so well, feel sad for the owner but he did the right thing.Blessings Francine.

  10. Very sad indeed.

    Aroo to you,

  11. Buddy's former owner obviously loved him selflessly. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I know you'll take wonderful care of Buddy. I hope that things look up for his former owner.

    I love your autumn foliage with two beautiful Goldens playing in it. That's how I visualize Life at Golden Pines!

  12. I normally am primarily concerned for the rescues, but this is truly heartbreaking for both Buddy and his former owner. Excited, thinking he was going to the park....What a tear jerker. I know our local food bank collects pet food for those that cannot afford it. There is also another program that collects needed supplies for pet owners that cannot afford them. Is it not possible to help an owner with needed care, when it is obvious that they love each other, or is there more to the story. I know I read that he had been on the streets of Baltimore.
    I know Buddy desperately needs medical help and obviously his owner had a huge heart to let him go, but it just seems so sad. I hope his former owner has some needed blessings in his life. Thank you for loving and taking good care of Buddy.
    This hit me extra hard, because Gus will be 5 tomorrow. I know his former owner loved him and cried when he gave Gus to us. He could afford him, but didn't have the time to take care of him properly. He wanted to keep Gus, but knew that it was not in his best interest. He still occasionally emails asking of his welfare. Gus is such a wonderful dog and I know if they had known how to raise him properly, they would not have had to give him up and go through that heartache. I can't ever imagine giving him up.
    Gus' Mom

    1. Thank-you for your thoughts. I totally understand why you're feeling this way because I am too. Buddy came from someone who lives around the city of Baltimore, and I don't know if there are any programs there that would have allowed his owner to get the care/food that Buddy needs, I know there are around where I live. I also *think* that he had found a job, but that it was going to be taking him away from home for very long hours. Being involved in these types of scenarios are always been the saddest ones to be involved in. And for Buddy, it wasn't and isn't like it's a needed surgery, or injury, it's all food related allergies that have caused his issues. Good food, the baths, and the medications he needs for his skin to heal may not seem like a lot to spend, but for the owner, it was just too much to take on, and I know we all understand that, and hope that we are never in these kinds of dire straits where these decisions have to be made.

  13. Crikey ..... that is just too sad. Sad for Buddy and doubly sad for his previous owner.Buddy has a whole new loving family. That poor man probably has no-one now that his dog is gone. He did the right thing though!!

  14. So sad that lifelong companions are forced to be separated because of money!!!...:)JP

  15. That is sad but I know Buddy is going to be very well looked after where he is so that is a happy ending isn't it ?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Oh.....heartache......

    Btw...I would have snapped at that vet too....}:

  17. The first photo is stunning but our heart aches for you, Buddy and his previous owner. Money should not make this world go round....
    We know Buddy is in the best of hands, hugs to you all!

  18. I don't know . . . I think I'd starve before giving one of my girls away ~ which is easy to say since I'm not starving. I might even resort to stealing. :-) Just kidding (kind of).

    Your photos are beautiful, as always.

  19. Heartbreaking. That special bond between dog and owner.However, Buddy is in the right place.

  20. It's sad but good situation. Buddy is in a much better place and I'm sure his previous owner has some comfort in that.

    Love the pics.

  21. Oh, dear, this is heartbreaking. I do hope that when Buddy is a improved, the woman who picked him up can send an update with photos to the former owner...

  22. Goldens playing in golden pretty!
    It is indeed sad that this man had to give up his companion due to finances. I am moved that he did the right thing for Buddy and that Buddy is fitting into his new home well.

  23. I wish Buddy's owner some peace. My heart aches for him.

  24. Ooh, bittersweet knowing Buddy was loved, but his owners had to surrender due to financial reasons.
    He must find comfort in knowing that he is in a loving and caring home, and will be pampered.
    Maybe he can look at his pictures and see he is nicely settled.
    Little Todd is such a special boy !

  25. Its raining now. The frozeness has run away for the time being,, and we have been thiinking of you,, thinking of Buddy,, thinking of all the Goldens in your life,, wondering how the days are going for everyone of you.. Wondering if the frozeness is upon you,,, or if you see leaves still on the trees,, Just wondering about Life at Golden Pines,,, and sending love- we always do.

  26. That really stinks. Isn't there a program in your area that could have helped him keep Buddy? I find it awful that people have to choose between their pets and survival.

  27. Beautiful Autumn photos...and oh, I feel so bad for Buddy's owner but I know he is best with you; bless his little (big) heart...

  28. Hi Y'all,

    Oh it isn't just the economy that leaves seniors searchin' for love...our humans leave for the Rainbow Bridge ahead of us, or become ill and have to go away and we are left the mercy of strange humans to find us a good home...that often will never "really" be our home.

    A beautiful story for Senior Dog month!

    Come on back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  29. Oh that breaks my heart. He truly did love Buddy - he did what was best for him. Hugs to Buddy.

    Monty and Harlow

  30. Hi - Thank you for the book and treats which arrived safely despite Air France and the railways being on strike. Have a wonderful holiday and an even better 2015. All at the Rickety Old Farmhouse where a wet and blustery winter is belatedly arriving. .


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