Saturday, December 1, 2018

Spare Change

With my work week now only being 3 days, they seem to fly even quicker.  Now I get everything done on Wednesday, instead of Friday, so I can be a "stay-at-home-dog-mom" by Thursday.
~Time to check those tree lights~
This Thursday I took Alf to the vet.  He is all healed from his first surgery so it's time to move onto the next treatment that he needs.  Dental work. He has at least 3 teeth that will need to be extracted, and of course they'll need to be cleaned too. After the console, I had no real plans for the rest of the day.
~Alf, ready for the next step~
So, I decided to take a small road trip. The vet that I'd taken Alf to was in the same direction as a parcel of property that is for sale in the neighboring county. The land and its location really caught my eye, so much so, that I contacted our realtor about it.
~I think it's this view that has caught my attention~
I was about an hour from home, and knowing I needed gas I decided to wait because gas in this neighboring county is almost 50 cents less per gallon.  My thriftiness became my downfall because when I got to the gas station, I suddenly realized in my rush to get Alf to his appointment, I'd forgotten my wallet. I had no money, no credit card, no ID, nothing.  And, my gas tank was almost on empty. I scrounged through everything and came up with $2.60ish in loose change. It would buy enough gas to get me pretty close to home,
~The not-so-good-start at looking for spare change~
But I knew once I was closer to home I could count on my friends to help me if I needed them. So, I went in to buy the gas, and explained why I was buying so little with change. Before I realized it, a man behind me in line said he'd give me a couple extra dollars that he had, and another man behind him did the same, even offering to fill my tank. (I thanked him, but said I only wanted to get home).  Between the two men in line, and I can't be sure, but maybe even the lady behind the counter, I ended up with $10 for gas. More than enough. I do not think I could not have been more thankful for their kindness. Alf also thanked them with tail wags and we were soon on our way home.
~Hope safe 'n sound with Alf!~
I thought about going to see the property. But decided against it. It'll have to wait for another day. When I have more gas and my wallet.


  1. Hello, it is so nice to hear stories of these kind people. I am glad you were able to get enough gas to go home. The dogs are all cutie, I am glad Alf is doing well. Good luck to Alf and his dental work. The land and view looks gorgeous. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I think it was the Dalai Lama who said: be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

  3. I always keep an emergency credit card hidden in my car. The problem I’ve had is remembering the hiding place. Glad it ended well.

  4. We love to read stories like this. It confirms our belief that most people are good.

  5. Praise God for good people.

    It is a gorgeous piece of property, Kim.
    God bless.

  6. The kindness of strangers is one reason I love America. It doesn't happen everywhere, you know.

  7. What kind people. I've found, the few times I've filled a tank in Virginia, the service station people very unhelpful. And as most require a credit card, no other people inside. Lovely, to have found some kind people to help out.

    I never let my tank get below a quarter full.

  8. I love stories like this. Kindness is always out there.

  9. Nice to know that there are nice people like that out there. Your story warmed us all over.

    Hope things go well for Alf for his next procedure.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. How heartwarming!

    That view is gorgeous. Fingers crossed about everything.

    1. PS I'm so glad you shifted to only three days a week. That can make so much difference.

  11. Such kind people who helped you out Kim! Thank goodness!
    And so glad you only have to go to work 3 days now! I know it goes fast!

  12. What kind people you ran into that day. Some would say that it's now your turn but with all you do for the pups and kitties in your home I think your debt is paid in full for a long time.

    That sure is a nice view from that property. Could it be a new home for Golden Pines?

  13. Nice that you have more free time.
    And that view . . . tempting.
    Nothing like receiving kindness . ..
    Makes me want to turn right around and give a good deed to another.

  14. What kind people to help you out with enough gas money for you to drive home. Nice your work week is 3 days a week; I am retired and love not working, it is amazing how busy I am.

  15. That story reminds us all most people are good and will help. Sometimes we just have to ask.

  16. When my peep needs gas, he eats beans.

  17. 'the kindness of strangers' …
    I'm so glad you have the new schedule! it sounds perfect.
    I hope it's permanent? already can't remember what you said about it! will have to look at that post again.
    love and hugs to you and your wonderful crew! xoxo

  18. Dear friends,

    What an amazing adventure. Your story reminded us that humans can be just as wonderful as Dogs sometimes. Also, I would love to go for a run on that property, it looks amazing.


  19. Wow, that was even better than having your wallet handy! Providing an opportunity for people to help is the best outcome for a person in your situation. I'll bet they had a much better day after getting to pitch in.

  20. Isn't it wonderful to find some of the good ones still around.


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