Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

It’s a calm night which is a welcome relief after the frigid cold temperatures and strong winds we've had most of the week. Heavy snow and blizzard conditions are predicted to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  You'd never know it because this evening our winds are light and you can see the full moon and the stars if want to brave the cold and look up -- I'm thinking this may be a good idea since they're saying that we won’t see the sky again until Sunday!
Last evening I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend.  I was greeted by long lines, and lots of empty shelves.  Unbelievable...
~No packaged lunch meat or cheese of any kind at Wegmans, Leesburg~
Unable to even get the onion and celery I wanted, I was off to another grocery store where I found all that I needed.
Today has been spent at home getting everything ready for a weekend of being snowed in.  With high winds predicted,  I'm hoping the power stays on with less effort than Todd was using ...
to try and get his coat off.    

If you're in the path of this storm, stay safe and warm and at home!


  1. We would love to get some big snow here in OP, KS, but we know that this storm has the potential to be very dangerous for all in its path. We hope you and all your beloved furries will be safe. Take care.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. LOL! I take it Todd really doesn't want the coat on.
    Josh is graying beautifully.
    Sounds like a good night to see the sky, yes, it looks like most of us won't be seeing it for a few days - has rained here most of the day - a cold rain.
    Keep those fur kids warm!

  3. Todd, I don't see coats on the Goldens or cat. What caused the discrimination against you?

  4. oh these pictures are so wonderful.
    and i know you've said you heat the towels and blankets for those beloved old bones.
    how wonderful for them.
    be safe darling bean.
    strange to think of waiting for a big monster to arrive. but that's really what you're doing!
    i hope you stay warm and WITH power! XOXO♥
    let us know how it goes if you can. ♥

  5. Be safe and stay warm!! Looks so comfy under that blankie!!! Wonder if it had just been warned up in the dryer?? Love how much you care❤️

  6. We hope that the storm misses you, and all will be well. If it doesn't, Todd will be very glad of his coat !

  7. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you, but keep warm and safe.

  8. The forecast storms have even made it onto the news here.

    What you get this week, we'll get next.

    Be careful. The dogs will love it.

  9. Go Todd~ We hate clothes. We've been watching the preparations here, too. We just had a huge dump of rain today....but we did need it.

  10. Oh Todd is hilarious!
    Take care, stay safe and warm in that cold weather
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. I have never known a grocery store shelves to be empty like that ! Oh Todd you always make me laugh I would of thought he would of thought it were a cape and try to fly lol ! I don't think we are to get any of the snow storm down here but way up north east of us they will . Hope the storm settles down and doesn't dump much at all for you . Thanks for sharing cute photos stay safe and cozy and have a good weekend !

  12. You too! I went to the store, and while the bread aisle wasn't completely bare, it was getting there! I imagine today will bring on the panic shoppers. But a couple winters ago, a blizzard dud hit us, and did dump a few feet of snow on us. We were stuck in our homes for 5 days, as they had to bring in construction equipment from other states to clear the roads.

  13. Good morning, I can only imagine what the grocery stores are like. I am glad you found what you needed. Cute doggies and photos. I hope you all keep warm and safe from the storm. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hoping you and your doggies stay warm and safe. Gosh, those shelves were EMPTY! I had to laugh that even celery and onions were gone - maybe everyone was making emergency potato salad!

  15. Hi!
    I'm in Silver Spring right now & the stores are naked. If you don't have it by now then forget about it.
    I love all your beautiful doggies. And the pretty kitty. You have to have a happy life for sure. I would like to thank you for keeping all those animals out of the cold. You rock!
    Take care, Monica

  16. Hi Kim, I haven't blogged for a while but finally did one last night, glad to see you are doing well and of course the doggies too. We have had some ice and snow too not to mention a few weeks ago it rained 7 or so inches over the weekend. Major flooding from that but we had no damage. Have a great weekend.

  17. Unfortunately this storm is every bit as bad as predicted and worse. Such a huge's still snowing here in western NC even while the snow has reached you and DC. It just won't let go. Stay warm and safe.

  18. I hope you're stocked up on pet food

  19. We hope your power stays on and you all stay warm and safe. At least the storm is hitting on the weekend so fewer people will be trying to get to work.

  20. I bet your snowed in! I hope you do not loose your power,, or internet connnection.,. But if your world turns to white and quiet,, I hope you can enjoy it.
    Stay warm,, stay safe,, and I hope you have enough snacks for everyone!

  21. Thinking of you Kim! Stay warm and safe...good plan to stay IN on weekends like this!!

  22. Morning Kim, hope you all are safe and cozy warm. Blessings Francine.

  23. Todd doesn't know how lucky he is to have that coat on to keep warm. He's really going to need it soon!

  24. HI Kim and pack, here's hoping you don't lose power and heat during the storm, you can always have the dogs snuggle with you and keep you warm! We are having a sunny dat today, but snow is arriving tomorrow,
    Noreen and Hunter

  25. Hope you are faring OK in the storm.

  26. I hope that you all are doing well. I saw your FB photo so I know you got feet of snow. Perhaps you'll get Monday off? That would be nice!


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