Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sleeping In

It has of course been a quiet weekend at our house as I've let the dust settle from the departure of the Barkalot Brothers. The schedule that we were keeping to make sure Abe got fed and his insulin on time is now out the window. On Friday morning, I got up, let the dogs out and back in, and went back to bed and slept until nearly 10 o'clock. Totally unheard of for me. The dogs slept too, so maybe the peace and quiet was needed for them as well.
When breakfast finally did come, Todd was outside barking at the deer (or something) at the far side of the yard, and my calling and trying to bribe him couldn't convince him to come inside. He had brunch around noon. None of the dogs seemed to notice the time.
On Friday I was asked by Lab Rescue to take another pair. This time a pair of senior girls whose owner left them at a kennel and never came back for them. Of course I want to help them, but at that very moment, I just didn't feel like I was up to it.

But I was up to taking a few fun pictures of the dogs eating some of Charlie's food mix off the spatula.
~Rhett - Sure, I'll eat anything!~

~Max - You want me to eat that?!~

~Todd - You called me to the door for this??~

~Alf - Sure I'll try it, why not?~

~Sophie - I like to see my food as I eat it~

~Chip - Just put the food into the opening~
I hope you had a relaxing weekend too!


  1. We’ve been getting up very early, and no one ever skips breakfast. Of course there are no deer around here.

  2. Food spoon fed, I had to laugh. Take time to relax before the gap gets fiulled again. Love those eyes, and the sub-titles.

  3. A Labrador is a life support system for a stomach - so never refuses food however it's offered.
    The subtitles are hilarious, and love the look on their faces -only Todd and Max seem suspicious!

  4. LOL, cute series on the dogs eating. You surely deserve a break and a rest. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  5. I LUFFS the foodables photos...needless to say i would NOT turn my nose up and would SCOFF the lot!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. You must really be tired to reject some dogs.

  7. Walter never lets us sleep in or miss a meal (his or ours). I'm glad to hear you had a nice quiet weekend and think you deserve a little break after the brothers left.

  8. Sleeping is our favorite sport at my house! Sometimes you need a catch-up day for it.

  9. your wonderful sense of humor is well rested and active! LOL!
    love this post. I think you ALL needed a good rest!
    and it crossed my mind that poor Abe and George might have been trying to tell everyone or anyone who would listen and understand that they just wanted to be AT HOME with Paul!!!
    too bad nobody spoke dog except YOU! :)

  10. Wonderful photos and captions.

  11. Those bark-a-lot dogs sure took a lot out of you. I am sure that one restful week will get you back to your old self.

  12. Everyone needs a bit of a break now and then. You surely have earned a long one. We love all food, so we are sure we all would have licked that spatula with enthusiasm.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. You've all definitely earned a break and some down time. I am glad you are able to know that and take care of yourself and the regular crew! ♥

  14. You gave us a good laugh. The eating from the spoon cracked me up. Glad the dogs relaxed so that you could get some rest.

  15. Your photos and captions made me laugh and, also, remember the different eating styles of the dogs we have loved through the years. We've adopted a two-year-old half Great Pyr/half golden this last summer, and she sniffs whatever you're offering carefully before taking it politely with soft lips. We had other dogs who would have eaten it and digested it in the time it takes her to make up her mind.

  16. What a hilarious series of photos! The dogs' faces are priceless!!!

  17. Great pictures of the kiddos eating . . .
    I think Barkalots took a bunch from you.
    Might be good to take a breather for awhile!
    Not long . . . just for a bit!
    You are “Golden!”

  18. Oh, these are just the best pictures! I hope this means that Sophie is feeling better. Hasn't Chip come along well from when he first arrived? He seemed to bond with George while the Barkalots were with you and I've been wondering how he is adjusting. Of course, there is no lack of friends at Golden Pines!


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