Friday, April 3, 2020

Settling Into Change

Friends, thank you for sharing the loss of Rhett with me. I have been comforted by the messages and kind words you sent, and have left here on my blog. Thank you for thinking of me.

It is now just over a week later, and I am doing okay. But I will admit to still getting a bit choked up at times. I really miss Rhett and the change in the daily routine because he's no longer here.
~Rhett and Alf~
But I know I'm not the only one dealing with change and the uncertainty that it all brings. With all "elective dental work" now being postponed throughout the US, many dental offices are now closed. And with all that, the doctor that I've worked for, for nearly 15 years, has furloughed all of us that work in the office until at least June. However, the office needs to remain open to reschedule appointments, answer the phone and see any emergencies. So, Dr S worked out a schedule so that all of us in the office could work at least one day a week.
~Dr. S trying out his new mask.... He hated it....~
But when you work in an office full of germaphobes (me included) the fear of catching the virus from a patient has all of the clinical staff passing on that offer. So, for the moment that leaves *ME,* yours truly, to work until another co-worker decides they are comfortable coming into the office. Which may or may not happen. I don't know. Of course I'm trying to be understanding and supportive of my co-workers. But I will confess that I'm not happy about it; because of course, I would like to be home too. But the doctor needs someone to work with him when there's an emergency patient. And I want to do what I can to help keep the practice open, so that when all this is over, there's hopefully a job to come back to.

So, with all of that, unfortunately, I'm gone from home more than I want to be. With everything that's happening, I was looking forward to some extra time at home to get a few things done, and of course to spend time with the dogs. Because I need the comic relief  that only Charlie the ice man can give....
and all the others like Todd....
And a beautiful and delicious homemade pie can bring!


  1. Going to work can't be easy but, like you said, you want the practice to still be there when all the crazy stuff is over. It's not easy being any kind of health care professional right now. We applaud you and are keeping all paws crossed that you stay safe and healthy. We have to say that Charlie with all that ice stuck to his face gave us a good chuckle this morning.

  2. OH NOOOOO. Todd lost his ears.

  3. oh Kim. good grief! no words here. they would only get me into trouble. LOVE YOU. hang tough dear one. XO

  4. Oh Kim... that's just NOT fair. I must say I don't understand how the other workers were even given a choice, as to come in or not... and still maintain their job. I hope things can get straightened around a bit and your doctor can even up the score. I'd have a talk with him about it, for certain. Until then please know my thoughts & prayers are with you. Sending love, Andrea XOXO

  5. Maybe there will not be too many emergencies and you get a day off here and there. Do you have to wear a mask like that too? Rhett, he will always be missed, and was so loved. Down here, the list for a grocery delivery time slot extends to not available for at least 7 days, so many have given up trying . I hope your home stays safe and all the doggies stay well.XXXX

  6. Wish you could be home snuggling with the dogs. It's the best medicine.

  7. My ghostwriter as a nurse, is one of those "essential" workers. She's hoping she doesn't get snagged into picking up more hours. She'd much rather stay home with me and dad!

  8. Hopefully, one of your colleagues will become brave enough to come in, so you can have more Dog Time.

  9. We applaud you for being willing to step in but do be careful. Lots of prayers from Mom for that wicked virus to stay away from you and all at the office.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  10. Life has its ups and downs, you dear lady get more than your share of downs. I pray you start getting a plethora of ups.

  11. That hardly seems fair that you are the only one willing to work. Prayers you stay safe
    Mabel & Hilda

  12. I am sorry you are the only one taking the risk. It is too bad another can't support you. Thinking of you. Stay safe.

  13. Remember the two metre rule. A scarf covering the nose ,in the absence of a N-95 mask, is probably as good as anything. The Font has taken to going this route on the twice weekly trips to the 'click and collect'. Sorry you're still missing Rhett. Take some comfort in the fact that instead of suffering dogs arrive at a time when they decide they’ve finished everything they came to do. No mountains they haven’t climbed, they’ve loved and been loved, lived a nice life. And then they just sit down , lift themselves out of their bodies, and just run ahead sniffing the grass and preparing the way. In some respects dogs have great wisdom.

  14. You are a rock . . .
    Even still, please do not overdo!
    We all need some R&R!

    Oh my . . . the “ice man”
    A friend of mine used to chew on ice all the time
    and then found out that it is a sign of anemia.
    Sure enough, that was it, once they got her
    on some iron, (I think) she no longer had that “ice passion!”
    I wonder . . . CHARLIE??

  15. Your doctor is very lucky to have you! It certainly feels like things are unbalanced these days. My hubby is a meat cutter, and working more hours than ever trying to keep up with demand at his small store. The big stores are out of everything, and everyone is shopping locally! So I am trying to pick up some of the slack at home. I still have a little work, but not much. Hang in there! Maybe one of your co-workers will get bored at home and decide to help out.
    The ice photo is hysterical, and that pie looks yummy!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. Kim, it seems to me that your work colleagues owe you a great debt. I hope that when this terrible time is all over, and they still have a job, they will remember your sacrifice.
    Good luck, take care, and stay safe. Your fur babies need you.

  17. I just want to hug and kiss your Charlie, what a lovely picture of him. Sorry you have to work so much, I hope the rest of the staff will man up. I think that's the correct way to say it: Man up - Woman up, just to help out.

  18. I hope that all those with dental emergencies show you how grateful they are that you're there to assist them, but I do wish you had time to rest, spend time with your other dogs, grieve and treat yourself, too.

  19. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post and great ideas. I own a Golden Retriever, he is 16 months, believe me, my last 16 months have been the best time ever so far in my life. Life has been so positive since my friend came in.

    You can see him at

  20. Stay strong and well, Kim and be of good cheer. So many are thinking of you with love and gratitude. Oh Charlie, what a dear clown!

  21. You are a good woman, Kim. I hope that the others do step up to help. Please please please stay healthy. All those pups need you. I understand about Rhett. He seemed larger than life and so lovable. I'm glad that Charlie can provide comic relief when you need it.


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