Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Mischief Maker

Off to the vet on Thursday with Bailey and Rhett.  Bailey for a recheck of her eye pressure, and 'anomalies' found in her senior panel last month. It was all pretty good news for her, except for her ears which we'll recheck again in another week.

Rhett got off pretty easy on that visit and ended up not being seen. He's been with us for a month now, and on the first, it'll be a month since he has had a seizure (knock on wood, please!!). So, Rhett needed to have blood tests done to check the levels of the medication (phenobarbital and zonisamide) that he takes for his epilepsy. But I totally forgot it was supposed to be 11 hours post medication, and that he also needed to fast beforehand. If they told me that detail, I totally forgot that too. 
~At the gas station - Fill 'er up~
So, back to the vet on Friday and on to work with me afterwards. I kept him in our breakroom with the door closed.  And, aside from his whining, which nearby patients and the doctor heard, he did pretty well, napping most of the time. 
~Rhett, dreaming of mischief?~
However, at the end of the work day, I went into the break-room, and panic immediately set in because Rhett was gone!  A co-worker had left a few minutes before and the door had not gotten locked, and Rhett had gone out into the outside stairway.  THANKFULLY I caught him just as he was headed down the 2nd flight of stairs.  I've decided that Rhett may be 12 years old, but he is proving to have the heart and spirit of a dog half his age, and is just as mischievous!   
With his age and experience, I'm wondering if Rhett may be able to teach Todd a thing or two about mischief - Would that be possible?

**Simba Update:

I got a short e-mail from D&A this evening.  The subject line said "Love This Boy"
They'd had family visiting this weekend., and the e-mail simply read: 

He is was such a great host to his cousin pups. He is an absolute gem!!!
We are so lucky to have him in our family!


  1. You go Rhett! Fudge says that we can never take you older gents for granted. You're capable of many surprises.

    Great news about Simba.

  2. It looks like Todd doesn't appreciate your last question seeing as his tongue is sticking out. LOL

  3. Aw, Rhett was probably curious what had taken you so long to return. Seems your memory has given him a bit of a reprieve from whatever other tests he is to have. I'm happy to hear that Simba is fitting in so well!

  4. Can't imagine Todd needs any more mischief training.

  5. Teach a Scottie about mischief? SQUAAAAAAAWK?

  6. If Todd will listen, I am sure Rhett will be happy to teach him a few tricks.
    Hope all goes well on Friday. I am sure they forgot to tell you about the fasting. Probably figured you knew.
    Great news about Simba!
    Have a blessed week, Kim.

  7. Oh Boy!!! Firstly, Simba, what joy in their words. He will be so loved, and sounds like he is one of the family from the first minute, well before "day one" was over.Rhett, maybe you knew when a good opportunity showed up and took it with all paws. Go, Rhett, Go, but not outside in town or too far away.

  8. oh I loved this! on all counts! grinnin' big here.

  9. Hello, Glad all went well with Bailey. Rhett is a cutie and I am he has a few tricks he could teach everyone. I am happy to hear Simba is settling in with the new family. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  10. Your pictures of those beautiful faces gave me a smile in this early hour of the day. I hope that stays with me as this blustery day unfolds.

  11. so happy for Simba! Sounds like he is in a great home.
    Maybe Todd and Rhett will team up for some more mischief!
    Uh Oh!
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. That's the very best news to hear about Simba - so glad he's found his forever home, and they have found their perfect boy.
    Maybe Simba and Todd will get together and swap ideas for even more mischief !

  13. What a cheering report on Simba. When I saw the title Mr. Mischief, I was sure Todd was the topic. Rhett has a few tricks up his sleeve; what great spirit he has. Great photos and the first picture is so pretty.

  14. Nice to see there is still some mischief in Rhett! Hope his blood tests go well.

    Looks like Simba is truly at home now.

  15. Happy news all around, Kim. Lordy, when I read the line about Rhett being missing my heart skipped SEVERAL beats!! Animal lovers have one heart. xoxo

  16. Dear Friends,

    It is always important to remember mischief, no matter what our age. Right? Right. I am glad to hear the Vet went mostly well.


  17. How wonderful for Simba and the new family. Warms the heart to see such a good fit.

  18. Mischievous happy goldens warm my heart.

  19. Heart in mouth moment with Rhett and a truly happy outcome for Simba. Good to know that Simba's new family have the sensitivity and courtesy to reassure you that your boy 'done good !'

  20. Mischief is a good thing!!
    We are so happy about Rhett!

  21. Glad that Rhett didn't make it too far. He will be teaching Todd a thing or two :)

    Yay for Simba. It must be so rewarding for you!

  22. Love your “pups” . . .
    Newbies and Oldies . . .
    Like the “good news” note too . . .
    (Todd will probably always have that mischief look!)


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