Friday, November 28, 2014

Maybe Tomorrow

~Sheba (left) and Buddy on Wednesday~   
Despite a few more flurries today, our snow is now history, as is our Thanksgiving. We had an enjoyable day spent with friends and their family. My contribution to dinner was the most simple of things, the bread. I've made these particular rolls so often over the years that they've become a specialty that I enjoy making.  This is partly because it's a (very) basic and easy recipe from a Better Crocker cookbook, given to me by my Mom years ago. (Does anyone besides me even use cookbooks anymore?)     
~My hot, buttered rolls just out of the oven~
Today was a non eventful day.  We ran a few errands, had a quick lunch and came home to avoid the Black Friday crowds.
~Gus deciding inside or out~
Since yesterday began early, ended late, and began early this morning, after a walk and a little playtime with the dogs we napped the afternoon away.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get more done.  Or maybe not. We'll see.    
~Charlie's day was probably more productive than mine~


  1. I think Charlie has an idea there - kick back and do nothing - it's good for you once in a while.

  2. Don't push yourself. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Bread is probably one of my favorite things to eat any day anytime with any meal. Yours look so yummy. Enjoy the weekend. Ana

  4. I always love reading your posts. I'm a dog lover after having three generations of Labrador all at once I know the pleasure and the heartache when one passes on, as you say ' over the bridge ' I just had to post a comment on the lovely photos exuding with love for all your furry animals. Now it's time for you to take a rest and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Sounds like life at Golden Pines is rolling along nicely, enjoy your weekend :-)

  6. I did not leave the house on Good Friday! It is nice just to do nothing..I love your Sheba, sweet Gus and Charlie.. Have a happy weekend!

  7. We got really hungry this morning looking at those delicious rolls. Yes, Mommy still uses cook books all the time. She couldn't live without them!

    Happy Saturday!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Warm bread . . . afternoon nap . . . pure perfection.

  9. Kim,
    Your homemade rolls look beautiful. I bet the house just smelled great.
    Yes I still use cookbooks and still love them as gifts.
    It's nice to have a lazy sleepy day with your best buds.
    Black Friday just seems to be so crazy and has now made it's way into Canada big time. People lining up for hours in the wee night to save a few bucks. Not for me I need my beauty sleep.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. those bread rolls are thing of beauty

  11. oh, those sweet faces. love old gus - adorable! glad you had some quiet time!

  12. Charlie seems to have got life sorted.

  13. I'd like to order some of those rolls please.....

  14. Cookbooks? Not when you can search for the ingredients on hand and the computer tells you what you can make from them and how.

  15. Oh my Kim, my mouth is watering looking at those biscuits, yum yum...I really am not a cook, Cam does most of the cooking. ...Love the furry kids pictures as always. Hugs Francine.

  16. Those rolls look delish! I would have to say that other than some favorite recipes that I have printed out I use the internet as my cookbook now.

  17. I still use cookbooks. My two favorites are held together with rubber bands from so much use.

    It sounds like a wonderful day. I'd so love to grab a good long nap but my pals usually have other ideas.

  18. Those hot butter rolls look yummy, I'm sure I can smell them from here.
    Mum made the mistake of shopping on Friday, didn't realise how much Black Friday had come over here! Needless to say it wasn't a fun experience. (serves her right, should have been at home cuddling me!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  19. gus smiling . . . charlie just being charlie . . . both so adorable.
    living with so much pure love in your house. how neat is that.
    have a restful weekend.
    it'll all still be there.
    and really. who cares? XO♥

  20. Great to see Charlie relaxing like that. And how great about Gus being with you for six months. I know he loves it at your place.

  21. Looks and sounds like all had a good Thanksgiving ! I love days like this just lazing with my Miggs ! Our dusting of snow we had this morning has gone now. Nice photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  22. I love Gus's face in that picture as it looks like he is smiling. He must be as he has been with you for six months. And I love cookbooks - even if it just to read and dream about trying some complicated recipe.

  23. Hi Y'all!

    BOL! Sleepy face!

    We watched it snow all day Thanksgivin' day! It was wonderful! Just me and my Humans! Fortunately it's warmin' up to the 60's this week and then we go home until Christmas. Whoopee!

    Glad y'all had a great family time!

    Y'all come on back!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  24. You're not sharing the recipe? I pretty much have to use a recipe when I cook. I do have cookbooks (just inherited my Granny's old Norge cookbook).
    Your rolls look fantastic!
    Have a blessed Sunday, all. ♥

  25. Most of my favorite recipes still come from the old standard cookbooks. And the hand-written recipes tucked inside. Although I do like to try new ones from Cook's Illustrated and Bon Appetit. Have a great weekend.

  26. Ohhh those rolls look soooo yummy! We use a recipe book sometimes,,, for biscuits, but they do not turn out!
    The beautiful snow that was falling,,,, you captured the snow flakes!! Very beautiful. It looks like a very relaxing day at your house,,, I see a snooring Charlie, and a very beautiful Gus,,,
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,,, we hope its peaceful!
    Beautiful photos!

  27. I love baking and need a cookbook to keep myself straight. I tend to jumble the ingredients if I don't have it in front of me. They look delicious - I'll have to dig out mine and try them.

    Monty and Harlow

  28. Those rolls look very Tasty!!! Finally getting some snow here, about 4 inches all in all.

  29. Those rolls look amazing! I don't even know where I stashed my cookbooks when we I just look things up on the ipad, or use the recipes on the packaging.
    Napping is good for health! That makes it productive...right?


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