Sunday, November 17, 2019

Trying to Settle In

Whatta week it was!  It has not been an easy week with the Barkalot Brothers. Their constant barking is an issue. Nothing we say or do can get them to stop.  So if any of you have any tried and true remedy about how to stop their barking, please feel free to share. 
Abe and George know very few basics, and teaching them anything has its challenges. Can you teach old dogs new tricks?  I had thought so.
~George, what a handsome boy!~
Added is the pressure to make sure that Abe gets his insulin at the right time. On work days, I chase the clock from the minute I get up in the morning and of course at the office. Doing it after work is something I haven't had to do. But Abe needs to be fed as close to every 12 hours as possible, so he can be given the insulin afterwards. It adds to the stress I'm already feeling. I'm hoping as we continue settling into a routine it'll get easier.

Abe spent all day Thursday at the vet for a glucose curve test. Five blood-tests are done during the day to check the effectiveness and level of the insulin he's being given. We're adjusting his dose, and also giving him more food, which I think he needs because he's pretty thin. I'm also hoping more food will help to curb, at least a little bit, his obsession with it. I don't expect his fixation with food to go away, he is a Lab after all! 
Even though it hasn't been the best first week with the Barkalot Brothers, it has had its good moments.

They get along pretty well with our dogs.
There's no question that Abe and George are nice boys. They are bonded and they do love one another. Despite all their barking and chaos they have brought, Abe and George are easy to love too.


  1. I hope in time the NOTBARKALOT will be their new title. When resting or sleeping, they are a delight and getting on with the rest of the crew is a huge bonus.

  2. Maybe when they settle down more,the barking will ease.

  3. If you find out how to stop them from barking let me know.

  4. No clue about barking dogs. We have been extrememly fortunate to have dogs that rarely barked. You are far more tolerant than I am. Constant barking might well be a deal-breaker for me.

  5. My chihuahua is a barker. Please share any good tips you get.

  6. Sorry no good barking ideas. We taught ours to sing on command so we could teach a stop command. It can help some. Best of luck. They are lucky to have patient you.

  7. Mackey is a big barker. We have her carry a toy around just to keep her quiet. Since barking can be contagious, I wish you luck controlling it.

  8. Abe and George are such sweet boys. We hope you figure out a way to get them to quiet down eventually.

  9. Abe and George sound like quite the pair. We are not barkers so we don't know what to suggest. We hope they decide to quiet down soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. They are such handsome boys, and I do hope that as they settle in they will stop barking. Maybe once they feel secure in your loving home, they will quieten down. Sorry I can't offer any solution to cure the problem. None of my dogs (Labs.) has barked much at all - usually to let me know that there's someone at the gate or there's a cat in the garden!
    The only suggestion I can make is to very gently tap them on the nose at the same time saying a very firm "NO"! every time they bark.

  11. Hello, Abe and George are handsome. One of my grand-dogs likes to bark, it can be a bit much. I wish you luck with the barking. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  12. old Abe and George! just their names and the fact they get along with everybody else... it brings a smile. but then there's the barking. and in their defense... they're just talking! oh ok. they're SHOUTING! maybe if you kept a bottle of water (just water!) and sprayed them when they bark... ???
    I don't know. grabbing at straws here. but I've heard of people using the spray bottle before. maybe it works. I don't know. good luck! oh and when they quit barking after their nose is wet you have to be sure and praise them.
    either they'll quit barking or they'll have the cleanest faces in town. xoxo

  13. Maybe it is just their way of coping with stress. Lavender essential oil sprayed on a rag near where they are helps my dogs. Rescue remedy maybe? Calming supplement like Composure by Vetriscience? These are things I have used with success.

  14. This tip a friend gave me worked a treat when I wanted to stop Bertie barking when travelling on the train with me:
    Half fill an empty plastic water bottle (500ml) with gravel. Screw the top back on. When the dog barks, just shake it firmly in their face.
    (I never thought for a minute this would be effective, but decided that nothing ventured nothing gained, and was amazed at how well it worked).
    Anyway, if this isn't a success, I hope one of the other suggestions is, although I have to say I've never had any luck at all with Rescue Remedy - and it's a lot more expensive than an empty plastic bottle and some gravel!
    Cheers, Gail.

  15. I am hoping that once they really settle in, their barking will subside. You are an angel and even angels need some rest.

  16. WELCOME George and Abe. You need to pull out your gentleman manners and be thankful for the home you are in that is filled with love.
    Some remedies that we learned in obedience classes. We never had to use on our sweet Brandy girl (choc lab) because she was just so go with the flow. But others had problems. It was suggested to use an empty pop can a few pennies, seal it. Shake near their face or close to them. Annoying sound to them. The plastic water bottle and gravel would be the same. Just a it the different sound, but makes them listen. the other was a spray bottle with water. They don't like their faces being wet, only when they do it. Our gal suggested a little vinegar in the water as well. You will have 2 golden furry "pickles" but if it helps, that is all that matters.
    My other thoughts are going towards the time of day they are barking non stop. Since they are so bonded, could one be telling you that the diabetic levels are changing in George? Labs are wonderful Helper Dogs, and maybe Abe is George's Helper Dog? Just my thoughts. Sending GOOD VIBES to the noisy Barksalot Brothers, to let them know that they are in the perfect home. And prayers for you both to have a peaceful nights sleep. And soon a peaceful household when the boys settle in. BIG HUGS!

    1. The gentleman manners comment was meant to share with George and Abe.
      I know this is really hard right now. And you have the patience of a Saint.
      Sending prayers that they soon settle in and peace prevails.

  17. I have 4 barker, so I can emphasize with you. Although it isn't all day long, with so many it can sure feel like it. Usually they just want out, in, or see something, but Zappa is different, he barks at everything! Sometimes I entertain him, but when he is being demanding, I make him sit and he gets a treat. Over and over until he feels heard and content and is quiet. Fiona can be the same way. She looking for attention, security and making sure I don't spend too much time with the other dog pack.

    As far as Abe and George they may just need some security and reassurance. Don't know if that will work for your guys, but couldn't hurt. Good Luck!

  18. I have no advice on the barking (all my family's dogs have been generally pretty quiet) but they are certainly a handsome pair. Best of luck with the noise levels.

  19. We've never had an issue with barking, so we can't help there. Hopefully you get that figured out, or maybe they just need more time to settle in? They are so cute!!

  20. We had one dog with a serious serious barking issue. Even though we didn't want to, we ended up using a citronella collar. It is activated by a bark and sprays citronella just after each bark. A downside is that another dog's bark can trigger it. I usually object to this type of aversive training but too much barking is really intolerable.

    I feel the same kind of stress about Shyla's epilepsy meds. Over the years, I've learned to chill out a bit but I feel the same way as you even now - I feel as if I'm trying to fit in things in between pills which leaves me scrambling.

    I hope that the routine gets easier. Would Lab Rescue have any funds to help you out with paying someone to give the insulin shots on your tougher days? Just a thought.

  21. I hope one of the solutions offered above will do the trick. In the meantime, you certainly have my sympathy. Abe and George do look like the dear boys.


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