Friday, November 14, 2014


Relieved.  That's how I'm feeling.  Relieved that the long week is finally over and that a little excursion with Sunny is over too. I realized about a week ago that Sunny's rabies vaccine was nearly expired. Given Sunny's history, it's best to make sure that he's kept up to date on everything.  My regular vet is about an hours drive each way. So with spare time at a premium and knowing Sunny would be stressed out by the car ride and being at the vet, I opted to take him to a practice that's closer to home. The vet-hospital is a large multi-doctor, 24 hour-a-day practice. Because of my involvement with the rescue, I've taken dogs there over the years and am familiar with a few of the vets that work there.
There is only one vet that I prefer not to see for reasons ranging from his indifference, to what a co-worker and I think is just his total incompetence. What were the odds that he would be the one Sunny would be seeing?  Better than I thought they would be.  Of course "he" didn't remember me. I explained to him Sunny's history and asked him to please take it slowly with him because it was easy to see that he was visibly nervous. I suggested a muzzle to do the exam and to keep everyone safe. He rolled his eyes, explained to me that he was experienced with nervous dogs like Sunny, but they would muzzle him if it made me feel better.  Along with his arrogance, I'll admit that I also didn't like the way "he" related to Sunny when he was examining him, calling Sunny names like, baby, boo-boo, sweetheart, honey and precious. (blech!) But the exam and vaccine were given without any problem and I was relieved when it was all over.  I then offered to remove Sunny's muzzle, but "he" did it instead and when it was taken off, Sunny whipped his head around and snapped at him, and headed for the door.  "He" didn't say a word, and when I was paying the bill, I had to grin when I saw on Sunny's chart a bright yellow "caution" sticker. I do love a good "I told you so" and my good boy Sunny too.
Thank-you all for your continued good wishes for Cricket and welcome for Buddy. Buddy has settled in nicely and Cricket is doing wonderfully!  Look for an update on them very soon!  


  1. Back in the days when I was single and had just one dog, Libby, there was a vet just like that at our clinic. I always hoped we wouldn't get him. Lib had to have surgery and I left her there, when I picked her up I noticed a bright red sticker on her file. I asked about it and was told that Lib had bitten that doc. After that he wouldn't see us and I was relieved. None of the other vets had any problem with her or with me.

  2. I am listening to the gale winds whipping the treetops, and smiling at your visit, the vet's words, his manner, and your darling Sunny, what a cool lad to be good, then do that, the vet deserved so much more, I'm glad it is over, and B & C are doing OK too. Hugs to all your gang, Jean.

  3. Hi Y'all!

    My Human has changed vets several times with me because, although I get along with everyone and don't mind going to the vet, some are just...well...not helpful.

    Y'all come on by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Not one to wish anyone harm, but a little nip from Sunny wouldn't have bothered me at all. Thanks for the tip about cornstarch. We'll give it a try next time, especially in the very early stages.

  5. oh sunny! i love you.
    there are some out there (thank heaven not to many) that should never be a vet.
    one i took zeke to once was unnecessarily rough. i mean really rough.
    i interrupted the exam and just walked out with my zeke.
    good boy sunny! and...
    what WONDERFUL pictures of him! the last one seems to even have a little smile.

  6. The odds were better than even that you'd get him. He's lucky that Sunny was 'nice'.
    How wonderful to have a place like that nearby though!
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  7. Think it was just your luck to get the ---- vet. :( Glad it went easily and good for Sunny. Yep, I like a good "I told you so" every once and a while myself. :-)

  8. When your dreading something- it is such a relief to get it over.
    I know your heart sank when you saw the tech.. but good it all worked out.
    Sunny was such a good boy- and even earned a yellow sticker! What a handsome boy he is.

  9. Maybe the vet should have a "Caution" tattooed on his forehead. That would warn everyone about that sweetie boo-boo.

  10. Good boy, Sunny. Hope you got a treat for that! We're lucky so far, we've always had kind, gentle vets.

    We think Kyla might just have an idea there!

  11. How wonderful to see such good pictures of Sunny! It seems he is not quite so camera shy. He is a handsome boy. It is always a little satisfying when a professional is a bit condescending and you are proved right in knowing what you are talking about! Sunny must have understood and stuck up for you.
    Looking forward to the updates.
    Gus' Mom

  12. I was cracking up when you wrote I told you so. LOL. Glad though that Sunny has gotten his shots and is well. Hope that Buddy continues to settle in nicely with the other dogs and glad that Cricket is doing better. Will be looking out for the update on them both. Ana

  13. It's horrible when you lose faith in a vet.....but I am glad you go with your instincts

  14. Nice one Sunny, best way to treat arrogant Vets !
    We have one in our practice, we call her Vicious Vet and avoid her at all costs !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  15. Good for Sunny!! Applause! Show that arrogant vet!! Glad things are ok in your household...stay warm!

  16. Sonny was thinking ~ "Call me boo-boo one more time you incompetent fool!"

    Last night our four girls had us up nearly every hour (and they don't have any special needs) . . . I often wonder how you manage with your crew. There has to be something magical going on there at Golden Pines. :-)

  17. Gee, it's just amazing that there are people like that no matter where you go, they know it all, but have a clue.....and really you would think people that work with animals, would love it an be so loving and caring....guess not.

    Good boy Sammy, you tell them bad guys!

    The Mad Scots

  18. Boooo to incompetent vets and doctors of any kind!!
    Hopefully everyone gets feeling better!
    xo Catherine

  19. Our vet actually quit being a vet for a while after being bitten by a rottie. She now says it was her mistake. In any event, we have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate her and we've succeeded. She LOVES all of us, especially ME, being a senior and loving the acupuncture she gives me. Hey! I healed the doctor!! How cool is that?!?


  20. Morning Kim, glad all the sweet furry faces are doing well. Hope you have a good weekend,Blessings Francine.

  21. Glad all is well there . I can't stand vets like that either , good thing he did decide to listen to you about the muzzle for Sunny cause if he didn't and there was a miss hap well I could just imaging the response and fuss from this idiot vet ! Glad all went ok . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  22. BOL mom said she would have said if you think you can handle a known biter then go for it Doc.

    Aroo to you,

  23. Remember my Soldier, well, he would have torn that vet to pieces, muzzle or no muzzle. I am glad though that all went well and that Cricket and Buddy are doing well too.

  24. Kim, Don't you just hate it when others disregard the caution that we advise them of. We once had a brother in law that said he was a dog person and he was at my dads-our white german shepherd was clearly uncomfortable and I kept saying that I'd put her outside because I anticipated something negative about to happen. The guy told me no, but I could clearly see he wasn't a dog person either. Long story short, he walked past the dog and she snapped at him. How could anyone be mad, I warned everyone. Glad Sunny doesn't need to go back for awhile. Stay warm my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  25. Onya Sunny ...... Well done!! So good to hear that Buddy is settling in nicely and Cricket is doing so well.

  26. I hate vets like that. We had one at our old practice like that, and I had a "warning: do not ever let Dr. X treat Shyla or R" put in their folders.

    The indifference and incompetence (that is partly a result of the indifference) are just unacceptable to me.

    I'm glad that Sunny got his vaccine without any incident, just a warning to that doc to listen to the client. The client is always right (at least about the temperament of their dog)!

  27. ✿✿ミ
    ۵ Olá!
    ✿ Passei para uma visitinha.
    É tão bom ver suas fotos!

    ╭✿╯Boa semana!
    ╰✿╮Beijinhos do Brasil.

  28. Don't feel bad Sunny. Storm has a note on her file too. When she was young and a vet that we don't prefer (but others do...go figure?) was trying to clip her nails, she racked her nails down his arm. He ended up with a bandaged arm and she got the note. Storm says sometimes they just don't understand us. :)


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