Sunday, June 3, 2018

Inside and Outside

We ended the month of May with Charlie having his post op visit with the surgeon. Everything has healed well, stitches were taken out and so he's no longer confined when we're gone, or wearing the e-collar that he hated. Charlie has an appointment with Holistic Vet on Thursday so we'll see where that takes us.
Also going with me on Thursday will be the lovely Eva.  I'd like her to see Holistic Vet for an herbal console to discuss her kidney disease.  Like Charlie, the goal will be to also use herbs to try and stop its progression and keep her kidneys functioning the best we can. 

Happening on the outside there's our outdoor kitty, Gino.  He's no longer being confined and just as we hoped, he's made his home in the garage.  He'll roam a bit, but never goes too far. We're only having two little problems with him.  The first one is that he's pulling out his fur.  We know there are no little "critters" on him, so we're thinking it may be caused by stress from the short times he is confined.  If you have any ideas about what could be causing it, I hope you'll share them. 

And the second problem is that Gino attacks the dogs.  Yes, you read that right.  He attacks the dogs. Not a "lets play" attack, but a "you're on my turf, I'm going to get you" kind of attack. 
~The innocent face of an attack-cat~
This has the dogs like Cissy, a little bit, okay, a lot confused. Because she barely even looks at him. So, now that Gino is free to roam, we'll have to work on that relationship.
~Cissy, confused about why Gino the cat doesn't like her~ 
Todd on the other hand, isn't interested in anything related to Gino. At least not at the moment.  For the past 2 days, he's been watching something under our barn.  We've looked several times and don't see anything. But apparently there's something that's keeping his attention.

You'll recall that he's done this before, and nothing, not even the rain that is falling tonight can keep him away.  He is one determined and a very shaggie Scottie! 


  1. Our cat is a bit of an overgroomer and quite often leaves herself a bald patch here and there. We've used a Feliway diffuser before and I wonder if that might help your kitty when confined. It is a bit expensive, at least here in Australia. :)

  2. I am a leary one with cats.
    Not sure why or when that happened to me.
    I might freak a bit if Gino hissed at me!

    Todd is such a cutie . . .
    If only he could talk . . . bet he’d tell you what is lurking under there.
    Maybe it was an ant!

  3. So glad that Charlie is healing and feeling better. He is such a lovely dog.

    I agree that Gino’s over-grooming might be related to stress. That might also have to do with him attacking the dogs. I hope you find some help for him.

  4. Hello, I am happy to hear Charlie is doing well. He is so cute. I love all the dogs, even shaggy Todd. Sending good wishes for Charlie and Eva. I think Gino would spook me, I have been attacked by my aunt's cat years ago. It was not a friendly cat. Enjoy your Monday and new week ahead.

  5. that's the Charlie face that I love! I'm so glad he's better. wow. I wish I had a holistic vet for me! if you're into that kind of wonderful medicine in this part of the country you're on your own. so your reports on it are wonderful to me.
    Gino is like a cat from the wrong side of the tracks! his whole demeanor says "back off!"
    surprised the resident Patrolman Scottie is putting up with that! lol. XOXO

  6. An attack kitty!!!!OMD, that's my worst nightmare!!!!!
    And I do luffs kitties
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. We love Todd. That cats face says it all. mags and gusser

  8. Eva is indeed .... lovely.

    Yesterday Sophie was attacked by a cat that arched its back, hissed and threw itself at her as she was out for a walk round the war memorial. Thank heavens I was there. Unprovoked feline attacks are a complete novelty. Presumably the cat had been napping on the memorial steps and had woken and been surprised. There can be no other psychological explanation. After the initial shock Sophie was keen to do battle but both combatants were separated.

  9. According to a poll taken here amongst dogs, Gino doesn't look innocent at all....more of a gangster cat. And there WILL be something under that barn that Todd is watching so carefully!

  10. I don't know about the cat. We only had one cat that ever attacked dogs and only when, as you say, in its territory- like the day we opened our door and a strange dog walked right in. Perhaps Gino is better with someone who looks to re-home cats specifically. Or a shelter, harsh as that may be.

    Just glad Charlie is doing well!

    Good luck and God bless you all, Kim.

  11. We can't help much with cat fur, but we can tell you we would chase that Gino so far and fast that he wouldn't be attacking us. Sorry about that.

    Good luck with all the vet appts. Mom says we get just like Todd when we KNOW there is something under our deck and we can't get under there.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Better a woodchuck than a skunk that Tood is watching I hope!

  13. So happy to know that Charlie is doing well. Todd, well is just Todd.

  14. Crikey ... You need ME!!!!!! I'd take care of that CAT for you and whatever Todd is watching I'd be there helping him watch. I'm a stayer too. I wouldn't leave till whatever it is showed it's ugly head.

  15. I'm happy about Charlie and hope the vet can help sweet Eva.

    That's too bad about Gino! Life can be rough enough at times without being attacked.

  16. More than likely it is stress that is causing Gino's fur loss. I went through that with my Siamese for a year, she finally just grew back her fur. We use a Feliway diffuser, and steroids. The vet also thought she might have a food allergy, so we switched to dry duck food. I too also have another cat who is a dog bully. Though he's indoor/outdoor cat, I keep him separated from the dogs. He has his own room and is only allowed out when the dogs aren't out. I'm not sure how you would handle an outdoor cat among the dogs, but it is going to be hard on the dogs to be bullied by the cat. Trust me I know.

    So glad to hear that Charlie is doing well. I would do anything to have a holistic vet around. You are so blessed.

    You are a miracle worker Kim. I don't know you do it. Now I understand even more about your comment. (((HUGS)))

  17. So glad to hear that Charlie is recovering well.
    Nice to see a photo of Eva, hope that the Holistic vet can find some help for her kidney disease. A long time since we've seen Cissy - she's beautiful, how could any pussy cat not like her ?

  18. I'll continue rooting for Charlie and Eva, of course. Mr. Gino has a bit of an attitude, doesn't he? This has to be an overwhelming experience for him as he tries to learn where he fits in and feels secure. I'm hoping for all the very best for him. I was just noticing the picture changes on your header; such darling faces all.

  19. Love your pictures! Gino is a pretty kitty,, even if her personality isnt so pretty!
    Sleepy Todd... my goodness! And Cissy,,, so precious!


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