Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whale Watching!!

We've all had instances where we're left a little speechless by something that happens -- So much so, that when you tell people about it, it's so ridiculous that they don't believe you.  Well, this is exactly what has happened in my town this week.

There has been a problem with a large group of turkey buzzards roosting on the town's water tower.  We all know that while they aren't the most attractive bird, they do serve an important role in the environment by helping to "recycle and clean." However when they form big groups in towns, it becomes a problem.
The water tower that the buzzards took up residence on is very near a subdivision.  And so the town council consulted with an expert to help resolve the problem.  I'm not sure who this "expert" is or where they found him, but they were told that turkey-buzzards are afraid of Orca whales.  Yes, Orca whales.  How they know that is anyone's guess.

So, on Tuesday afternoon, despite high winds, what the town has dubbed  Operation “Fly Willy” began with the town mayor himself climbing to the top of the water tower to attach three orca whales (Humphrey, Moby Dick and of course Willy) onto the railing of the water tank to try and scare the turkey-vultures away.
 All that the town could do was wait and see if it would work.

Well, big surprise, it didn't!  The buzzards returned that very evening, just as they always did.  And believe me, social media was lit up with jokes about the whole thing!  
But it's only because I think, it's the craziest and most far-fetched thing I've ever heard of and seen.  Thank-goodness things are normal at my house.... At least they are at the moment!  Maybe they should try putting a Scottie up there instead!  


  1. Whales on a water tower? huh? yep...that shuda worked for sure heh? thank you for this story. My husband will love it. We have Grackles here in Texas and a boom machine will scare them into leaving the area and not coming back. Good luck to your town.

  2. That brought some nice smiles!! Thank you Kim for sharing this news,, that of course should have made the news,, and did,,,!
    They did a good job on the Orcas!

  3. Oh Kim, that's priceless - how many red faces on the town council? Any resignations? Guess the birds saw straight through that little ruse, and maybe even brought a few friends along to have a look !
    Good to know all is well at Golden Pines.

  4. No!!!! I is laffing sooo much....that Mayor must haf felt such a fool clambering around wiv the whales, hehe
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Good morning, that is funny. The vultures seem to be a problem in a lot of places lately. I love the last cute shot of Todd!
    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. LOL, too funny, made my morning Kim. Todd looks so sweet, smooches.Blessings Francine.

  7. We are sur eTodd can get the job done properly. But if he needs help, we are available

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. That is so funny. We have so many turkey vultures in this area, we don't think anything of them. And you're right, they clean up the roadways. I'm not sure what problems they would create in a town, but good luck to the mayor!

  9. Birds smarter than "experts"? Of course.

  10. Too funny - someone must have been playing a joke on your mayor
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. That is just the strangest story I've heard all week! How very odd that someone thought they were afraid of orcas! Snakes I could understand, but whales? It's cute that even the Mayor got in on the crazy stunt!

    Yes, a watchful doggie would clear off those birds. I don't know if you've seen the news story about the dog at the airport who runs off all the animals that wander onto the runway. I think his name is "Pilot." It's been on Facebook a lot lately. He even wears goggles like a pilot.

  12. Funny I thought the same thing put a Scottie up there lol . Nice photos ! I cant see how Turkey Vultures / Buzzards are afraid of Orca whales as they are land dwellers and carcass pickers not water fowl and don't get any where near sea creatures other then on the shores to feast on the carcasses . I think this person is a Little nuts lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  13. Somebody was pulling somebody's leg there. So funny! I'm sure "What were they thinking?" was heard all over town! LOL!

  14. Bwahaahaa! We think they need to let the dogs loose! At least the mayor didn't sit up there in an Orca suit.

  15. LOLOLOL!!!!
    for once i'm speechless.

  16. If you didn't have pictures we wouldn't have believed you. Maybe someone should think of removing all those things sticking out that the vultures are sitting on? Looks like a perfect roost spot to me.

  17. Somewhere in your city there is a person who started the whole thing and is laughing like crazy that the mayor himself fell for this gag. I love it!

  18. OMD - you have me laughing out loud. Orca whales? Buzzards do indeed have brains, and they know that real Orca whales would not be hanging from a water tower ;)

    I shouldn't laugh so hard. We once put shiney streamers all over our house siding to try to make the woodpeckers go away. It didn't work. But at least it wasn't so high profile!

    I think that Todd is the answer!

  19. That is hilarious..but I reckon you could sit a certain little fellow, by the name of Todd, next to the tower, he would frighten the buzzard turkeys away - surely!

  20. I have no idea what to say....

  21. Most likely a vulture did it. They are probably not fooled, haha.
    A better suggestion would be Nite Guard Solar Lites. Or maybe some mylar ribbons, though that would only work if it was windy. They might reflect the sun enough to unnerve the vultures...


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