Wednesday, March 16, 2016


A busy last weekend volunteering at a free dental clinic.  Despite the day beginning at 4:30, a nearly 2 hour drive to the clinic, it was a good experience that reminded me how fortunate I am.  
But it left me running on empty at the start of the week.   Last evening we had tickets to a play at a local university that I'd purchased late last year.  Exhausted, I was considering not going. But I dragged myself there, and I was glad we attended.  Despite a late night, it was a nice evening.

I switched my day off to today and napped off and on through most of it.  But the warm weather did have us outside just a bit.
It was good to relax, get over feeling like I've neglected the dogs and enjoy the afternoon!  
A busy weekend is on the horizon.  I've received a call from an approved applicant with Lab Rescue about Sherlock/Reggie.  A single lady with another dog would like to meet him on Sunday.  As you can figure, I've been seriously considering keeping Sherlock/Reggie.
However, I had decided awhile back to roll the dice to see what and who might come forward as a possible forever home for him.  I like "the lady."  She's single, retired, with another dog (a terrier mix) named Scruffy.  The Lady is willing to drive more than 3 hours to come and meet him.  So, I've decided to let fate play the card and see if they're a match.  If it doesn't work out, I've already decided that Sherlock/Reggie, will stay with us.  Stay tuned!
I hope you all are doing well.  I've really missed reading your blogs and seeing what you're up too.  I hope I can catch up with your news very soon!
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  1. I hate that "out of gas" feeling. Nothing like a little napping and a lot of dog time to recharge! Trusting that whatever is right for Sherlock/Reggie will happen...

  2. Sounds like you had a fun1
    Glad you got some nap time and recharged.
    I think someone willing to drive that distance, sounds like a possible good home, although I think yours would be my pick! LOL!
    Good luck either way1

  3. I know you'd like to keep Reggie but if it is a match, let him go. Another lost soul who needs YOU and a good place would then have a spot.

  4. oops, computer problems on my end...
    or maybe the operator.

  5. I am amazed at all you do and you know terriers can be a little high strung, especially one that has been single for any time. With a name like Scruffy he may not be vary accepting.

  6. Thank you for writing! I'm glad you had a chance to rest and recharge your batteries. That's so important.

  7. You have too much going on, Lady. No wonder your reserves were low.

    Todd is ready for the camera at a moment's notice, isn't he? :)

    I know what happens with Sherlock will be for the best. She must be in love with him, to drive the distance, right? That's what counts.

  8. We'll miss seeing Sherlock/Reggie's lovely face, but if you really feel he'd be happier with the terrier lady, then we're sure you'll do the right thing for him. Agree with Doc, terriers can be highly strung and apt to be snappy.
    When we collected our retired breeding Labrador from her former owners, we drove a round trip of over three thousand miles, and she's proved worth every mile of the five day journey !

  9. We know you'll do what's right for Sherlock/Reggie. Todd looks like he's got Spring Fever.....

  10. Hello, you do sound busy! I hope all goes well with the meet. All your dogs look beautiful. Happy Thursday, Enjoy your day!

  11. You are a very busy lady! Sure hope that the meetup goes well. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!

  12. Life can be so busy. Once you get tired, it is so hard to catch back up. It has been almost a week since the Man got very ill with salmonella and I am just about caught up! Wishing Reggie luck!

  13. Reggie is a lucky dog with having possibly two forever homes/owners.

  14. I think you will know in your heart whether it's the right person for him. Instincts tell us what we need to know, if we just pay attention.

  15. How kind of you to do that volunteering. Yes, most of us have such good fortune compared to "these the least of my brethren."

    I think you are wise to just let the meeting happen and see how it goes from there. You have taken such good care of Reggie, in all ways, and I think it will become manifest if he should be kept or go.

  16. Hi Kim, hope all goes well, Reggie deserves a loving home.... Hugs Francine.

  17. Of course I love the photos of Todd, but I'm excited to find out if Reggie gets a forever home or if he is already home.

    Aroo to you,

  18. Our mom has been running on almost E for awhile now. I hope it turns out well for Reggie either way, he is a beautiful old man. Todd is always entertaining for rose

  19. Don't forget that the time change has an effect especially this week too. Hope you get your batteries recharged soon.

  20. Todd your so much like out Miggs in those photos lol ! Oh good news for Sherlock hope all goes well , You need a break for sure . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  21. We hope that whatever is the best for Reggie is what happens. We have had some incredibly nice days here too. Hope you all have a nice weekend ahead.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  22. I trust you always to KNOW what is best for them.
    you've never failed yet.
    sad though that he will be getting use to yet another new place and people. but then. who knows?
    maybe scruffy and he will take to each other and be like brothers! we shall hope.
    I hope if it doesn't work out that she would be willing to drive the 3 hours to bring him BACK to YOU! and not just take him to a shelter somewhere.
    so many ifs. oh my! will hold good thoughts.
    and todd... that little funny todd! LOLOL!

  23. Dear Kim, I was just feeling bad that I haven't been getting around much to visit with my friends and then see you feel the same wayūüėä. So good to catch up with you; of course I love labs and understand your desire to keep Reggie. When I read the lady has a terrier I thought oh no, because we know what scrapers terriers can be. Hoping that it works out the best for everyone.
    Sending love your way!

  24. We get the 'run-out-of-gas' feeling more often than we used to.
    Good to hear you and your gang are doing well. Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Those free dental clinics are so helpful for so many people. Kudos to you for helping out. Love the dog photographs. And your daffodils.

  26. I'd say that you need some down time. Hope things work out for the best for Reggie.

  27. You must feel like a tumbleweed at times,,, just going in all directions,,,, and yet, still being able to "balance" yourself out with a little rest.
    I know your torn about Sherlock/Reggie,,,,, But I know you wont let him go unless your sure it would be a good thing,,,, And even if it a match for him,, your heart will be torn..
    Such beautful flowers, your sweet Sissy, and Todd,,, You gave them some time,, and they you some of their time..!
    We have blue sky today,,,and tomorrow (yay)

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  29. I ALWAYS . . .
    love visiting right here . . .
    Life with the Goldens . . .
    and my visits, brings me "happy!"
    Look forward to hearing about your decision on Sherlock/Reggie . . .
    (Curious, are you a dentist . . .)


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