Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stinky and the Twins

My train traveling husband returned via plane on Tuesday.  He said that he enjoyed traveling by train and would like to do it again.
~View from the train on the second night~
While in Washington he visited Mount St. Helens
And he said he'd forgotten how beautiful the state of Washington is.
Back at home, our foster kitten, Mohawk, or Stinky as I've been calling him saw a specialist.  For the two months that he's been here, he's had "bowel upset" the entire time.  The diagnosis after seeing the internist is "Irritable Bowel Disease."  We're changing up his food (for the 3rd time) and putting him back on medications in hopes that it'll do the trick.

In the photo below you'll notice that Jake and Josh (on the right) ) are looking a bit like twins.
At 14 years old, Josh's arthritis is starting to take a toll on him and he often needs help getting up on his feet.  Acupuncture and cold laser don't seem to be helping, but the daily pain medications are easing his discomfort.  To help him to stand up and keep him mobile he needed and I wanted a harness.  The one I have and like the best is being used by Jake, so I needed to order another one.  Unknown to me, back in January, another blogger (who I will let remain anonymous) sent us an online gift that I didn't find out about it until I decided to get a harness for Josh - And Her generous gift was the exact amount I needed to buy it -- It was meant to be!  I cannot thank "Her" enough for thinking of us and making a difference for Josh, as well as the others that will use the harness after him.

I've no doubt Todd would agree -- But for now he just thinks it's funny that they're wearing matching outfits!


  1. Do you rescue senior peeps?

  2. I was wondering how Josh was doing, sorry to hear that he has problems too. He and Jake do look like twins with their own 'luggage' handles. Bless 'em.
    I envy Carl his wonderful trip. Beautiful pictures!

  3. aww, poor stinky... and bless your friend and her gift of kindness.

  4. You are wonderful to care for these aging souls
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Did someone just tell Todd a really good joke?

  6. oh kim.
    what a darling you are. poor little stinky. it must be miserable for him. i've known people who've had that and it's a nightmare for them. "like having a flu bug all the time" one of them said.
    and what a blessed "her" too in this post! and just at the right time!
    i've never been to washington state.
    but those pictures take me there. it IS beautiful!
    i'm so glad carl's back home refreshed and safe and sound! XO♥ and todd just makes me laugh. ALWAYS. :)

  7. Hello, Todd, Jake and Josh are all cuties. The Washington state photos are lovely! I hope Stinky feels better. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. How kind of your friend . . .
    I love your blog, posts and "family."
    And Todd cracks me up . . .
    He must bring "fun" into each day . . .
    Give each of your "loves" a head pat, ear rub, hug . . . from me . . .

  9. IBD is a pain - with humans we know that adding fiber helps a lot. Maybe Stinky would eat canned pumpkin, not the kind for pie, but real pumpkin?

    Poor Jake - hope the meds and the harness help a lot. What a very kind and thoughtful friend to make that contribution for you!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Afternoon Kim, poor Stinky, hope he feels better.....such beautiful scenery, love them.... Sweet friend, Have a great weekend.Hugs Francine.

  11. Aww, poor Stinky (I luffs that name!) hope the change of foodables and meds help,
    Josh and Jake do look like twins don't they
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Glad to read that your hubs enjoyed the train and also that he's back, safe and sound.
    How cool that a blogger friend sent a gift that turned out to be exactly what you needed. I am constantly amazed at the kindness and generosity of online friends! xo
    Lastly, I have a cat that I adopted when an owner brought him in with IBD. She was done trying. SO when I offered to adopt him rather than have him put down, she jumped at the offer.
    I tried a TON of different foods, most very expensive and I also tried the pumpkin because I've seen it work with other pets but nothing helped.
    Finally I bought the Rachael Ray brand. NOT the grain-free (which I tried in other brands) but the Super premium Chicken and Brown Rice and it WORKED! His stool is never super solid put its formed and he no longer vomits all the time. (the Salmon and Brown Rice worked too). Then a friend told me about her vomiting cat that she had into the vet's constantly and I told her I'm not a professional but just a cat owner and recommended it to her and she found feeding him that in several small feedings through the day worked!
    So.. maybe the would work for Stinky?
    Fingers crossed!

  13. What a nice surprise to have the harness be paid for. I hope the new diet for the kitty helps put his problems behind him (pun intended).

    I'm glad Walter's reaction to seeing his foster mom after so long made an impression on you. As an adopter I can't say enough about the sacrifice you make with all your charges. When I worked at our humane society I would foster cats in my office that were parts of investigation cases. A couple were with me almost for a whole year and it was definitely difficult to let them go but I knew they would be happier in a home. I can't believe anyone would ever think that pets would forget about a foster parent.


  14. We looked at that harness for R, post-surgery. It looks like the "help 'em up" harness. We ended up going with something different that is just for the front end but I filed it away in my mind for the future. I'm glad that both Josh and Jake have them now! And I hope that Stinky feels better!

  15. Todd really does look like he is laughing,,!
    Were so glad that the harness really was "meant to be". And now both of the goldens have what they need, just a little help - now and then.

  16. Kim, what kind of harness did you choose? I looked when Tsar and then Morgan needed help getting around and didn't find what I wanted. I'd like to have one on hand for the future.

  17. I had two cats that had IBD, they caught a virus at the Vet Office that caused it. One got better, the other we battled diarreha for 3 long years before he passed. I hope Stinky gets well soon!


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