Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend and Friends

Labor Day may mark the unofficial end of summer, but we've had a sun-soaked humid weekend that has felt more like the middle of it. If Todd wasn't inside laying on the cool vents, he stayed in the shade outside.
I decided to pick the pears off our tree, even though I think it may be a little early for them. But because my nemesis, the dreaded brown-marmorated stink-bug who ruined them all last year is starting to arrive, I decided to pick them with Sheba's help.
I've got them in brown bags to ripen in hopes we'll get to enjoy them as much as Sheba and Josh have been the last few weeks.
While we were at home, two of the kittens were spending their long weekend at a local store in hopes of finding a new home for them.
Left behind was the tiger kitten that is the adopted sister. If a cat can be lonely, this little left-behinder really let it be known with her crying that she was.
As you know, Charlie loves the kittens, and tried to be friends with her.  But as you can see in the video below, she really didn't want to make any new friends.   She wanted her old one.
This afternoon she got her wish when the two little vacationers were returned, and two friends were reunited.
A pretty good weekend for all of us.  I hope yours was too! 


  1. What a lovely weekend you all had! I had two kities those exact colors years ago. The tiger guy was quite the hunter. As the black and white girl was afraid to go outside because our neighbors had a dog, he would catch critters and bring them in for her to play with! Mice, baby bunnies, lizards. That guy was good!

  2. thank you so much for the video. How adorable is that dog trying to be friends!

  3. Is Todd the only 'vent dweller'? Too bad the kittens didn't find homes. That Katie would have adjusted to being alone (lol) with Mrs. Yellow and Charlie and etc. Yes, end of summer and soon the end of the heat.

  4. I hope that those kits find happiness.

  5. I bet that Charlie can win her over, eventually! I'm glad she has her friends back, even though that means they weren't adopted.

    I hope your pears ripen up very nicely!

  6. I think Charlie would like to be pals with everyone!!!
    Very cute little moviie!!

    We say- get those pears before the bugs get them!

  7. I'm happy for the kitten, but poor Charlie!

  8. Poor Charlie, he was trying hard. Wish the kitties could have found forever homes...

  9. Isn't Charlie a real darling...luffs you CHarlie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Hello Kim, I used the bag trick for some peaches that were not ripe. It worked well. I love your cute Charlie, he is adorable. But, then I think all your dog are cuties. I feel sorry for the kitties, I hope they find a home soon. Have a happy new week ahead!

  11. We had hot humid weather here too. We mostly stayed inside. I actually like pears before they are fully ripe. Yours look really yummy!

  12. I could not see the video on my iPad, but will try it on my big guy, Dell, later on. We had kittens this summer also and thankfully all got good homes, one of them being mine. I do hope yours will find people who want to share their love and house with them soon.

  13. The kittens are so cute! :)

    Monty and Harlow

  14. Lovely photos and video . Our Misty is the same way with other animals just wants to be friends ! It is hot and humid here to still . I am looking forward to some of the cooler temps of fall . The kiddos went back to school today so that marks then end of summer for a lot of us here . Hope the kitties find good forever homes soon .Thanks for sharing . have a good week !

  15. I live on the vents at our house, when I cannot be found that is the first place they look, I love pears, those sure look good. We hope those kittens find good forever homes. stella rose

  16. I sometimes wonder if our cat would be happier with a feline friend. But she has grown up with our collies, and does seem very attached to them. We try to keep her inside, but she is very clever in her escape attempts. And I have to laugh when I open the backdoor to let the collies inside and she runs in with the pack, as much a member as if she were a collie too.

  17. Charlie and the kitten both remind me of a cat and dog we had years ago, both gone over the Rainbow Bridge now. Scooter, the cat, tried so hard to make friends with Krissy, a Sheltie. Krissy would sleep in the living room, and Scooter would lay on the floor and look at her for ages. He would slowly pull himself over to her. Sometimes he'd get to sleep beside her, but usually she would wake up, see him, and jump up and move away. Scooter always tried though.

    I read earlier this year you should always pick pears before you think they are ripe, and let them ripen indoors because they ripen from the inside out and if you wait until they look ripe, they are over-ripe, so you did good to pick them!

    So glad you all had a good weekend. Have a blessed week, Kim. ♥

  18. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Enjoy your pears!

  19. Poor Charlie! He is such a sweetie. I hope he finds a kitty friend that likes him someday.

  20. Wonderful pictures and post.

    Hugs Diane

  21. i wish someone wonderful would come along to want all the kitties together.
    that will be my mantra to the universe! :)
    and charlie?
    there's only one charlie. ♥
    i love your videos.


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