Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Rule Breaker

The week has found its rhythm as I've done some Christmas shopping and am working on getting our Christmas cards addressed and mailed.  Our boy Beau who is not one of the main characters at our house took center stage this week. I know I don't write about him often, and it's just because there's not much to tell.  Beau keeps to himself, and sleeps most of the time on a dog bed that he's claimed as his own. I think this is partly due to pain he has because of his chronic ear infections that we can't seem to clear up, no matter what is done, both at home and by the vet.  I've made an appointment at a dermatologist for the end of the month in hopes that perhaps they have a trick or two up their sleeves that will resolve them once and for all.

Beau did return to the ophthalmologist a couple of days ago.  
~Watching people before our appointment~ 
The eye lift he had in September was a total failure and a waste of money.  The only solution to the entropian is surgery. But because of his age, (about 14), the Ophthalmologist does not recommend it.  There is good news however, the two medications are providing relief for his eyes, and they are no longer red and irritated. So we've decided to manage it with the use of medications.
~Waiting for the Opthalmologist~
After Beau's appointment with the ophthalmologist it was back to work for me in the afternoon. To save time, I took him with  me. You may recall how the non-dog-loving-doctor I work for is very understanding and lets me bring the dogs into the office, providing that a few rules are followed. One is that they stay quietly in our break-room. I was with a patient when I heard a "woof."  Then silence.  A few minutes later, another "woof."  It wasn't a distressed woof, more like a "hello?" Then there was another. I thought I'd explained the rules to Beau, but apparently he didn't care. Who knew that Beau was such a rebel?     
-The break-room at my office-


  1. oh, sweet old boy! glad his eyes are less irritated now. i'm hoping he can stay as comfortable as possible with you for the rest of his days.

  2. Your boss is a sweetie
    Buy him an extra sweetie for his christmas stocking

  3. We have the occasional doggie visitor in our office, always welcomed and spoilt! Leah hasn't made it yet but its only a matter of time. Its something we all really appreciate being able to do in an emergency so well done to your boss
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. I love the "dog-level" view of the first two photos. Beau most definitely looks like he's smiling in the last two. Kind of cool that even at his age, there's a bit of a rebel left. :-)

  5. When you're 14 rebellion is quite acceptable.

  6. Did you say your boss is a Non Dog Loving person? But even if he is I'm glad he lets you bring the dogs in to the office. I'm glad the old boy is feeling a little better. It's sad when they start aging.

  7. I'm a rebel too! Only a rebel, can call another rebel, rebel! ( look up Tim Minchin and his song "Ginger", you'll be glad you did!

    Does Beau eat kibble with grain? Grain diets can sometimes contribute to chronic yeasty ears.

  8. Awww, Beau is so cute.. I can not imagine taking a dog to my work, I wish! I think Beau was calling for some company..He is a sweetie!
    Enjoy your evening!

  9. HinKim,ma www, Beau is so precious, love that face. How fun to have him at work, Blessings Francine.

  10. He just wanted some attention. We're happy his eyes aren't irritated!

  11. Awww - sweet Beau - he just wanted to say hello to everyone!

    Good to read that his eyes aren't as irritated too.

  12. He probably thought that you had forgotten him. Too cute.
    Glad his eyes are doing a little better.

  13. Beau just does not like rules,,,and he wanted to make sure you were still there!

  14. some rules are just too hard to follow, he should have let out an Aroooooo or two.

    Aroo to you,

  15. I agree! What a sweet boy he is.

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  17. AND what a beautiful Rebel he is??????? He looks so happy!!

  18. I'm coming in on 12/29, can I request which pup visits that day? I'd love puppy kisses along with my dental work! :)

  19. oh beau!
    nothing but beauty there in that woof and smile.
    to put up with pain in two of the most sensitive areas for a dog . . .
    or even in us humans for that matter . . .
    and still be able to smile like that at total strangers!
    oh beau. you're a sweetheart.

  20. Beau is such a sweetie. Maybe he just wanted some company in the break room if he was alone.

  21. Hey Beau, getting old is tough and you're just letting everyone know. We sure hope those eyes are feeling better.

  22. The Rebel Beau!!! I'm glad that you're able to manage his eyes with drops. That's great news. One of our pups, years ago, had entropian surgery at the same as he was neutered. I do think it would be a tough surgery for Beau. What a sweet boy!

  23. Why that old whippersnapper...trying to get attention!! at least meds will help him Kim...:)JP

  24. BOL - at his age, he has earned a little rebellion! He's still a handsome fellow. I hope the dermatologist will be able to clear up his ear issues.

    Monty and Harlow

  25. How adorable. I hope you will write more about him, he's really so cute.

  26. What a day you had Beau going to the doctor them having to say at another doctor's office. Home is the best place to be. Hope now that your eyes look better they can make your ears better.
    Sweet William The Scot

  27. Haha, he's such an adorable rebel! Beau is a gorgeous boy, and a total gentleman considering his painful ears. I'm such I'd be as crotchety as hell if I was him!



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