Sunday, June 10, 2018

Caught Up and Going Forward

We end our weekend with all the spring grooming finally caught up. Todd and Max were at the groomers on Thursday. And yesterday, the girl that comes to the house to trim nails helped me with the rest.
~Todd pre and post grooming~
This past week also took us to see Holistic Vet with Eva and Charlie.  We have a good plan going forward with Charlie. I'm trying to stay and be optimistic that we can slow down the spread of the cancer.

Eva is a little more complicated. I've known that her kidney disease is something to keep an eye on. But up until now, she's not been symptomatic so I'd felt that despite the changes she had in her tests, that she was "okay."  Conventional Vet that sees her has not given me, or the medical coordinator for the rescue, a reason to think otherwise. We had not realized how wrong it has been to think that. Holistic Vet is very concerned about her latest lab results. Most recently because of an infection that Eva has, that Conventional Vet didn't seem too worried about. I'll fast forward through all my emotions about everything, and just say that a cocktail of medications and supplements have been added to Eva's meals with the hope that the lost ground can be regained.
~Eva's cocktail of medications for each meal~
I hope you'll send some good vibes for Eva that her appetite will return, and the good days of the past will return too.


  1. What heartbreaking news about Eva! Yes, plenty of good wishes are on their way --- thanks for letting us know.

  2. Eva can keep herself warm with all the fur Todd donated to the cause.

  3. Lots of vibes to Eva, from us here in sunny Spain. We hope that she and Charlie will continue to make good progress, knowing that we are all concerned about them.
    Todd looks very smart indeed since his grooming - I hardly recognised him !

  4. Hello, Sending my good vibes and well wishes for Charlie and Eva. Todd look beautiful after his grooming but he is always handsome. Happy Monday and have a great new week.

  5. Todd pretties up well.

    I hope the news gets better for Eva.

  6. Thank goodness you are such an advocate for your dogs; I've learned the hard way not to rely on solely on my main Vet (and I do like him), but to trust my own gut and get second opinions when necessary. POTP to Eva!

  7. All paws are crossed for Eva and Charlie. We hope the new plan works for Miss Eva.

  8. Bailey says to take your meds and eat as much as you can, get plenty of rest and keep on wagging. You have our POTP.

  9. sending love and good vibes to Eva and Charlie.
    I was just saying that I need to work on Sharky's
    ( our Golden) grooming. I was a groomer for a long time and now I hate doing it. He gets so nervous and tires out quickly. No wait, that's me who tires out. : )

  10. Lots of POTP and good sibe vibes for Eva to rebound and for Charlie to do well with the plan. Todd is looking great.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. will keep Eva in the best and most healing thoughts. and beloved Charlie too.
    the regular vet sounds like most 'regular' doctors.
    the holistic vet is the one I wish could be first choice.
    rebound is a good word. for them both. bless you Kim! XO

  12. God bless, Kim and family. ♥

  13. Todd,you are so handsome, both "before " and specially "after". Charlie, hope all stays Ok there, and Eva, with pills, capsules, and syringe full of goodies, hope you too will come back to better days.XXX to you all.

  14. All pug paws crossed for Charlie and Eva.
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. All those pills must mess up her appetite! Hope they make a difference. Todd looks gorgeous!

  16. I am pulling for you Eva . . .
    come on girl . . . come on . . .

  17. I love the pre- and post-grooming photos of Todd!

    I share your optimism about Charlie and I'm sending POTP for sweet Eva.

  18. Sending lots of healing licky kisses to Eva
    Just look at Todd, doesn't he look handsome in his new furcut!!!!
    loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  19. So glad that Charlie has healed well from his surgery and you feel good about his plan to further heal.
    Sounds as though you were really thrown for a loop for sweet Eva. But , the good news is she is getting what she needs now. Good thoughts are certainly being sent for all of you. And you have done everything to take good care of Eva. You always make certain that everyone at Golden Pines gets both TLC and good medical care.
    Gus' Mom

  20. Eva knows that lost ground can always be regained. Ear tickles are a key ingredient.

  21. Wondering if there is a Holistic Vet counterpart for people with cancer? Our future looks desolate at this time.

  22. prayers for Eva and Charlie


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